Monday, March 24, 2008

My boring funny times + Noma Concours +

I was just bored during Holy Week so I was waiting for my mama and my younger sister Erica, who went to the grocery store. I tried to play with my cellphone camera, hehehe. So silly, dorky and funny...

Again, I took these cellphone pictures of me and Erica.

Hooray, Holy Week was over. It's time to paint my art commissions and other projects for me!

Attention, illustrators! ACCU is now inviting entries for 16th Noma Concours for Picture Illustration Book! The Noma Concours aims at encouraging illustrators in Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and the Arab States, to create attractive, high quality art work, by providing them with an opportunity to introduce their works widely, thereby contributing to the general improvement of the quality of picture book illustrations for children. Entrants should be nationals of Unesco Member States in the regions mentioned above. Illustrations for books published in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan or New Zealand are not accepted.

Join!! Good luck, my fellow illustrators! I never forget that I won the Encouragement Prize in 14th Noma Concours before. Sigh, I can't join this annual competition now because I'm still busy in making art projects. But I'll try. If not, I'll possibly join the 17th Noma Concours in 2010.

What else... Oh! I forgot to tell you guys. I'm now a new contributor of The Asia Portal Drawing. And please meet these new great contributors too. Please enjoy visiting! I'll be ready to feature Asian artists and their works soon. I'm quite happy! Thank you very much, Josef Lee!

Aye, I have to sleep now. I should finish my art projects. Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat! (Good evening to everybody!)


stephanie said...

You are so adorable!! :)

Pat & Susana said...

Your video has just made our day! We couldn't stop laughing and saying "d'aww" XD and you were listening to some cool songs in the car *dances*

hehehe... it was very nice to see the cell phone pics of you and Erica! She was wearing such a pretty t-shirt with Elmo the muppet. :)

It's so cool that you are going to be a contributor in!! What a brilliant opportunity... being able to introduce the work of fellow Asian illustrators and share that with everyone. Will be looking forward to see your features :D Oh, and Josef Lee has an impressive portfolio. :O

Magandang umaga and much, much love to you!! ♥ ♥ ♥

thesilentmaiden said...

haha ang kulet nyo naman ate sa vid nyo ;P

pupu said...

Yehahahaha.. Your video make me laugh!Funny. LOL.

Oh congrats dear for being one of the contributors for StartDrawing org.!! Yippeee! *hugs*

celia said...

thank you very much for spending time with much! You're a very down-to-earth, friendly and witty girl, May. Meet tayo next time... Atsaka libre mo ako uli, mare ah? hehehe!

ahaha, sobrang kulit ka ung video at pics mo! sayang, sana sali ka sa noma. lab yah!!! congratz sa startdrawing!

Mall said...

stephanie: thank you! you're also adorable! :) Wait for my gmail email!

pat&susana: hehehe, glad my video made you both happy. <3 Yep, Erica loves elmo the puppet. My mama bought the shirt for her, awww. Thanks! I'm so happy that I'm a new contributor! Indeed, Josef Lee's portfolio is very impressive and professional. :D Hope you both will finish your translation project for the anime movie! go go go!!!

thesilentmaiden: hehehe kulit ako di ba? :P eh walang magawa, hehehe!

pupu: hehehhe! LOL! thanks for congratulating me! i'm so happy! yiipppeee!!! *hugs* how's your documents for your future university in UK? is everything okay?

celia: mare! hehehe! salamat ah. next time uli. Kain tayo sa streetfoods. gusto ko ung isaw, fishballs, barbeques, etc! :D

That was Laura but she's only a dream said...

Hi Mall! Thanks for your words! i'll try to make more things! well, I like your photos, I see love and happiness... well I have to work... God bless you!

anouk said...

haha, your funny faces make me giggle.
hmmmm i'm excited about a childrens book competition!
i've always wanted to write one!
maybe this year i will...maybe maybe.

and i bet will love having you as a contributer!!!
i'm gonna check it out!
*hug* and Kisses*

Mall said...

laura: no problem! glad you liked my photos, i'm so pleased! :D God bless you too! <3

anouk: hehehehe! I'm quite dorky, hehehehe! awwww, you should join!!! I'll let you know if there will have more illustration competitions! :) good luck, my lovely creature!!!

thanks!!! I'm so happy that i'm a contributor! When I have free time, I'd love to feature Asian artists. :D

*hugs and kisses* *tea tea tea*

angela said...

i came from stephanie's site and you crack me up with your video and pictures! i love your paintings, too!!! i will have to buy one later...

Mall said...

hello angela!!! Thank you very much! glad you loved my art, i'm so pleased! Stephanie is a sweet nice person! :D