Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aya's Depression

Oh! I forgot to post my old piece, "Aya's Depression". I used acrylics, coloured pencils and lead pencil on wood. I must admit that I did this during my past depression last year. Sorry guys, it's not for sale. I was inspired by Francisco Goya's Black Paintings. Indeed, he was quite enigmatic and unusual, aye? Nope nope, I'm not interested in death and macabre but I just like Goya's black style. Hmm, I love this depressed lil' character girl, I should cheer her up, hehehe!

Sneak peek:
My recent work in progress, "Future Human" for front and back music album cover. I can't wait to make another back inlay!!! I'll need to finish this before making new paintings for my two clients! I know, I'm so busy... See you in April! Kudos!


mika said...

damn... Future human is so impressive and radiant!!! Can't wait to see the final painting, frecklechan!!!!

cata said...

I like Goya as well, the girl expression is quite interesting.

Pat & Susana said...

We heard this guy in the anime file that we are translating saying that Animation is life. Your piece "Aya's depression" is definitely a good example of that. The dark colours... her sad look in her face. It is a powerful painting that surely anyone that has been through depression can relate to. She is so sad that we just want to hug her. ♥ Thank you for sharing such a personal artwork!

omg!! :O the album cover is looking so g-r-e-a-t! Love everything about the composition. Textures, colours and tiny details around the octopus (the glowing man, eheh). Oh, and good luck with the commissions for your other two clients. :D

much love to you! MWAH!!

pupu said...

I like Aya's expression. Her hands are so cute. I feel like to hug her, give her comforts. I love how strong the black colors are.

I like all the little2 details for the music cover. Hmm.. i wonder how you did that swirly lines perfectly?I know what you will say," practice makes it perfect" .. hehe
My documents? Its all ready but i need to wait for letter and support letters from the UK Universities before i submitted to the scholarship governments. Hopefully it arrives within this weeks. boohoo!

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Hello! I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment^-^

I remember finding your website last year and seeing the pieces you did such as 'tree of life' and the 'blackmago pieces'

Looking through your work on your site I found it very impresive nad inspiring.
No-one else can quite create inviting imaginary worlds the way you can:D

thanks again and keep up the excellent work^-^

stephanie said...

I love the details you put in and the colors!!!!

Anonymous said...

my gosh.... Aya piece is extremely powerful and expressive..... i want to hug her right now! <3

you're the best inspiration. :)

from norway

Anonymous said...

i love future human details and colors! cute glowing human and octopus! :D look forward to seeing your finished commission! goodluck!


That was Laura but she's only a dream said...

Hi Mall! Thanks for your comment, I`ll keep it mind! I'm trying to draw and paint again! I love to make those things...

Mall said...

mika: arigato, mika-chan!!!! :D

cata: thank you sweetie! ♥ ♥ ♥

pat&susana: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hope your translation project for animation will be okay!!! :D after that, don't forget to take more rest! thank you!!! glad you both loved my old piece. When I have time, I'll make another Aya piece. :)

Yey, thanks for the comments about my new commission! Now I'm working on my back inlay. :D much much love to you both!!!!

pupu: yeah, let's hug her. tee hee! :) hehehe that's what I thought about swirly lines. ;) I always practiced making lines when I was an art student. :)

Thanks for keeping me updated about UK university. Hope everything will be okay!!!! Keep me updated! :D

andy wong: awww, i'm quite pleased!!!! thank you sooo much! :)

stephanie: thanks! I already sent you my package today! lemme know when you get it! ;)

paula: :) thank you!!! glad you loved it!

laura: ;) no problem sweetie! you should make more beautiful art stuff! I love yours! :D

Strange Mind said...

It's magic.. and you are miracle-worker!!

Mall said...

*kiss* yey! you're here, dear! thanks for visiting me! :) see you in myspace!

Judie said...

Your painting of Aya is exactly the piece I was looking for to go with my post today. I would like to use it, giving you credit, and placing a link to your blog. Since it is sometimes easier to ask forgiveness than permission, please go to my blog, and if you object, please let me know and I will remove it. Thank you, in advance!! I love your work!!

Anonymous said...

Love the depression art.