Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Wishlist

Whew... I'm taking a break from my recent commission work. How are you guys doing? I'm just resting and looking at those wonderful stuff in Etsy. In 2007, I saw my very trusted close friend Ninke's blog about her Etsy shop (Pepperberry Studios). I am falling in love with her silver rings. So I visited her Etsy shop and whoa, there were a lot of wonderful things from great sellers. Hehehe, I think Ninke made me hooked up with Etsy. Tee hee! *hugs*

My interests are forest, nature, boyish colors (green, brown, blue, gray, black, violet), tigers, Japanese masks, beanies, boxers, stripes, mushrooms, unique things, adventurous stuff... Now, I'm writing my wishlist down here.

I like Ninke's super adorable ring. I feel like I live this little home. "Home is where the heart is..." she says. Awww!

The whimsical figurines of Andy's Rascals are absolutely sweet!

Oh my gosh, I love these cool wallets from Brave Moonman.

Hmmm, this earthy wallet from Rosy Bird is so fresh like a Mother Earth.

I would love to wear these Japanese masks by Merimask. I like to scare everyone. Boo!

Oh man... When will I wear these unique bracelets from The Gooseflesh Boutique??? Honestly, I'm a beach lover. I'm so lucky to live my house near a peaceful beach here.

Need to hug a real hard tree? Why don't you try these green man pillows by Mimi Kirchner... Hmm so soft and fresh... Oh mama mia...

If I could wear these colorful bracelets of Kjoo, I miss my childhood memories. Nostalgic!

Stripes? Check. Beanie? Check. Poncho? Check. Unique style? Check, of course. Aye aye, This complete eco-friendly hoodie poncho is made by Helen Hats. Incredible!

Wanna be a Indiana Jones Girl? Hiking Woman? Crocodile Hunter? I should be... I should wear this hot leather bag by Pursecutions so I could put my little knife, bombs, tiny weapons, James Bond's gadgets, etc. in it for my self-defense, eh?

Vintage tape measures? I don't know why I love these. Tape owl plushie by Strawberries and Creams. Measuring Tape Multi-Color Pouch by Pieces of Kandee.

I wanna cuddle these forest creature by Little Black Forest.

Cold feet? Awww, wear these colorful felt socks by Paw Felts.

Tired of ordinary costumes? Better to wear this Unordinary one.

I wish I could buy these cool bags for putting my art materials (or any objects) in them. Massive Messenger Bag by Camel Bags. Small Leather Artist Bag by Callie Co.

Whew... When I have money, I'd love to buy them all!!! I better sleep now! I'll make my future post about my wishlist part two next time! I enjoy seeking these wonderful stuff. Just like, I love to seek Asian artists as a new contributor for Goodnight and sweetdreams! Enjoy visiting Etsy!

P.S. Thank you very much for everything, Ninke (Kerstin). You're my big inspiration!

P.P.S. Zzzzzz....zz.zz....z........z.....


mika said...

freckle-chan! you got a unique taste! perfect choices!!!! =^ v ^=

Anonymous said...

*waives* we are doing well.
This has been a busy weekend so far, with our brother moving to a new house and our own assignments to deliver. But, and in the meantime we took your advise to browse Etsy, and omg!!! So many things to buy... we kept saying: "Must have this! Must buyyy. MUSTTT!" XD and end up adding stuff to our whislist (and everytime we see this post we remember that we must add more, lol).

We checked Kerstin DA page and definitely can understand why she is one of your inspirations. Her art is full of magic and love. Thank you for sharing that. ♥

Much love to you!

pupu said...

Mall!! *jumping up and down* *teehee* i dunno why i am so energetic this monday. hehehe

Ohh i love all the etsy products! But i love most is Andy Rascals :D They are super duper cute. I've just noticed you love Mother Earth colors. ;) Have a nice day dear!

Be energetic! Happy Happy! *take Mall hands to dance*

Mall said...

mika: *hugs* glad you enjoyed it!

pat&susana: hehehe, you both forgot to put your names. cute cute anonymous twins! *giggle* my gosh, you both already registered Etsy account! it's so fun to find good stuffs so you both can buy whatever you both want! :D

You know what, Kerstin is my 8th devwatcher since 2004. ;) Honestly, I was tired of my realism oil paintings... I registered dA and kept browsing... I found Kerstin and her original illustrations made me distracted. She and her unique art really inspired me alot! I loved the way how she expressed her true feelings towards her art, she doodled, painted an drew her art pieces spontaneously... I greatly thanked to Kerstin for giving me her huge inspiration. :) Until now, I'm quite happy that Kerstin and I still keep in touch thru Flickr and blog!!!

dearest twins, thanks for everything. thanks for helping me alot. I'm so blessed to have met you both, sisters!!! ADOROS VOS!!!! *muah muah muah*

pupu: awwwww!!! *Mall dances with Rawini happily* Yeah, let's jump for joy!!! tee heee!!! oh yes, I really love mother earth colors, they make me feel comfortable! :)

Sure, I should be energetic! Happy Happy April Day! *Mall continues to dance with energetic silly lovely cute talented adorable cheerful Rawini*

Pat e Susana said...

hehehe... we were soo sleepy that day we posted the comment that we forgot about putting our names :P oh my, Etsy is one of those places that we are able to find fantastic treasures to buy. The messenger bags that they have there are just brilliant!

Oh, wow, Kerstin is your 8th devwatcher since 2004? :O That is sooo cool! We both thought that it was amazing the influence of faeries and the use of colour in her artwork. One can still see that in her jewelery that Kerstin has at her Etsy store. You both share your magic with everyone when creating a piece of art.

Aww, dear May Ann... ading!! XD you will always have our friendship, support and caring because you deserve the best in the world. We are the ones that feel blessed to have met you. You make our life a lot better and bring your magic to our world everyday. Karaguya daka!! MWAHHHH!!

Charlotte Drene said...

My god, you have just the most incedible blog! I came across your blog as I was googling Miyazaki... Again.

And boy am I glad that I did!
I will most certainly be adding your to my bloggers list!