Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dedication for Maurice Sendak

Today I dedicated this quick fan art for Maurice Sendak, who is one of my biggest influences. Hehehe, I borrowed Max's costume to dress Babu up so he danced with a wild monster and Abu. This medium I used is Mongol jumbo pencil and coupon bond. Heck yeah, I love MONGOL pencils at all times!!!

Next time, I'll make another dedication for
Edward Gorey (of course, another influence....) I was done painting my commission for Future Human today. Hope my client will like it soon. Wow... I think I will be busy this April.

Happy Happy Tuesday! See you guys!


amy said...

so adorable!

Pat & Susana said...

Sooo, Mongol jumbo pencil is your magic wand, hehehe... :D That wild monster face is beyond adorable!! But speaking about this drawing, love, love, love the details and your fantastic work in what regards the shading. Will be looking forward to see your dedication to the wonderful Edward Gorey!

Oh, you've finished your commission work to the Future Human album cover? WOOTT!! They will surely adore it! Heck, we wouldn't mind to buy their album just to be able to look at it everyday :D

You will definitely have a busy April. Something that caught both our attention in the list that you made about your projects was you mentioning about doing two paintings about "The Midnight Dreams of Aya". From all the characters that you created she will always be one of our favourites. There is something about her eyes that bring so much warmth.

Phew, what a long comment, sorry about that :P heheh...

Much, much love and Magandang Martes!! :)

Gis said...

amazing so much work hom :O
make sure to rest some too!

Gerry Alanguilan said...

I really really love your work, you know? Maybe one day I can afford to ask you to do me a chicken. I can even use it in Elmer.

stephanie said...

Hello May,
I got the painting safe and sound!!
I am super excited!
I would of gone out and gotten a frame if it the store is not already closed!!!
I cannot wait to see your upcoming art work!

That was Laura but she's only a dream said...

Hi, I love your pencil drawings, I would like to dance with them! well, Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I love the Where the Wild Things are drawing! They're making a Where the Wild Things are movie.

Love you work!

Eric Orchard said...

Fairies AND Robots!
Ugh, lucky you! That sounds like a blast. I really want to see your personal comics though.....
I love the Max drawing! You are so good!

pupu said...

ohh.. all this time you are using Mongol pencil!!! Ur magical wand! :D and yeah.. I love your new drawing, happy-happy drawing! *dancing* tra cha cha~ *turns around, jumps and clap* wachaa! haha

Aww Mall *huggles* you are very very busy this April. Keep on going yeah... Go Go MALL!!! *heheheeh* ;)

Mall said...

amy: thank you! :)

pat&susana: thanks for chatting with me! tee hee, you both can't wait to see "The midnight dreams of Aya" in time! thanks for giving me the books of Edward Gorey, i was falling in love with his drawing skills. :)

About Future Human, they are still thinking about typography for their covers. They already liked my commissions, weeee!

much much love to you both!

gis: thankies sweetie! I hope I will not get stressed out, hehehe! don't worry, my cat pets will massage my poor back, tee hee!

gerry: you'll wait and see, kuya. ;) pag matapos ung mga commissions at projects ko, gagawin ko ung fan art para sa Elmer. *winks winks winks*

steff: thanks for sharing your photos of my original piece with wonderful vintage frame and other interesting stuff! Glad you got it! :D thanks for Gmail letter! wait for my response! Hope you can possibly go to the gallery show this Saturday!!! eeeeee!!!

laura: thank you darling!!! let's dance with them! eeee!!!

anonymous: :) Maurice rocks! Can't wait to see their finished film!!!!

eric: yeah! don't worry, you will see my personal comics in time. ;)

pupu: hehehe, Mongol is so magical and adorable! tee hee! I hope I will finish all of the projects!

Banggi said...

Whew! I missed a lot of your previous posts! I love Maurice Sendak, you "wild thing"! How many more similar interests to we have?

And my goodness, it's Noma Concours already!? Ohboyohboy!!

How have you been? Hope you're doing well! Stay healthy and stay strong in God's lovE!!