Monday, April 7, 2008

RIP: John Waterson + The Boy from Cotabato

John Waterson aka BluTack was passed away in the 13th of March 2008. He was only 23 years old. I just read this belated bad news on deviantART today. Everyone (deviants) says that he killed himself because he was depressed.

BluTack was extremely unique talented. I want to share with you, my fellow bloggers and readers... this very special tribute, featuring his incredible paintings below.

I'm feeling bad for him. He wasn't my friend but he was on my devwatch list. I remember that BluTack faved my old winning work for the 14th Noma Concours, "The Boy from Cotabato" in 2006. BluTack's message commented on my deviation, "I love this <3". Then I was so thrilled because I was his huge fan before. Today, I was reading the story of my old work "The Boy from Cotabato" after checking BluTack's favorites.

The Boy from Cotabato
unpublished story (summary of the story) by Arlene Licudine, my mama

“Where could Mama and Papa be?” Ron was talking to himself as he stared at the window…

One early Sunday morning Ron and his parents, found themselves in the middle of the war between the government troops and the rebels. Living in the outskirt of Cotabato, they have been used to witnessing these encounters. As his parents ran for cover, a stray bullet pierced his Mama’s chest. She stumbled into the dirty road and shouted “Don’t mind me! Take Ron to safety… Please!” Papa gave Ron to a stranger and went back to help his wife. Unfortunately, they both lost their lives.

Ron was brought to an orphanage where he stayed with the other children. He would often sit in the corner and wait for his parents to come and take him home. At times he would gaze at the sunset and feel the love for his parents rushing into his heart.
…as the sun sets, he decided to look for his parents. He crept silently out of the orphanage home. He walked and walked until he reached the city. Not minding the vehicles passing by, he kept on calling “Mama! Papa! Where are you?” Then “Bang! “ He felt dizzy. Then he felt a warm gentle breeze carrying him up, up. “Is this the love I’m looking for?” A very bright light blinded him. Suddenly he heard the soft whisper of his mother “Shhhh…. don’t cry my angel. You’re here now”. He turned and saw his mother and father gazing at him lovingly. They hugged him… and Ron felt so happy.

“The child! The child was hit!” The truck driver came down so fast and went to see the boy. “He’s dead!” People came rushing towards the boy whose face was lighted with a smile.

Acrylics on Strathmore, 15" X 22" inches each
2004 © May Ann Licudine

After reading this story, I cried a little bit because it made me realized that Heaven put a huge smile on BluTack's face. Thank you very much for sharing your enigmatic unique bizarre art and inspiration with us, John. Rest in Peace.

"Lisa" by John Waterson

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cata said...

I'm so sorry, Mall.
The John's art is awesome.
Thanks for sharing a really wonderful images.
Las personas mueren pero el arte perdura para siempre.

Eric Orchard said...

Terribly sad news, May Ann.
I'm really sorry to hear about his passing. his work is amazing, so beautiful and accomplished.
Your Mother's story is very evocative.

mika said...

so sorry about blutack. agree, he was very unique. i fil so sorry for him... i'm sure he's still smiling in heaven. tnx for sharing again.

your old pieces and your mama's story are super powerful. i luv them so much, they make me so sad. they are so beautiful, freckie-chan. *hugs*

Pat & Susana said...

We both weren't aware of how talented John was... indeed it is a pity when a life that seemed so promising is cut short like this :'( This is a beautiful, and heartfelt tribute for a great artist! Thanks for making it, and making us aware of his talent... Like Cata says, his artwork will forever be amongst us, and by honouring his work, we are also keeping his memory alive. I (Pat) am sure that you made John smile wherever he is.

Your mama's story is very moving. She is a gifted writer... and though the story is a bit sad, it would be very good to see it published along with your amazing artwork! In a way, it brings warmth to the heart to know that despite all things, this family gets to be together...

Much, much love to you! ♥ ♥

un Gouny ou l'autre said...

I didn't know him, but that's a terrific new... so sad and unsense...

Your boy has the mood t ocelebrate his memory, strong and emotive...

A big, strong and sincere hug to you.


BluBoy Comics by Ryan Spencer said...

Thanks MALL!

I didn't find out until your post here. I wondered why he was very active since I added him back in September. I thought he left DA. His work is incredible. And it's so sad to see happen. Really sad too to read his comments to people.

This is the second DA person I know(at least know of) who has now passed on.

bjornik said...

Hi Mall.

Sayang at shortlived lang yung talent niya. Di ako makontento sa mga deviations niya and I want to see more of his works sana. Too bad wala na siya. Bakit ba kasi maagang nawawala yung mababit at magagaling?

Thanks for sharing his profile btw. Madami pa pala akong dapat makita sa DA.

bjornik said...

Hi Mall, about your entry to noma. Did you submit these original artworks o print out na lang?