Saturday, April 26, 2008

Commissions are CLOSED + WIP: Robot Work for Alexi

My art commissions are CLOSED now.

I got 9 or 11 waiting commissions, eeeppp! When I'll be finished my art pieces for clients and buyers, I'll let you know guys that I'll be available in making commissions again.

For those who emailed me and left comments on my blog, dA and Flickr, please wait patiently for my response. I have an internet problem nowadays so I got booted many times. So I was so frustrated with my crappy internet. Don't worry, I'll definitely reply to all of you guys! Thanks for understanding me!

Apart from this, my client Jack's adventurous son Alexi was so curious and eager to see my work in progress, I took quick photos for him. Hope you like it, dearest Alexi!

Jack sent me a photo of Melina and Alexi. So adorable! I love them!.
Thanks for sharing your true dreams, emotions and interests with me, kids!
Goodnight and Sweetdreams!


Meagan said...

Are these also acrylics or are they watercolors? LOVE the gears in the robot guy's chest.

bjornik said...

Mall, pahinga ka naman! Sobrang busy sa mga commissions ah.

Btw, classmate ko pala sa high school si julie..:) nagulat kasi siya at kilala daw kita. Sabi ko nalang sino ba hindi nakakakilala sayo.


Pat & Susana said...

Whoa!! 9 or 11 commissions? Go go go Mall!! These will be some busy weeks for you. Don't forget to take plenty of rest too... will be looking forward to see the sneak peeks and WIP of all those artworks :)

Sorry to hear about the problems that you are having with your Internet :( we sometimes have complications with our internet connection too. Last month they had to reconfigure three times our IP address so that we could use our Internet without any hassle :|

Salamat for sharing the work in progress of your commission to Alexi. It looks fabulous. We were mesmerized by the details of the robot. A wonderful painting for an adventurous little guy :D

Best of luck for your commissions and big big hug to you!!

stephanie said...

Love the paintings!! :)
Melina and Alexi are so adroable!!!
Good luck with all your comission work!!

Mall said...

meagan: acrylics. :D people sometimes think I use watercolor, hehehe! Glad you liked it. I wish I could learn more about making robot character designs. how you doing, meagan? :D

bjornik: oo nga eh, hu hu hu! patay-gutom na ako! tara na, kain tayo sa streetfood, na-miss ko na ung isaw-saw, fishballs, chickenballs, etc... except balot, odocs at... basta yun. :D

Talaga???? I didn't know that she was your highschool classmate! :D she's totally sweet and nice. I really miss talking to her. asan na ba sya?

pat&susana: hehehehe i think working is so fun but wow, really tired and exhausted. :D yes dear, I'll take more rest after making commissions.

Thanks for the gmail letter and songs! Your letter made me smile. :D When we are done working, let's chat again! Miss you both! *kisses*

stephanie: :D yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeeyyeyey, glad you loved them! A-hem...NOW YOU'RE NEXT! I can't wait to make a commission for you. *winks*

Tom Scholes said...

*high five* <3

pupu said...

Yay!! aww it look nice. Can't wait to see the finished paintings. :D You 've lots of work to do.. but yeah.. keep on goin girl! go go!! *huggles* :D *dancing*

pupu said...

Oh yeah Mall.. :D Thanx for the encouragement you give me. Its a wonderful feeling. It makes me keep on going illustrating', colorin, drawing. and yes you are right, even though i'll be studying other subjects.. i still can drawing, painting, illustrating.. What ever it is.. I'll never give up. Maybe one day.. there will be a miracle. ;) Thanx again. *HUGGLESH MALL* Thank you so much. :D

Mall said...

tom: *high five back* <3 hey yo, what's up? I noticed your blog, whoa, you finally posted your entry! :D

pupu: no problem honey. *hugs* I believe there is something *BETTER* for you so let's see and wait. ;) You're really brave and strong. :) GAMBARREEEEEEE!!! (DO IT!!!!) *glomps*

Meagan said...

Mall- for anyone who's interested in ANY kind of character design I recommend The Art of Star Wars Episode 1... the movie stunk but the art book is wonderful. I seriously have two copies: one that's hard bound and "nice" and one that I keep in my work space to flip through whenever I need inspiration. The guy in there who does the vehicle designs is named Doug Chang, I think he's got a book out called Robots but it's more finished art than character design. They're also a bit more on the realism spectrum than I think you're interested in, but it'd be worth looking into.

PS I'm doing great, looking forward to the semester's end so I can get to work on any of my million project ideas! :)

nick + said...

Ow, and I was thinking of requesting for a fun commission with you. I shall patiently wait till you are available again.

I am most certain that you will definitely like my idea. Take care.

Mall said...

meagan: hey thanks for recommending about Star Wars art book! I'm quite interested what you mentioned that. In time, I might order that book in or ebay. :) thanks alot!!!! *hugs* good luck on your projects!

nick: hey what's up nick? :D hehehe yeah, don't worry, I'll let you know when I'm available. :) Can't wait to hear your idea. Cheers!

Jean said...

I'm just discovering your blog : you're works are really marvelous.