Friday, May 2, 2008

Fairy + Robot Commissions

BEFORE: I made my crappy sketches for the fairy and robot commissions. I wasn't happy and comfortable with these so I said to my client Jack "Uhm, I'll need to start from scratch." When I looked at these, I became frustrated. I asked myself: "Mall? What? Don't you like this composition? Change it. Background? Fix it. Colors? Themes? Study and research it. What do kids do? What do kids feel? Understand their feelings and dreams! Think about it deeply crazily madly! Upgrade your skills, brunette dude girl!"

AFTER: Then I tried and tried until it went smooth. Taaa~~~DAH!

Hooray, I finished painting my pieces past few days. Whew. I really enjoyed improving my skills about backgrounds, compositions, colors and yes, challenging themes. I'm quite happy that my client Jack, his wife Tatiana and kids Melina & Alexi already love them.

Fairy Commission
9" X 12", Mixed Media on Arches Paper

Robot Commission
9" X 12", Mixed Media on Arches Paper

See more details:

Apart from this, I'm so happy that Nucleus Gallery made 8" X 10" prints (matte heavyweight) of my two pieces, The Sea Dragon and Bite Lite. US$20 only. Buy my prints on Nucleus print shop! Thanks, Nucleus Gallery folks!

I'll make more commissions and WIPs soon. Hmmm, I really miss my cat pets. I have to play with them this afternoon. Look at my cellphone photos of my favorite female cat pet, Flame (Abu's cat granddaugher). Whoa, she's a desperate cat model. See yah guys!


bjornik said...

Hi Mall! The first time I saw the final artwork, I got goosebumps! Idol na talaga kita, I just love the way ou use colors.

Btw, I can't comment on your tagboard. Tara, street foods tayo nila Pambie!hehe Nasa Pinas ka ba ngayon?

Anyway, congratulations, 2 commissions down and more to go! Congrats Mall!:)

Aneesah said...

Wow, I see what you mean about having to research and study a lot before actually producing an artwork. I've never known about this whole ... "behind the scenes" part of Art until very recently; when we have to do this AS Art project of ours. All we're given is the theme "links and connections", and we're supposed to produce an artwork (anything; painting, sculpture, whatever) based on the theme.

Man it's a lot of work. =_= So much brainstorming and Googling and analysing and developing the idea, fixing problems, making things clearer... I have even more respect for artists now!

(I will be building a model bridge for the project, by the way. ^_^ Though it evolved more into a "play structure", as my lecturer described it. The "exam" day is 6th of May, 8 hours to build it from scratch. O_o Do wish us luck, we were all slightly panicky today during our last class before the big day! ^^; )

The fairy commission is one of my favourite paintings from you now. x) The colours are simply magical. C=

stephanie said...

i love all your sketches!! :)
Cannot wait to see more of your new work!!!

aly3kids said...

I LOVE both of those paintings. Beautiful work!! I'm sad they are commissions and I can't buy them! :)

Meagan said...

How about instead of faeries and robots, some faerie robots? J/k. I'm with stephanie, your sketches are as much fun to look at as your finished work. I'm a huge fan Mall.

Eric Orchard said...

The robot commision is PERFECT!!!

Tom Scholes said...

So great to see the process and the happy results <3

There were originals at Nucleus?! :O

Pat & Susana said...

When we opened your blog this morning, waited that the page loaded and then saw the finished paintings, Pat and me were overwhelmed!! Your research, perseverance and the passion that you dedicate to your art paid off on those two wonderful paintings. They are a feast of colours and all the fantasy that a child carry in its heart. Both compositions are mesmerizing and we can't help but feel enchanted by the details on the Fairy commission. ♥ Love the way that you used the colour there. And especially that spell that is coming out of the fairy wand. As for the Robot, we just want to grab it!! The details on its body are very clever and creative.

Congrats on those great news about the Nucleus Gallery prints!! We are sure that they are going to have the same success as the original paintings!!

Omg, Flame is sooooo cute!! Look at her looking to the camera on that first pic. XD


Cathy said...

Hello May :)
The cat and the illus are so cuuuute ;)
kisses !

pupu said...

OHhh wowowow!!! I LOVE YOUR PAINTINGS!!! Its magical and whimsical. I love the fairy one. It makes me dance and i can " see the light" from the fairy eyes. So beautiful dear. Very beautiful. Wonderful! *huggs*

un Gouny ou l'autre said...

Your fairy is enchanted and magical...

Rey O said...

so wonderful Mall, congrats!

Mall said...

Thanks to all of you guys! *kisses*

Gerry Alanguilan said...

That plant behind your cat... I have A LOT of those kinds of plants here. It's the only kind of plant that the puppies don't massacre. :)

Georgia said...

oh my God, May.. ang ganda :) Love your works - I immediately became your fan the moment I saw your works with my own two eyes sa house nyo. Keep it up.. you're doing great!