Thursday, May 8, 2008

Get well, Grandpa + Meme Teen

Sorry for not replying to my bloggers in my previous entry and other new people / clients who emailed me past few days. Because I was greatly sad and worried for my grandfather Pops' critical health. He got another brain stroke (now 5 times... he was a smoker before). His right body is already paralyzed and his left brain is damaged. He doesn't speak and wake up but he can listen. My family and I keep visiting and telling him some happy stories at the hospital. We continue to pray for him faithfully.

To my fellow bloggers and commentors, please wait patiently for my response. To my new clients, I'll let you know when I'm available for commissions. Of course, I'll continue to work on my new art pieces for my current clients: Stephanie, Marcus, Lorena and maybe 5 buyers from Nucleus Gallery.

Apart from this, I found an interesting meme Drawn yourself as a teenager
from Drawn! I forgot to share my quick sketch with you guys. Click this to full view so you guys see how I look like. It's so fun and enjoyable! Now, I tag you all who read this! Oh, don't forget to give your tag link to Dave Valeza, who made his own idea "Drawn yourself as a teenager". Enjoy drawing!


Pat & Susana said...

We were both sadden and upset when we knew about the news about your Grandad. You and your family do well in keep visiting him and telling him happy stories, that surely will bring him warmth and strength at this difficult time. Will keep him in our thoughts and good wishes. *hugs*

That meme of Drawn yourself as a teenager is just so brilliant!! The striking resemblance apart from the freckles is your cute smile XD you should do a comic strip with the young Mall and your older version. It would be a success, heheh... Mmm, we just might do this tag too :D

Good luck for your commission work! Big *hugs*

stephanie said...

Best wishes to you and your family!!!!
Your grandpa will be in our prayers!

bjornik said...

get well soon lolo..

Mall said...

thank you my wonderful people! <333