Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aya's Depression II

I made this commission, Aya's Depression II for my cool client Marcus Lo (He's a great guy!). I really enjoyed doing this very much. Please click this big photo collage to view.

9.5" X 28.25", Mixed Media
(Acrylic, Coloured Pencil, Graphite, Sand Iron, Gesso & Coffee on Acacia Plank Wood)

Next time, I'll make two plank wooden paintings, The Midnight Dreams of Aya for sale. By the way, I saw many wonderful rubber stamps in Etsy and Ebay but I can't afford them. So I better made my own rubber stamps... Ta-da! It went smooth. I stamped them on my big package for Marcus. It was so fun. When I have time, I'll make more rubber stamps especially circus fonts and my characters Babu and Abu! EEEEeeeEEEeeeeEEEEEee! I really miss my carving skills/ linocut skills!

Tomorrow I'll start painting my next commission for my wonderful lovely client / friend Stephanie. Look at my latest rough sketch below. And awww, Steph showed me her sweet photo of my sold original painting (Mysterious Cats) and other artists' great pieces.

For the new projects (new children's books, graphic novel & music album cover) whom I got emails past days ago, wait for my response patiently. I need to finish my present commisions first. Thanks for understanding me! That's all folks! Good day to all of you, good night to me!

P.S. My grandpa is still at the hospital. Hope he will get better soon!


Pat & Susana said...

Like the first painting, this is another powerful artwork. It has a very dark mood/theme. Were you influenced by any painting from Mark Ryden? Some of the textures and red colour reminded us of his work. Particularly love the expression on Aya's eyes. She seems to look right inside our souls and you can almost hear her thoughts. It's beautiful! The roses beneath her is a brilliant touch!!

You used those stamps in the package that you sent Marcus? That is so cool :O so, not only you are a fantastic illustrator but you also have amazing carving skills!! You are always surprising us with your inumerous talents :D

Steph commission work is looking great so far. And she is very lucky to have "Misterious Cats" in her wall... that painting is gorgeous :)

Best of luck for the commissions that you are working right now and congrats on the new projects! You deserve all that recognition because your art is amazing. ♥

Our prayers go to your grandpa at this moment. We also hope he gets better!


Monica said...

The "Aya" painting is so beautiful. I'm in love.

pupu said...

you are good at carving stamps too?! wow. :D I don't know that. But really.. you are good at it. :)

As always i love your work, dear. Very beautifully done. I like Aya's very much. I like it.

bjornik said...

grabeh! pinahanga mo na nman ako!

george said...

aya piece is so powerful, moving and impressive. marcus is lucky! you described the mixed media medium.. damn, it sounds very tough and interesting. give my big hug to your girl character Aya, ok? I got distracted by her eyes, hair, everything.... : ) i'll look forward to seeing your "the midnite dreams of aya" wooden paintings.

ohhhh, stephanie is lucky again! i love your cats! i wish i could have your masterpiece so i'd be lucky too!

agree with pupu, i didn't know that you got carving skills! why didn't you tell me before??? hihi, you always surprises us! mall, you should make your own rubber stamps for selling. i can't find circus alphabets rubber stamps thru online shoppings.

hope your grandpa gets better!

jaimee said...

hi! you don't know me but i always read your blog. i think you're amazing! and verrry talented! the works above are a testament to that!

the cats painting is SPECTACULAR, i wonder how much a painting like that from you would cost? well, not exactly like that, but something to do with cats!

what material did you use for your rubber stamp carving? where's you get it? also thnking of rubber stamp carving. i also want some stamps from etsy but i cannot afford them as well huhuhu :( anway it's better to make your own huh! :)

best of luck to your projects and i hope your lolo gets well soon :)

Ryan said...

Highly emotional. ;) I love Aya!

paopidoodles said...

aww..i hope your grandpa gets well soon...

Jennifer Zivoin said...

HI May Ann. I hope your grandfather gets well soon! I love your new pieces; they are just beautiful! *hugs*

Mall said...

pat&susana: awwww, thanks for your interesting comments, i'm so pleased my twins! :) oh yes, I was influenced the album cover "Dangerous" by Mark Ryden when I was young. :) He's absolutely great.

Tee hee yes, I used my stamps for stamping on my package. :D Awww, thanks! I really miss my lino cut carving skills. Remember my old lino cut work? I should make lino cut prints for selling when I have time!

thanks for texting me your sweet messages, I love you both, sweeties! <3333333333333333

monica: :) thankies! *hugs*

pupu: hehehe, yeah dearest. As a matter of fact, I carved my lino cut rubber when I was an art student. You should try it! :) Glad you liked my Aya. <333

P.S. Good luck on your Noma Concours! ;)

bjornik: uy maraming salamat ah ung testimonial mo para sa akin dun sa Flickr, nakatouched ako naman! :)

george: thanks! Hehehehe, I think I should sell my circus alphabet stamps... maybe in time. ;)

jaimee: hi! nice to meet you! About the art price, it depends on size and medium. :) Glad you liked my sweet cats!

I used linocut carving tools. I bought it from the art store. You should try it!

ryan: :) thanks!

pao: salamat dear. Taga-UPian ka na ba? pareho tayo ung kurso natin ah... pero kinuha ko ung certificate ng fa lang. :) ang ganda mga drawings mo!

jennifer: dearest!!!! I miss you sooooo mmmuuucccchhhhh!!!! Thanks honey! I heard from your blog / journals about your new books and projects, I'm very very happy for you! :) yeah, I really hope my grandpa will get better soon. <3

Sorrentino said...

Very gripping beautiful work! Hope all is well!

shou' said...

Sweet collage! I really dig the plank wood piece. I could definitely imagine seeing that as a skate board design :)

Quick question: Did you use acrylic or oil paint?

paopi doodles said...

hi ate..nagreply ka pala haha...salamat po sa compliment! napasmile mo naman ako :) yep, taga UP ako, pero sa Diliman. Tumigil ako, pero babalik ako next sem, buti na lang pwede. Kakainspire po kayo! :)