Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lolo Pops

Today, I sketched my grandpa Pops at the hospital. My young sister Erica saw my drawing. Our conversation was so funny:
Erica: Awwww... sweet. *smiles broadly*
Mall: Mhmm. *continues to sketch*
Erica: Awesome drawing. I wish he could smile.
Mall: Yeah, me too. *sighs deeply*
Erica: About your sketch... you know what, you must work as a court artist.
Mall: .... court artist??? O_O
Erica: Yeah. ^_^
Mall: Nah... no way. Suspects might stare at me when I could draw them. So scary.
Erica: Hehehe, if they stare at you, which means they fall in love with you. Don't worry, they can get cuffed so they won't kill yah. =^_^=
Mall: Silly, silly... What if they might scratch my face with their dirty sharp long nails? O_O
Erica: Nah. Anyway, isn't it so fun, aye? ^_^
Mall: leave me alone. >_>
Erica: HEK. HEK. HEK. *winks* What if they can pay you higher for making court sketches... Don't you?
Mall: I would love to... I better bring my pepper spray for my self-defense. >_>
Erica: Oh oh, what if you draw Paris Hilton at the court? @_@
Mall: AH! That's better because she's extremely rich! XD
Erica: I thought you didn't like celebrity suspects! Then give me your money! XD
Erica is so funny. Anyway, my grandpa Pops isn't okay yet. He looks thin now. I took my old photo of him in 2005. Isn't he sweet? I really hope and pray that he will get better soon.


Meagan said...

I hope he gets better soon. Good luck Mall.

stephanie said...

Best wishes to you and your family!
He will be in our prayers!!!
Hope he will feel better and get well soon!!!

cata said...

He have a beautiful and sweet smile! lovely Photo!!
I hope he gets well soon.

Tom Scholes said...

Best wishes to your Pops Mall <3

pupu said...

I wish he gets better soon Mall. :) *huggs*
PS: I have completed 2nd part of my illo for Noma Concours. *teehee* I'm so excited and busy too at the same time with my art class. *dies* hahaha Thanx for the luck dear. *HUGGLES*

kat said...

I hope he feels better Mall. My grandfather was also in the hospital recently. I'm never comfortable in hospitals.

bjornik said...

Hi Mall, I hope your lolo gets well soon.

Jack R said...

Hi May Ann,
What a great photo of your grandfather. You can really sense his spirit and personality. No wonder you love him so much. We all hope he is comfortable and that he gets better. Melina and Alexi have chosen frames for your paintings and I'll send photos once we get them back.
Jack, Tatiana, Melina & Alexi

Mall said...

Thank you very much to all of you. I let you know about my grandpa's health problems (My dad explained to me this complex description):

- aphasia this is his inability to respond to verbal or animated command. this is the effect of the bilateral brain infarcts from old and recent stroke

- uncoordinated swallowing so he gags when liquid is taken orally. So a gastrostomy tube is inserted and necessary for him to obtain osteorized feeding and his medications

- inability to move his extremities on the right side and the spasticity of the left side extremities. physical therapy is applied 2x a day including his facial muscles. According to his neurologist, this is part of the stroke syndrome

- inability to defacate voluntarily because he is aphasic.

- his gastrostomy site is congested and with little infection. this is cleaned frequently with betadinea d he is on coamoxiclav

- has lost some weight because of the brain stroke

My family, friends, relatives and I are trying our best to keep him happy and praying for him. <3 <3 <3

paopi doodles said...

awww..your lolo looks like a jolly man judging from the photo you took...i sincerely wish your lolo gets well very soon! God bless to you and your family, stay strong, He will help your lolo :)

Mall said...

:) thank you so much, paopi. Indeed, I keep praying that God will heal him soon. :D