Friday, August 1, 2008

Gentle Forest + Featured Artist: Nicolas Gouny

I got invited by my wonderful French friend Nicolas Gouny aka Ploop for his exposition with great artists. I made my new original drawing for his exhibition. Yes, that's my girl character Aya.

"Gentle Forest"
12" X 15" with frame, Pencil on Heavy Weight Acid Free Paper

Congratulations, Nicolas! For all French people, please visit his exhibition! I seriously wish I could attend there. Anyway, I would love to feature him and his art. Nicolas is one of my favorite illustrators. I adore his whimsical cheerful adorable colorful illustrations. I like the way how he makes his unique characters, textures, bright colors, everything. They always make me smile. Please check his blog, dA gallery and Etsy shop! Enjoy viewing his art!

Apart from that, goodbye to my sold original work, "Alone". My boy character Babu is very happy to meet my clients & friends Susana and Patricia. Sigh, it was very bad and difficult to find a packaging tube here in my poor province. So I grabbed a plain big carton box, scissor, red tape, cutter, ruler, super glue, mat, my own rubber stamps and pencil. Then I better made it myself and TA-DA, it went well. Hooray.

And another webcam photos of me and Susana. I know, it's so adorable and sweet, isn't it?
And... wish me luck, I'll work on my biggest commission soon. I can't tell you guys the whole details until my mission will be accomplished. This new project really shivers me. Okay, it's bedtime for meeee....zzzzzzzz.......


Kat said...

I love how your box looks!

Am lamenting the fact that decent packaging tubes are also hard to find at asa Manila na ako. :p I have to send something to the U.S. pa naman.

Wow, France! I'd love to go there too :D

Aneesah said...

Omgosh! =D See, you're so crafty too, Mall! XD I'm loving the rubber-stamped packaging box, it looks so professional! ^__^ Seriously, look at the super neat "f r o m :" letters, aww!

And I love Gentle Forest. I counted 15 of those little cat-creatures hiding around the bottom of the drawing. ;) Did I get it right? 15? ^^;

Anonymous said...

may-anne, i have a new art crush on you. bizarrely professional, unique and talented. i keep visiting your blog!

- j, from new zealand

Banggi said...

I love how you 'package' your sold works. You're an original, sis!

Your friend Nicolas is awesome! I love his style and his works. :D


bjornik said...

Ei Mall! I second the motion of j, from new zealand. I could smell rivalry rising in the air.hehe Congratulations on your Aya! She's so beautiful and she's the exact opposite of the "dorky" Mall!haha Take care!

Nicolas Gouny said...

Thank you May Ann, that's very very sweet of you *HUG*

As some visitors wrote, your boxes are superb !!

Pat & Susana said...

*waits patiently for Babu's arrival* XD

Nicolas poster for the art show is adorable!! With that colourful stripe sock ♥ we are both sure that the show is going to be a huge success! We knew some of Nicolas portfolio from dA, but we didn't know that he has an Etsy store, so we most definitely going to visit it. :D
As for your submission for the exhibit is a wonderful delicate work as usual. The look on Aya's face is dazzling and we love the flowers. Your pencil skills are brilliant!

*smiles widely* we are so lucky... we are going to get two works of art, not one. It is going to be your painting and that gor-geous box!!! Can't wait to receive it in our mailll!! ♥ ♥ ♥ maraming salamat for making it <3 <3

ehheeh... wow, look at my chubby cheeks :O hahahaha... I took my screenshot thanks to my talented gorgeous teacher XD <3 <3

Magsumikap ka (hope this means good luck!) for your biggest commission. We are both sure that you will do fineee!!


pupu said...

Haiii MALLL!!!!

Missing you! *hugglesh*
Oh many update since i was gone for a long time from internet.

My orientation week was great. Uni life starts next week. Hmm. Tiring and fun too. But i got nervous because there are so many young kids (i feel older as i am 5 years older than them hahaha).

I love the painting Mall. Love it. And also especially the above update: Aya. Ohh.. i really love Aya. She is so adorable and cute. Feel like i want to hug her!!!

and I am busy too completing my painting for this 24th Aug exhibition. uwagaga.

How's life Mall? Still more commission for you to do? ;)

Mall said...

kat: :D thanks, glad you loved my box! oo nga eh, ang hirap dyan sa manila kasi ang laki eh! kaya mas maganda gawa nalang. :P me too, i wanna go to France :D

aneesah: XD you're correct! Yep, 15 kittens. :P I wish I could add more! hahaha! yes, I love to make crafts especially rubber stamps! I hope I may have time to do crafts, hu hu. how you doin? :D

j: :) hehehehe well thanks j. glad you enjoyed my blog.

veejay: :D thankies sweetie!!! i enjoyed packaging it! Yes, Nicolas' art can't stop making us happy!

bjornik: hahahahahaah! naku, mukhang selos ka ata... :P glad you loved my aya, thankies! ingatz din!

nicolas: :) no problem, you should deserve it! I seriously wish I could package it for you but your exhibit is near that's why i shipped FedEx package hu hu. Don't worry, maybe in time. *winks*

susana&pat: Me too, I love Nicolas' character with colorful stripey sock, tee hee! I'm very proud of him and his art. :) Yes, his Etsy shop is way too wonderful!!! I'm very happy that he got many buyers there, hooray!

Weee, hope you both will get my package sooner, hope you guys will like extra goodies! :) Nah, your cheeks are way too adorable and lovely! thanks for the funny long conversation on MSN! :D Please give my huge hug and kiss to Pat and your family from me! MWAAH!

pupu: Yey! congratulations on your new school! nah, that's okay about those young people. There are many old people who really want to study more. Plus it's so great and fun to hang out with them. :) I believe you will become very confident soon! Wow, you got exhibition??? Hoorayyy! congrats that! don't forget to take photos! :D

Glad you loved my aya. Me too, I wanna hug her, she looks so lonely, d'awww... :3

I'm pretty good but tired. My hands are already painful and tired. Yesss, still having my commissions. @___@

Darlene Sanguenza said...

Hi Mall! I love your work... awesome.. I'm inspired to do artworks again..