Sunday, July 20, 2008

To The Rescue

Whew, I finished my commission for Cristina, "To the Rescue". I'm so sorry for my slow art progress because of my bad events (about my relatives' deaths and running errands). I'm very happy that Cristina loved it. She asked me to make a commission for her doctor, who saved her life. Her doctor has a real pet, Mexican Red - knee Tarantula. He also likes scuba diving. I think I did a tarantula drawing for my first time. After I made my quick sketches, I noticed something wrong. A tarantula body should have two oblong shapes. Eeep, so I changed it. And of course, I tried to make it cute according to Cristina's sweet request. Click this photo collage to view!

21" X 36" Acrylics and Coloured Pencils on Wood

My mission accomplished! Hmmm, they look like huge animated scenes. Next week, I'll bring my original paintings to Cristina in Baguio City. I can't wait to meet her in person! About my upcoming commission, I'll talk to you guys next time.

Apart from that, thanks to Amber, who emailed me about creating ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) . Awwww... I really understand why sweet Amber and maybe other people who can't afford my big paintings. Don't worry, I might start making ACEO pieces when I have time. I think the art prices are ranged from USD $15 - 25, it depends on my different mediums and details. Anyway, I'd love to know what themes and mediums you guys for my future ACEO pieces. Odd forest? Adorable characters like Babu and Abu? Mushrooms? Hairy flowers? Circus? It's up to yourselves, just leave your comment here. Then I can personally choose them. And sorry guys, I don't do ATC because I'm not ready.

On your mark, get ready, get set... GO!
P.S. wait patiently for my response on my previous blog entries! I'm having a headache, hu hu. But I greatly thank you all for your wonderful comments! I really appreciate them very much! MWAH!


Tom Scholes said...

I Love it! The impasto bits are great!

nick + said...

These two are exceptionally beautiful, Mall. Fantastic works. I particular love the Tarantula piece, absolutely mesmerized by the colours.

stephanie said...

The finished commissioned works look AMAZING!!! Love the colors too!
What an exciting news about possible ACEO!! All of the categories you listed are wonderful! I especially like the Babu and Abu, Circus, and Mushrooms. How about sea animals, like sea horses, whales, etc.
Heehee... me with my crazy ideas! :)
Hope you had a great weekend. And you and your family will be in our prayers!

Pat and Susana said...

We are both very sorry for your relatives deaths :(

Congrats in finishing the commission painting for Cristina! Her doctor will be ecstatic when he sees it, especially that adorable looking tarantula XD you did a remarkable job with it! And you said that this was the first time that you draw a tarantula :O its amazing!!!

Have fun meeting with Cristina, you will surely have lots to talk about :D

Mmm, cool idea the one of the ACEO's... especially because of the price range. As for themes, Pat vote goes for anything related to Oriental themes (influenced by Hayao Miyazaki movies) XD I personally enjoy things connected with nature (the forest / the sea) or dragonflies. And we both agree that any medium that you choose will be wonderful!! ♥

Truly hope that you are feeling better from your headache and that you managed to rest well. *hugs*

maria goretti "maritjee" said...

claps claps r u sist??? yeah like as usual ur so awesome!!!

mika said...

I love your commissions! :3 cristina is lucccckkkkyyy!

yey for ACEO! agree with pat, i want oriental themes!!! coz im japanese!!! :P can't wait!!!!


pupu said...

OHHHH!!! I LOVE IT! I love the colors Mall. :D Its beuatiful.. NOT! ITS PERFECTLY GORGEOUS i mean. *jumping and hugglesh Mall*

Mall i love the way you add the details. Do you color the background first and add the details using color pencils (prisma color)?

Hmm.. for your future ACEO, i want you to draw.. your Babu and Abu meet up with Kokeshi doll. Taking pictures together. I guess it will be nice. :D

Mall said...

tom: :D yey! *hugs*

nick: awwww, i'm super pleased nick! glad you loved it! ;)

stephanie: thank you sweetie! OOoohhhh I love your crazy ideas about sea animals! Hmmmm!!! *winks winks*

pat&susana: *blowkisses* awww thanks darlings!!! thanks for giving me your ideas about ACEO. Ohhh I really miss oriental themes! I remember that I did my commissioned piece "Chinese Festival" past few years ago. :) And yes of course, I love Nature (heheheh mostly I did Nature pieces!)

maria: *Maria claps while Mall dances dances dances crazily* I'm pretty tired. :D how you doing????

mika: awwwwww, i know that you really love Studio Ghibli! :3 MWAH! (don't worry, the earthquake prediction is FAKE! ARRGH! let's hit him!)

pupu: :D AwwWWAWWWWAWWAAWWWWwwwwwwuuuaahh... *huggles gently* Yes, I add the color background for many layers (many colors) first before adding details with acrylics and coloured pencils (hmmm, nope. It's Dertwell / Faber - Castell, just simple... but I want to buy a highly professional coloured pencils from Carach de... i forgot the name of this brand but it's expensive.)

Heheheh your idea for ACEO is quite adorable! :P

Fernandiita said...

Hola me encanto tu blog lo encontre bellisimo!!! soy de chile =)

briquetou said...

Waw ! It's again fabulous. You know, I do not like spider any more, but I like you paint !! The colours are very beautiful and the details so delicate ! I congratulate you again !

bjornik said...

Ei Mall! My deep condolences.

Pero apart from that, alam ko na bakit ka matagal mag-update. Kasi susurpresahin mo rin kami ng magandang artwork mo! Yihee! Lovely colors as usual!

Ingat lagi Mall! MWAH!

krissybee14 said...

I really like your paintings... It is the first time I have seen it. Keep up the good work... The one with the spider is cute.


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Cally said...

hi mall, sweetie! :)
i set up a blog again here - looking forward to using it!
could you please update your link?
my blog is:

i've linked to you!

also: i would LOVE to see you make ACEO cards - i'd love to have an original by the beautiful Mall in my room <3

Laure said...

I love your art, and ACEOs would be a really great news!!!! As for me I vote for the circus, feathers, clocks, whales, umbrellas and tree houses lol! I also love your piece "Alone",so maybe something in the same spirit? But everything you do will be beautiful... Congrats on the comissions, too!

Laure said...

Oh, and I think the pencil name you're looking for is Caran d'Ache... It's french, like me lol!

Rey O said...

the work is looking great Mall, your colours are so vibrant and alive!

Mall said...

Awwww, muchas gracias! cómo has encontrado mi blog? :D

briquetou: :D awww thanks a lot!!!!

bjornik: hehehehehe! laging busy me kaya minsan di me masyadong updated dito sa blog ko. :P naks, thanks naman!

krissybee: (your name is so cute! :) ) thanks! i really appreciate it!

cally: hi sweetie! sure i'll update your link ;) Yeah, i hope i may have time to do ACEO stuff. :D

laure: thanks for sharing your ideas with me about ACEO themes! they are so great! :) Glad you loved my work "alone". He's at his dream, not spirit. ;) oh yes, Caran d'Ache. I wish i could buy that but expensive! :P

rey: thanks my friend! ;)

Penguin & Fish said...

Beautiful work