Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Funny videos from Filipino people + Bjornik's SALE works

Do you know why Filipinos are naturally funny and hilarious? My sister Erica showed me this crazy video from Momoypalaboy. I kept smiling and laughing when I watched it. They are MoyMoy and Palaboy. And no, they are not GAY, but natural comedians! I think they are real brothers. I love their amazing face expressions. I really hope they can make more funnier videos. Enjoy watching their famous video "Wannabe", guys!

Oh! Another video "YouTube Drama" from my friend Kuya Gerry, I can't stop laughing! HAHAHA! I can't believe Kuya Gerry got naked! He's an excellent actor and director!

Apart from that, I'd love to share my friend Bjornik's SALE art pieces with you guys. His medium is A3 size pen & ink with framed, entitled "Checkmate + +". I'm lovin' his great pen skills! Curious to know the prices and see high resolution images? Please email Bjornik at and call him +639063151616. Hurry up, buy his works now!

from top left clockwise: King, Bishop, Pawn at Knight

Brrr, it's already cold and rainy here 'coz of another typhoon "Helen". We got small floods here, eeepp... By the way, my tarantula commission for Cristina is nearly finished. I might post it next week, hopefully. I can't wait to meet Cristina in person at Baguio City soon. Okay, I need to keep away from the internet for a few days 'coz I should finish on my commissions first! In my previous blog entry, I'll reply to you guys when I'll be back.

Happy Birthday to my brother Jeremy! MWAH!

See you guys! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


stephanie said...

Those videos are hilarious!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!
Wow..that's awesome that you will get to meet Cristina in person!! How exciting :)
Bjornik's work is amazing!
Happy Birthday to your brother Jeremy!!

mika said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHAH! XD I love those funny videos! wonderful ink drawings of your friend bjonik. :)

take care and look forward to seeing your commission! *huggles*

bjornik said...

Mall! Thank you ah, feeling ko artista ako dahil nafeature gawa ko dito sa blog mo eh.:p Maraming salamat ulit. Mwah!

Happy birthday kay Jeremy!

Pat & Susana said...

hahahahaah... "she left meeee!" " look kinda hot!" LOL XD best video ever!! Maraming salamat for recommending YouTube Drama by Kuya Gerry, we just can't stop talking about that video! XD

:O Bjornik is so talented!! We were both in awe with his portfolio. Love the "Pawn" one ♥ indeed amazing pen skills!

:( sorry to hear that there was another typhoon there... hope that it didn't make many damages at its passage.

Happy belated birthday for your brother. Hope he had a wonderful day! :)

P.S. Can't wait to see Cristina tarantula commission!!


pupu said...

hai Mall!! :D i'll be in local uni soon - in one week i 'll be officially a student. at the age of 25. haha.

How are you Mall? :) I hope you are doing fine and have great weekend. :)*hugglesh*

Mall said...

thanks guys! glad you enjoyed watching those hilarious videos! and i'm so pleased that you guys liked Bjornik's wonderful ink drawings! :)

Bjornik: walang anuman, tol. ;) Kaya mo yan!!!!

Pupu: WWWWEEEEEEEe! congratulations!!!! I really hope you will enjoy studying at your uni!!! :D