Monday, July 7, 2008

I love Nature

Sigh, I think it's my slow work progress because I have to do something like running errands, renewing my driver's license card, buying medicines for my lolo, go on. Wee, take a look at my unfinished commission for Cristina. Colors? I can't wait to finish it.

When I took a break, I needed to inhale and exhale outside. *Mall stretches out* Okay, it's time to take photos of my special garden. I always search any creatures and other natural stuff in my garden. I'd like to share my photos with you guys. Well, I really miss my photography. :) Okay, here you go!

Moss. I really love fresh moss. My favorite color is green!

Ohhhh! I found two small snails on the covered-moss terra cotta vase.

And I found another small snail on the covered-moss rock tile. Sigh, I realize how blessed this snail lives here... This snail seems very shy.

Close up... Sigh, it's so magical and wonderful...

Oh! I saw two bird nests! Awwwwww! I wonder how many eggs are there...

A bird nest looks like a cone...

Ahh, I love plants. When I smell any plants, I feel very lively and energetic! I'm a nature lover!

Hmmm... wait, what's that? Lemme see... Dried leaf?

DIYOSKOPONAKUPOWANONGMUKHANGITSURAHITONG.... (hehe, I speak my crazy Tagalog expression). Well believe it or not, it's a dead baby BAT.

Let's see more details...

Wow, it's the back of the small bat. It looks like a mummy.

Oh, this bat got serious tiny teeth.

Aww... this baby bat seemed to cry or scream... Oh poor. I'm not sure if it fell into the tree during the typhoon... Or perhaps, this lost bat tried to find a bat mama... Sniff. So I left this bat on the branch, like a peaceful grave.
And the last photo... It's Abu's great cat granddaughter named Flame. She can't stop purring against my feet and legs (aye, I wear my green flip flops again.)
Whew, next time I'll take more photos. I give you my few beautiful tips, aspiring photographers and artists: If you feel bored, get your camera and explore those extraordinary things like snails, bat... If you don't have a camera, get your sketchpad, pencil, watercolor paints and brushes. Then draw and paint it when you enjoy seeing the Mother Nature. It's really inspiring, enjoyable and helpful to learn and see the details and elements of the nature: lines, dots, patterns, circles, swirls, shapes... I hope this helps you.

Okay, lemme continue to work on my unfinished commission now. See you guys soon!


stephanie said...

Your garden is beautiful!
The weather looks awesome there! :)
Oh...I LOVE the moss and snails shots you took!!! Aww...looking at Journey Together....
Ewww...the bat.. poor thing...
I see your toes!!

cata said...

Oh!!!! Mall!! I love the little snail.
Great photos.

mika said...

:D your fabulous photos makes me happier! super inspiring!!! I love snail!!!! sorry for that poor bat! am thrilled to see your next commission!!!!

aishiteru, freckie-chan!

Delson said...

Great Photographs , I just fell in love with them.. Loved the dead bat pic.. lol
Awaiting more posts from u


Tom Scholes said...

Great pictures Mall ! <3

Pat & Susana said...

aww, can't wait to see the progress of this piece too! We are sure that you will dazzle us once again :D

Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational tour of your garden with such wonderful photos (especially the one of the snail and the moss)!! We too love nature, especially the characteristic smell of rain in the summer and the colour of the sky in the sunset. Your garden seems such a special place full of magic... All those beauutifull green spaces ♥ ♥

Oh, Pat is saying that you have an incredible tan XD *points at pic with cute Flame*


Kat said...

I don't particularly care for creepy crawlies, but somehow, you made them all seem interesting :D

I love nature, especially after a slight rain. I love going home to the province and taking pictures :D

pupu said...

Oh Mall :D *ticklesh Mall* hehehe.. i got a blog nomination award for you. :D

And yeah.. how is the progress dear? good? ;)

TrüSka said...

Left a sweet for you sweetie, 11.07 - it's just another award ; ) Kisses Mall. "See" U in a few days : *

BluBoy Comics by Ryan Spencer said...

WOW! Wonderful Green photos Mall!!

I LOVE moss too, especially on rock walls. It's a wonderful little world I love to escape in... My first big character I always drew was tiny elf character with a lady bug pet, sleeping under mushrooms and stuff...

Great minds think alike!

I love the poor baby bat, so sad. He's even tangled in a bunch of thorns. Incredible find.

Mall said...

stephanie: yeah it reminds me of your commission ;) hehehe now you see my silly toes! XD

cata: me too!!! :3 mwahh!

mika: :D aishiteru!

delson: hehehehe! me too, loved the bat. :P

tom: dankeee! <3

pat&susana: thanks for wonderful comments *blushes* oh really? my tanned feet? O__O *Mall looks over her feet* Hmmm, I think I always wear my flipflop when I go out... XD

kat: ohhhh where is your province? :D Ang sarap ng feeling ko pagkatapos ulan! fresh na fresh kasi eh!

pupu: aww thanks for giving me another blog award *blushes* mwaahh! I'm pretty good, sorry for this late response! my progress went smooth. :D how are you?

truska: :D awww tee hee! mwah mwah mwah!

ryan: :) thanks my friend! Really?? i didn't know that you also love moss! :) wow, I want to see your first big character! did you keep your old drawing? :D

Yeah, me too, i love the poor bat, hu hu. It's so hard to find weird gems in my garden. :)

Gio Paredes said...

What digital cam did you use to take this pictures?

Mall said...

hello gio! sorry for my long late response. i used Sony Digital. :) thanks!

Vázquez said...


DERYLLIA said...

wow.. i like ur picture... awesome!! did u use DSLR ?