Thursday, July 3, 2008

News + "Genie Renaissance" Art Commission

Hi guys, I'm back (and yes, still alive...) I'm so sorry for not being active here. A typhoon "Frank" (Fengshen) killed my telephone and internet connection so I didn't open my few hundred emails and get online for more than one week, eeep! Finally, a telecom technician fixed it. At least we are really safe. However, I greatly feel sorry for those dead passengers and other missing people, who killed by that crazy typhoon. As a matter of fact, typhoons normally comes here in Philippines from June to November.

Believe it or not, I received many crazy news, text messages and articles about the prediction:

" July 18, 2008 - Philippines will get 8.1 earthquake, thousands of people will die "
All Filipinos are totally panicked now. My real friends, family and neighbors keep talking to me alot about this. Ohmaygawd, It's ridiculously crazy. For me personally, predictions can be either true or not. I believe all disasters always come here on earth in unexpected way.

All we can do is to be very alert / careful, to prepare your important things like foods, pocket knives, lighter, etc. and to pray to God faithfully. If it does happens, just RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Gulp, I was thinking about my present residence near a beautiful ocean... Imagine, tsunami will destroy us if an earthquake could start... argh... Ok, let's forget about those terrible news. I don't want to stay worried. C'mon guys, let's get stronger and braver! Have faith!!! *winks*

Apart from that, hooray... my client / friend Cristina already liked my finished commission, "Genie Renaissance". Whew! Anyway, here's my photo collage!

21" X 36" Acrylics and Coloured Pencils on Wood

My lovely sweet little friends, Sheen and Kat, noticed my painting when I took several photos. They said, "aaww... ang ganda, Ate Mall! (aaww, beautiful, Big sis Mall!)" I asked them, "Hey sweeties, can I take photos of you both with my painting?" They nodded happily. Take a look, it's so sweet, isn't it?

Coming up... I'll continue to make another commission for Cristina about fuzzy tarantula.

And oh, yes, that's my new medium: Wood burning. That's my FIRST wood burning piece, "Big Gossip" (unfinished). For my first time, I tried it carefully and wow, it was so hard and dangerous because it was extremely hot especially hot wood burning pen tips! After burning it, my eyes got red and irritated because of the wood burning smoke. Unless I should wear my protective goggles. But it's absolutely great for the textures and details. Warning, this tool is not for young children! Anyway, I can't wait to finish it. I really hope I may have free time for making more wood burning pieces.

That's all folks! Wow, I am very talkative here... How are you guys? Hope you all will be alright! Please wait patiently for my response, I got a few hundred emails and comments! Kudos!


TrüSka said...

You made me blush, you crazy girl!!! Hi Mall, long time no see : ) Working hard right? This painting it's absolutelly beautifull, lovely, gourgeous, it would look perfect in my house - some day Mall i'll make you a comission - a painting of your interpretation of lady TruSka : ))) I'm already saving some money... one day Mall... Kisses, Kisses and more kisses from Portugal : ** O... and i'm so happy you liked my illustration... thank you so much for your words!

Pat & Susana said...

Mabuhay darling Mallll!!We missed you!! ♥ ♥ it was such a huge relief to know that you and your family were alright. When they gave the news of the typhoon on our televisions we were all very worried -__- according to that Wiki link that was the sixth official tropical cyclone of the season :O nature can be so powerful... as far as that prediction is concerned, we also agree with you. There is no need to panic. In fact, do you remember when we were entering on the year 2000 all the agitation about the Y2K (Millenium Bug) and in the end all went alright. We truly believe that the same thing applies to that prediction... you just have to carry on living your life and have faith and trust in God :) ♥

But moving on to more happy subjects, your commission work for Cristina made our jaws drop in awe!! Everything is so well balanced in the composition. The details are so mesmerizing and our favourite bit is the flower/genie lamp and the little butterflies. It's incredible the sense of moving that we get from the smoke... amazing and incredibly done!

Sheen and Kat are sooo cute XD they are two cute little princesses!

Congratulations in having another new medium. It shows your dedication to your craft and always wanting to outstand yourself and keep dazzling us with your incredible imagination and artwork! :)

Whew... sorry for such a long comment :P hope that all is well with you too! *huggles* and much love to you!

pupu said...

Ohh you are back! I've been missing you and your blog! :D *hugglesh* The art commision for Christina is so gorgeous Mall!! Really gorgeous. *admiring* I love the details on the girl's dress. Kirei! (pretty!)

Wood burning? I wonder how you do it. It looks like a very interesting medium to learn. But from your wood burning photo.. you really did a great job. Quick2 finish it. I wanna see all the lovely wood burning of yours. :D

Mall, I guess i wanna save up some money so i can get to commission you to make me one little painting. =)

Kat said...

Your new medium brings back fond memories of STS. Yan yung topic namin ng mga groupmates ko (kasama namin si Boom). We even got to interview Jordan Mangosan sa Tam-Awan, and even tried to do a bit of wood burning ourselves. Ang hirap din pala, saka nakakapagod! Grabe ang patience na kailangan mo hehe. Pero ang galing talaga. Nakakatuwa naman yan Mall ^_^

Tom Scholes said...

Mall! These look so awesome! I can't wait to see where you take wood burning!

Hope you are safe and stay that way for a long long time.

Nicolas Gouny said...

so impressive !!

Gisele said...

OMG dear!!! These are beautiful... The genie is a beauty and I love the pic you took, looks like angels holding your artwork :D
What a like comissioner :D She's getting a treasure!
Hugs from... NORWAY (i am visiting Ole's family)

bjornik said...

Hi Mall! Mukhang namiss mo ang mga fans mo ah at ang daldal mo nga sa entry! Ingat ka lagi and goodluck sa commissions!

joyce said...

WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! THAT'S SO BIG!!!! I want your magical painting!!! I'm so jealous of all of your clients including Cristina! I need to save more money for commissioning you!!!! :P

i really love your new medium!!! i can't believe, you're really a fast learner... you got many different mediums: pencil, acrylic, oil paint, charcoal, coloured pencils, digital, sculpture, linocut, mixed media.. now wood burning! :0 Girl, I wish I could have your unique talent. You're WAAAYYY TOO COOL!!! :) look forward to seeing your finished piece!

thanks for sharing your inspiring progresses with us. don't ever stop making beautiful artworks!

P.S. miss you lot! always take care! <3

Rey O said...

you handle different media so expertly Mall!

Work looks great and I'm glad your safe after all the crazy weather and stuff!

Mall said...

truska: hehehehe really, im honest, you are so gorgeous. I'm serious. I wish my hair could grow long like yours... but i can't. I was tired of combing my long curly hair before.... O__O;;; Like a Hollywood actress e.g. Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, etc. :P

Yep yep, a lot of busy stuff but it's so good. :) awwww glad you loved my commission, im so pleased! Really, you commission me? *blushes* heheheheh weeeeee! =^___^=

your first illustration is so adorable, you should make more. :D I'll look forward to seeing your artworks! Much much love to you too! MWAH! :*******

susana&pat: SKJFHALIFHSKFNASILRHVHFHRIGKVJDIEUUKZSFNAD!!!!!! (you see, I'm totally crazy when I'm typing my keyboard happily because I totally miss you both! :D) My sweeties, thanks for the wonderful Gmail letters, photos and songs! I really enjoyed reading your letters alot. I'm very happy that you both are atleast okay about your translation projects, Pat's students (and i love the way Pat wears her sexy new eyeglasses!!!!!), your family, brother, etc. :)

Indeed, we are really okay and safe here. When a typhoon arrives here, we don't go out. If we don't have electricity 'coz of typhoon, we use poor candles, hehehe! :D yeah, we should have strong faith in Him, awww! :D

Yey, glad you liked my commission for Cristina! thanks for your sweet long lovely comments, i'm so pleased and blushed! you know what, it was my first time to paint a bottle. That's what Cristina got a great idea. :) I can't wait to finish another piece for Cristina's doctor. :D

Tonight I'll stay at my mama's apartment! I'm sure she will talk to me alot about Korean movies/series, Naruto cartoon, beauty products/tips, etc... well, My mama is a huge fan of Naruto character. She wants to marry him. @___@ She also puts her Naruto poster on her closet. XD SWEET ah? AWWWWwwwwwwww! I should make a fan art of Naruto for her, hehehe!

Man, I'm so talkative here because I didn't talk to you both before! I'll definitely chat with you both on MSN soon! Much much love to you both!!!! :D Say hi to your family from me! MWAH!!!!! *Mall glomps Susana & Patricia happily*

pupu: *huggles huggles huggles* EEEEEE! I MISS YOU TOO!!! :D Glad you liked my commission for Cristina. I already missed making big pieces. :) yeah, can't wait to finish my woodburning piece! I should be careful, woodburning pen tip might easily burn my fragile skin if I could be clumsy! Eeep! ;D

kat: ay oo, mas grabe, matagal at mahirap ung medium ni Jordan Mangosan!!! Ang galing nya, talagang super natural ung medium nya. Di ko kaya yun kasi ang tagal at pagod, hehehehe! Hay, miss ko na talaga sa tam-awan. kilala mo na ba si jeff cablog at james gabito?

Hehehe oo naman, super excited me ung bagong medium ko! Sana matapos ung piece when i have time! :D

tom: thank you tom!!! Hope you'll get my book soon! Lemme know! Cheers!!!! ;)

nicolas: merci merci merci! (hehehe i wish i could learn more how to speak French) Bises! Bonjour! :D

gisele: awww thanks sweetheart! OHMYGOSH ARE YOU IN NORWAY??? O___O when did you fly there? I'm sure you enjoy spending time with Ole's family. :D Take care always!

P.S. email me! I need your postal email address!!! :D

bjornik: hehehe oo nga eh! Miss ko na kayo lahat! Musta ka na? oo, talagang maingay ako. Pero pag in person, minsan tahimik at shy ako, nyahahaha.... :P

joyce: aw shucks, thankies joyce! you made me blushed... :D miss you too!

rey: hehehe thanks dude! It's so fun and enjoyable to use different mediums! :)

briquetou said...

Hello ! I do not speak english very well, but i'll try. I like so much your paintings, it's fabulous. Very beautiful... You are an original artist ! Continue !

Jennifer Zivoin said...

Hi May Ann! Your new piece is so beautiful and magical! Beautiful work!

Cathy said...

waaaaaaaaaaaah ^0^ i LOVE

Mall said...

briquetou: Aww but your english is great! :D your paintings are so beautiful and lovely! :D

jennifer: thanks sweetie sis! :D

cathy: ^0^ mwah mwah mwah! merci sweetie!

Gerald de Dios said...

That's a beautiful illustration!