Thursday, June 19, 2008

Before I go...

Sorry for these blurry photos, the weather is rainy today. Now you guys see me working on my big art commission (I know, my client Cristina loves to see how I'm doing! *winks*). Yep, I massaged my painful foot with my favorite natural shea butter with lavender essential oil... ohhhh, so calm and relaxing. I enjoyed painting it. Oh, after I'll be done in making all of the commissions, I can't wait to make a new medium (my trusted comrades: Susana and Patricia, don't tell everyone!) *giggles* Well, you guys will figure it out soon. Bwaahh, I need to make new small art pieces for another USA art show this year. Busy, busy, busy...Huhuhu, I want to play with my five cats when I'm free! Tee hee!

Apart from that, I'll be away from the internet for a few days because my family and I will go to Manila for my elder brother Jeremy's wedding event. I'm very happy for him and his new wife, Willen. I really hope they will grow deeper, happier, lovelier, sweeter and purer during their first marriage.

That's all folks now. Hope you guys will be okay and see you soon! Keep creative and unique! Ciao!


mika said...


(so big.... so distracted by your incredible colors, freckle-chan....)

Pat & Susana said...

awww, it's always great to see pics of you while working in your art. :) The painting that you are doing for Cristina is looking fabulousss!!! Can't wait to see it finished :D as for your new medium... la la laaaa... we can't remember what it is *winks* hehehe.

Once again, congratulations on another art show. Those events are great to promote your artwork! Wish you all the best and will be looking forward to see what paintings you will make! :) and also, don't forget to rest too! *nods*

Give our wishes of much happiness to your brother and Willen! Wish them a wonderful and blissed day. ♥ ♥

Much much love to you!

pupu said...

Can't wait to see the results!! :D *waiting excitedly* ^_^

Have fun aites. *hugglesh*

stephanie said...

Have fun in Manila!!!
Your work is beautiful!!
Wow!! Such a large and thick art work! :)

TrüSka said...

Lots of Happiness and a beautifull wedding for your brother! Hope you have fun > Ciao back to you : *

TrüSka said...

Lots of Happiness and a beautifull wedding for your brother! Hope you have fun > Ciao back to you : *

pupu said...

Mall!!... i have good news! :) I have been accepted! goin to local university. The degree i will be taking is B. Sc. (Computer Science). Oh god, learn programming again. hahaha. *dies* i will need to be ready. I'm nervous and excited too! hehe. :D

Mall said...

thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!! :D MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH!

pupu: CONGRATULATIONS HONEY!!!!!! *Mall dances with Pupu happily* let's celebrate!!!! :D