Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sneakie peekie....

Okay guys, I let you guys to see what tools I use.

Yes, it's very important to use a ruler and tape measure! And... oh my, I can't stop collecting my wooden boards! I always find wood boards in the flea markets, woodworking store, antique stores, everywhere... Sometimes I get abandoned wood pieces for my personal artworks. Oh, I love my Black & Decker. He's my super handsome boyfriend. Hahaha, I can't help it. I should buy more Black & Decker power tools!

Liquitex rocks. You know what, I greatly thanked to my auntie Ester, who lives in California, brought me to the big art store during my first USA trip. When I entered the art store and felt speechless... I saw the whole complete art materials: Liquitex, Grumbacher, Pebeo, Caran D'ache, Winsor & Newton, more. Heavenly, oh, heavenly... I bought alot, hahaha! Well, Liquitex is my favorite acrylic paint.

Ok, I started painting Liquitex gesso for coating layers. Weeee, weeee...

Hooraaaayyy, I sketched on my big wooden piece for my current client Cristina. I really miss doing enormous stuff.

Aye, I'll be ready to paint the full colored painting! I'll be busy again! See you guys! *winks winks*


Aneesah said...

<3 I love it when artists/crafters show the behind-the-scenes stuff, 'cause I get to learn a lot more! ^___^

Haha, the black & decker is a sander, is it? I've always loved watching people use those power tools on TV, to build furniture or make stuff from "junk", but I guess I'm a little too... uh, amateur to start buying electric saws and drills just yet. =P (Not that I know how to use them anyway... =X )

I think we all know the thrill-wide-eyed-ness of entering a really awesome art supply shop. C= It's like heaven, no? xD I was born in the US and my mum used to do loads of crafty sewing stuff while taking care of us. I missed all those cool materials you could only get there. =[ But now I guess it just pushes me to work with what I have here; it's not about what you don't have, but what you do.

Sooo looking forward to the finished painting! I bet it's gonna look fabulous. ;D

cata said...

Hello Mall!!!
Wow!!! nice tour for your materials!!!!
I love Black an Decker and liquitex as well.
Big hug!
Ps: Congratulations for your book.
How is your Grandfather?

pupu said...

Hey Mall..:D oh wow.;D I didn't know that you yourself cut the wooden board.(am i right?)Cool. Because last time i was thinking how did you get the wooden board so fast. hehe. Do you have to sand the wooden board mall? To make it smooth? or is Double Decker use to sand the wood?I'm useless when i came to this part. haha.

I bet the gesso will be cheap in USA/Philippines. Here.. one small little bottle cost B$30.00. Uwagaga.

And you know what.. its kinda weird. i love to buy brushes. I can't get enough of it. haha. Whenever i come across to a shop or my art class, I'll come and get to buy them.most of the time i'll buy cheap brushes for me to play around. *teehee*

*hugglesh* mall, don't work too hard aites. Take care dear. :D

Nicolas Gouny said...

Ah May Ann, I love to see your focuses, they're very inspiring, I'm fond of the work in process testimony ;)

bjornik said...

ei Mall! thanks for sharing! di ko alam na isa ka palang amazona pagdating sa paghahanda ng materials mo.hehe now, ill just have to wait for the textures!:)

Pat & Susana said...

Maraming salamat for this fabulous tour of the tools you use to do your always amazing artwork! It is great to have a(like someone said on a comment above) "behind the scenes" look into how a gifted artist makes his/her pieces. We both must confess that, apart from the Black & Decker (because Dad uses it too), we didn't know must of the things you said. But I(Pat) must confess that I understand how you must have felt in California... when we go to bookshops I also looove to go through all the books that are there XD

Yeah, your big pieces are always brilliant! We both remember, and love, that picture of you painting "Nightmare"... sooo big!
We are sure that Cristina will love your commission work :)

Much, much love, hugs and lots of luck for your commissions! <3 <3 <3

Mall said...

aneesah: ^___^ yah! glad you enjoyed my tour! I can't take a whole pic of my studio because my room is so messy. Maybe in time...

yep yep, it's a sander so it's easy! :) I wish i could buy an electric saw / drill... Indeed, it's so fun and enjoyable to learn alot when we watch the home + decor + crafts tv shows. :)

Hahaha yeah, when I was a young girl, I always asked my parents "PAPA! MAMA! I WANT ART MATERIALS! I WANT SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!" XD Wow, I didn't know that you were born in USA! wow.... O__O That's why you're truly talented and creative just like your mom...

Awwww, you should do it more. I saw your crafts, they are so adorable, "eye candy" and cute! I believe you can do it, sweetie! ;) MWAH!

cata: thanks darling! About my grandpa, he seems okay but very weak. He doesn't stand, sit nor speak anymore. But he can listen to us what we're talking. He always lays down on his bed. Every two hours, we change his sleeping positions for getting out of the bedsores. Every afternoon, I massage his head with aloe vera oil for relaxing.

Sigh, we really hope he will get better. We're trying to do our best for him and make him happy and comfortable. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

pupu: I wish I could cut the wooden pieces myself! :D I need to buy a woodcutting machine but it's so expensive, hu hu hu! I use sander for smoothening the big wood boards. If it's small, I can rub it with sandpaper. :)

Ahhh, believe it or not, Gesso in Philippines is really expensive. bwahhh... O_____O

Me too, brushes are my bestfriends, tee hee! I enjoy brushing alot, so memorable and fun. It's so funny that my dad asked me, "Darling daughter, you're so excellent at painting... can you paint our rusty gate?" XD

Sure, I shouldn't get overstressed. Thankies sweetie!!!! :)

nicolas: :D awww merci! Glad you enjoyed my silly tour!

bjornik: walang anuman! :D pero di ko kaya pag i-cut ko ung wooden board, hu hu! Takot ako baka putol ung precious kamay ko! :P

pat&susana: *giggles* you both already watched me working on my art work thru webcam! :D Really? Awww, Black & Decker is so popular... so expensive but worthy! :) Ahahaha me too, I love to go to the book store! :D

Cristina is already thrilled and excited! I'll bring my original commissions to her in Baguio City. I miss her so much. In fact, she taught me alot about English learning. She's an excellent teacher. Just like you both, tee hee! :)

much much love to you both!

stephanie said...

Amazing to see pictures of your WIP!! :)
Such a large piece of commission work!!! Good luck!
I cannot wait to see the finished art piece :)

maria said...

hallo Mall!!!...wow...u like a carpenter ,hahahhaha....a cute carpenter I guess..lol, yeah hardwork for great result ,..Im so salute to u sist!!!!

Rey O said...

i enjoy checking out these progress pics, and also seeing the materials you use, interesting and inspirational as always Mall!


Kat said...

I feel the same way when I go to bookstores or art supply shops. There's one at the corner of Recto that I love going to even though I'm not going to buy anything. Hehe.

I'm curious about the notebook/sketchbook you have in the picture. Mind asking where you got it? Thanks!

Mall said...

stephanie: thank you dear!!! How's your new house??? :D Miss you!

maria: hehehe I wish I could be a good carpenter! If I could be rich, I'd like to buy a lot of hardware tools! :D

rey: Hey thanks dude! glad you enjoyed my progress pics. :D Cheers!

kat: Ay oo, pumunta ako dun sa Recto noon pero isa beses lang. Bumili ako ung mga oil paints. Pag may time ako, pupunta ako dyan sa Recto ulit. :)

About the sketchbook, my close friends Susana and Patricia gave it to me. Galing sa Portugal eh. Ang brand ng sketchbook ko ay Canson. :)