Thursday, June 12, 2008

Third Printing???

Remember about my first children's book, The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots? I visited my wonderful talented witty intelligent friend Nikki's blog today. She said:
I spent an hour or so browsing around Fully Booked yesterday. Whenever I am at a bookstore, I can't help but check if they have still have copies of The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots. (When they don't, I make sure I text or call Adarna House. Hee-hee. It's the marketing person in me.) I was happy to find one of those revolving Adarna book displays with four copies of my book on display. I noticed that the colors of the cover seemed a little different so I picked one up and checked the pages too... and guess what I just found out? We're on our third printing!

As always, I am thankful. It's not actually third time "lucky" - more like third time BLESSED. We're on our third year and I'm thrilled that the book continues to sell.
Our first and second printings were sold... But now... my gosh... Third printing again? I'm crying now. I can't believe how much Nikki and I are so blessed!!! Indeed, we are thrilled that our book continues to sell!!!!!!!!!

If you don't know about this book, here's a synopsis:
Follow the adventure of the Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots as it makes friends, learns new things, and travels to different places. You will discover why it feels unique and a little out-of-place in a world of silver paperclips.

2005 PBBY - Salanga Grand Prize Winner

2005 PBBY - Alcala Grand Prize Winner

2006 National Book Award, Best Children's Book

Language: English

Author: Nikki Dy-Liacco

Illustrator: May Ann Licudine
If you're interested with this, please order this in the Adarna House Publishing, it's only for US$1.50, paperback.

*Let's dance together!!! weeee!!!*


Aneesah said...

OMGosh! There's a REAL yellow-paperclip-with-bright-purple-spots! :D *stares at the picture* It's beeg but kyoot! ^___^

Love the "Nikki" paperclip too. Was it handmade?

Congratulations all around~~! x)

P.S. "Let's dance together" reminds me of a song of the same name, sang by an Indonesian singer, Melly. XD

Tom Scholes said...

Malllll !!! I want one of these! But I really really want one of these signed by you! Let me know if we can work it out :D

Pat and Susana said...

JSHJAHSBRXZ!!! Those are wonderful news!!! Congratulations to you and Nikki for this fantastic blessing!! Your book is travelling the world just like the paperclip that it portrays XD

stephanie said...

i would totally get one!
because I love purple! ;p
the huge paper clip is SO cute!!

mika said...

YEY! congratulations!!!! I wanna get one! But I need your signature first!

aishiteru, frecklechan!!! :*

kt-bebe said...

I'm so happy for You, May, and for Nikki! :aww:
I hope one day I'll be a one of this happy persons who owned this book. ;-)

Nikki said...

Hi May Ann! Thank you so much for posting this on your blog! :-) I'm so happy for our Yellow Paperclip.

I'm thrilled to see that you are creating artwork non-stop. You really are an amazing and exceptionally talented artist! I am soooo proud to say that YOU created my Yellow Paperclip adn brought it to life!

bjornik said...

Hi Mall! Congrats! May chance na rin pala ako magkaroon ng artwork mo at sa murang halaga lang. Punta ako NBS mamaya.;)

pupu said...

Oh wow!!! i want that book!! I guess how much is it if Brunei/Singapore currency. hmm.. i would love to have the book!!! :D *hugglesh* you are so blessed! *dancing*

Mall said...

aneesah: hehehe indeed, it's absolutely cute! About Nikki clip, i think it's handmade. Maybe someone made one for her, so lucky! :D

Thanks!!! Really? I haven't listened Melly's song yet! can you send me that song thru email? :D

tom: Tom!!!! Sure, I can sign on my book for yah! But how can we work it out? Email me at :D

pat&susana: AFHASDOFHALCVNASERHASDO;FNX!!!! hahahaha, i know, i typed accidently crazily happily excitedly, hahaha! My sweeties, thanks for the wonderful long letter and song!!!! I really love the pics of ally (the cat). she's very cute and adorable :D How old is she? About the song, i have a problem with my sounds / windows error in my computer. Don't worry, when it works, i'll be ready to listen to it. :D

I hope we may have time to chat with each other again. I already miss you both!!! Glad you both are always in my heart forever! :)

Much much love to you both!

stephanie: hello my wonderful adorable friend!!!! What's news about your new place? Hope everything will be okay there! Oh yes, I already forgot to put an extra copy of my book in your package!!!! Arrgggh! don't worry, I'll send one to you soon. :D I'm sure you will love Yellow Paperclip with bright purple spots! ;)

mika: tee hee! email me if you want a copy with my signature! :*

kt-bebe: thank you, thank you! *Nikki and Mall bow together* I noticed your illusrations on deviantARt, they are so great! :D keep it up bebe!

nikki: Of course, I never never never forget our Yellow Paperclip. :) This is my happiest moment we had ever. :)

Tee hee yeah, i didn't expect that I keep making artworks at present. :) awwwww, I greatly thank you for creating your OWN Yellow Paperclip character, who makes everyone happy always!

One day, we hope we could meet each other in person again. Miss you Nikki! :) I keep visiting your inspiring blog.

bjornik: Maraming salamat!!! Yey, bili ka ah sa NBS! :D

pupu: honey, i tried to convert thru internet:
65 Philippine Peso = 2.01897 Singapore Dollar

:D hope you will get one! *hugggllleeesssshhhh*

Pat & Susana said...

JAHSHJAHSJSBCHYHDYD!! Of course you would type feeling all excited... You and Nikki are authours of a best-selling book *makes happy dance* :D as for Ally, she is only three months (still very young and little). She kept playing when we went to visit our friend. :) Oh, damn, the song didn't opened? Try this one instead. We will try to re-upload the other one for you again in a different server. Hope you like this one instead!!

Awwww, yeah... we also miss talking with you *hugggssss* today was kind of hard because of more problems with the Spanish agency :( will tell you what happened on our next chat (hopefully this week *winks*). You too are always on our hearts honey. ♥ ♥ ♥

Much, much love to you too!!

pupu said...

Oh Mall.. :s i was trying to buy the book using Pay Easy Direct (credit cards)but... online payment transaction failed.Reason: Country (Brunei Darussalam) not supported by this merchant. Uwaaaa.... :( boohooo.

Mall said...

pat&susana: tee hee, now we are chatting! *giggles*

pupu: awwwww... :S that's so bad... don't worry, maybe we can trade our cute airmail, what do you think? ;)

pupu said...

Oh sure sure Mall!!! :D Yippeee!! *take Mall hands and dancing*