Thursday, January 22, 2009

I wish I could have...

Brands, ads to kick off 2009
By Roger Pe
Philippine Daily Inquirer
January 16, 2009

Roger Pe wrote his opinions about Department of Tourism Live Your Dreams, TV commercial:
"What do you always dream of? Why watch your dreams go by? Whatever it is, dream no more because you can always “Live Your Dreams” in the Philippines.

Good proposition, with lots of possibilities for a long, sustained campaign. The execution is refreshing, far from the usual stuff you see in a generic tourism spot.

The music adds wings to the commercial. It flutters with the chirping forest birds up in the sky and sways with colorful fishes under the sea. Given more media money, even parrots will be humming it in no time.

May Ann Licudine, the Filipino artist who did the illustrations for this animated spot, should win a Caldecott, (the world’s most prestigious children’s book illustration award, in case she publishes them).

Unfortunately, the ad’s campaign theme is a tad close to Hong Kong’s high profile “Live It, Love It” line. People do remember, remember?

Granting that it is not entirely the same, they should veer away at least from the “Live it” line on the website, pronto. Or tweak the phrase a bit to make the idea as solid as it can be, and escape the unavoidable comparison.

The solitary white lady on the beach, transforming from fantasy to reality looks a bit of a stretch. The “Big Feel” everyone is waiting for is also not felt.

The Philippines is just a few hops away from ASEAN countries registering whopping double-digit foreign arrival figures annually. We are pretty sure there’s a creative way to loop the tourists in and not bypass us. 2.5 Stars

To the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3: Thank heavens for finally opening the first building people enter when they land in the Philippines. While we cannot have the grand spectacle of a Bangkok or Hong Kong international airport just yet, this one will suffice for now. Not bad, but we deserve better.

Let it not be said that this is already it. As the world moves forward, we hope that we will, too."

Awww, I don't know what to say... I didn't have no idea that he wrote it about me on Philippine Inquirer (it's one of my favorite Philippines local newspapers). I'm so happy and pleased. I wish I could have Caldecott Medal unless I should write my own story and illustrations, sigh when will I have free time to start it..? Thank you very much, Sir Roger... I really appreciate it! :)

About my online portfolio website, sorry, i got another bandwidth again. I got more than 700 unique visitors per day thru my art website. eeeeep! But better visit my flickr, deviantART and here, my blog. :) thanks for loving my artworks and supporting me! I love you all!


Pat and Susana said...

awww, this is great!!!! Congratulations on the wonderful press article about your work for the Department of Tourism ♥ for us and many others, you are already an inspiration at all levels, but we are certain that someday you will win the Caldecott Medal with a book written and illustrated by you :) :)

mwah! mwah!

pupu said...

Waaaaahhh!!!! Congrats dear!! *hugglesh* Am so happy for you Mall. You will get it. One day. We never know in the future Mall. :) Have a nice day dear.

Björnik said...

WoW! that's great news Mall! Sana mabigyan ka nga award!: Good luck!:)

dl said...

You are a very very popular girl, and rightly so!

I would like to tag you :) (See my last post)

Gis said...

awwww supeer congrats dear xD you certainly would deserve every kind of award :D the job is A MA ZING

a r n o said...

:) hi Mall! ...yeah, sabi nga ni Rob Schneider: " can do it!" haha!

Dan said...

good stuff. :D congrats. one of our authors at posted this. and asteg! keep the goodstuff coming. cheers!

pupu said...

Hi darl mall. :) I've posted my 16th Noma Concours painting that i sent to Japan last time. *teehee* do have a look k. ;) I'm counting days here. 2 more months to go. Aiyaaa! hahaa

Waldstein said...

Thanks again for giving back some of my old little boy dreams to me. I lost them when I was 8-9 years old, but inside of me there was a hope of recovering them. Now I know why it happened to my, and that I was not guilty.

I wrote a little tale about a fairy, my first mini story i 4 chapters, and the people that read this "Hasivi" tale said it was beautiful.

Thanks for your brightful imagination.

Mall said...

Thanks to all of you guys! I'm quite happy, i'm so pleased and grateful! :)

pupu: I already left my comment on your blog! ;)

waldstein: Wow, thank you so much, thank you so much. I cried a little bit when I read your comments. I'm so happy. :)