Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Pieces + Kirkus!

Hello everyone! Wow, I was inactive here because of my bad health and busy schedule. Now I enable comments this time. I'm so sorry that I disabled comments on my blog since past few months ago. I want to tell you all the reason: two anonymous people left their bad words on my blog, they harassed me. That's why I closed the comment box and felt greatly bad and quiet. I still don't know two unknown people. Oh well... I am completely okay and I don't care about harassing people. Hope you understand me, my fellow bloggers and readers.

Hey guys, I have good news: I'm now a new Auntie! Liam is a son of my brother Jeremy and his wife Willen. He's quite adorable, isn't he? He looks like my dad, Jeremy. and Willen. When Liam will grow up, I'm sure he will ask me to make artworks for his future homework, hahaha! Check this cute photo out! (Guys, do you see a white spot in my right eye? Ugh, it's a cornea ulcer... any lights can hurt my right eye! Ouch!)

Hehehehehe, I can't stop looking at my cute nephew.... Now I'm posting my new wood paintings for the group art show Catalyst in
Nucleus Gallery. I started doing more complex colors and details after I made my previous project, Live Your Dreams. My family and friends told me that my art style is more different and improved, I was really happy. When I worked on my pieces, I was very inspired by my favorite artists Hayao Miyazaki, Winsor McCay, Helen Hyde and Mary Blair. Thank you very much for supporting me, Nucleus Gallery especially Lin! My original works are AVAILABLE now, hurry up art buyers!

Shardul Panthera
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood

8.5” X 24.75” inches

The Notorious Ornate Horned Frog
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood

9” X 10.75” inches

The Great Mushroom Oranda
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood

9” X 10.75” inches

The Vivid Gastropoda
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood

9.75” X 9.75” inches

I made two works with my new medium: Graphite & Pastel on Wood. They are not bright just like my acrylic & colored pencil works because I wanted to make them look like antique / vintage-style. So I love my new medium! Next time, I'll do more subtle graphite & pastel works!

Morass Chaser I
Graphite & Pastel on Wood

8” X 5.75” inches

Morass Chaser II
Graphite & Pastel on Wood

8” X 5.75” inches

And another good news.... I made a new Etsy shop for myself and my sister Erica. As a matter of fact, I planned to open a new shop for selling my art last year but I canceled it. Because my art buyers and clients enjoy my stable art commissions more than my art prints. I didn't expect that my art commissions make more double money so I'm so lucky.

Let me explain about our new shop. We named the title shop Kirkus!, a small colorful carnival-themed shop. I got inspired by the style of Winsor McCay about his bright colors and carnival stuff for our shop: bracelets / anklets, coin purses and handcarved rubber stamps. Erica and I started doing business since December 2008. Hehehe, Erica didn't know how to make packages and take good photos so I did all. Whew, hectic hectic. Well, I need to learn more about Etsy info, shipping, policies, etc. Anyway guys, enjoy visiting our Kirkus shop! Please see more pics on Flickr account. We hope you guys like our simple products and support us. *Mall giggles and smiles gently*

(Nope, that's not my arm with real red tattoos. That's my first cousin Dyanne. *winks winks*)

Regarding the art commissions, they are still close, sorry. Because I have "reserved" art commissions for my few clients since 2008. I thank you all for emailing me about commissions, in time, I'll let you all when I'll be available. Right now, I'm ready to work on my illustration for the wedding invitation of my first cousin Harley and his beautiful sweet bride Georgia.

Hey I miss you all! How are all you doing? Share your news with me. :) See you guys! *Mall hugs all readers tightly and goes back to her work again... she's too workaholic.*


Aneesah said...

Wow! I love long blog entries. =DD Paintings are amazing, and the vintage ones too. They're still MALL's style, but toned down a tad. ^^

Congratulations on the shop! I'm in love with those bracelets, and the beaded one. Used to do friendship bracelets all the time, Googling for patterns and ideas. ^_^ Andddd the rubber stamps are just adorable.

Good luck and all the best, dear. To your sister too. And brother. And nephew. Heehee.

Björnik said...

Hi Mall! I'm glad you enabled the comments again. And I must say that the long silence was worth it. I knew you'd come up with something great. As always, wonderful work! Good luck with your shop! TC!:)

pupu said...

Mall!!! *teehee* you know wat.. i send you 2 Flickrmails. i thought you haven't update your little blog. *dumb dumb me*

As usual your works are awesome.:D Congrats aites! You sold almost all of your paintings. *Hugglesh* I like
The Great Mushroom Oranda
the MOST!!! Love gold fish! (It is goldfish right? haha)

reynante said...

Oh my, Mall! These are yet again fantastic works from such a great talent like you. I don't know if you still remember me. I'm a fellow from La Union, too, and a graduate of Lorma Colleges. I love your blog.

By the way, how's life, ate Mall?


Pat and Susana said...

Auntie Mall... where to begin this comment with soooo many cute things to talk about? :D

Your nephew is precious!!He is soooo good looking XD Once again our congratulations to your family for the new member of the clan!! :)

As for your paintings, that is sooo awesome that you already sold two of them!! That's fantastic!! :D :D We were both in awe when we saw the details of all of them. The new medium is amazing and we were stunned by the incredible textures and smooth colours of the pieces. Will be definitely curious to see more works with this unique technique ♥

Oh, by the way, we loved to read the blog of your cousin Harley and his bride. It is quite a romantic idea to have all of their special moments written down. <3 <3

About Kirkus!... we already fell in love with all the magical colours and cute patterns. So, we just hope and wish for many success and a lot of sales for you and Erica on Etsy!!


Shackie D. Shark said...

uy mall! happy nu yir! musta? left you a comment regarding yung comment mo on my latest post about your cousin, read mo na lang on my blog. was looking for your chat box. nawala? so i see you have new shows abroad? well done. hope you do good and sell well.
ganda naman nung new artwork mo. i must say your style has really evolved since our college days. the only work i have from you is the watercolor painting about two kids eating mcdonalds that you gave me. it's hanging on our sala. hope someday i can afford to buy one of your new works. lalo na yung may cat. you know how i love cats heheh. anyhoo, hope you have a successful and blessed year ahead. uy ibalik mo chat box mo. my advice about haters posting something bad about you is- don't mind them. una, you don't know them so whatever they say about you really has no bearing, lalo na if it's not true. stay strong, be steadfast and God bless. mwah.

Tom Scholes said...

I missed you! Was so confused as to what happened to comments, don't let bad people worry you.

Seems like you've had a really rough couple of months Mall, things will get better. Hope your health improves <3

Meagan said...

Welcome back Mall! I hope your health improves soon, and I'm sorry people were harassing you. The internet turns many people into jerks. Thank you for sharing your wonderful new work, and for opening this up to talk to you again. I hope no one trolls you again. Congratulations on being a new aunt, he is a beautiful boy!

My only news is that I got married, but for me that's pretty big news. Hope things get better for you soon.

Mall said...

aneesah: thank you thank you! :) hope everyone likes my bracelets and stamps <333

bjornik: thanks tol! :)

pupu:heheh it's okay, i just enabled my comments again. :) glad you liked my fish!

rey: hey! musta ka na? oo naalala kita naman eh. :) tagal na di tayo usap ah. graduate ka na this year? congratz! di ko alam may blog ka pala ah ading. :) ayos naman ung buhay ko, kaso lagi busy me! very toxic!

susana & patricia: thank you!!!! thanks for supporting me!!!! i really hope you guys will get my package soon! <333 miss you both!!! can't wait to chat with you both again mwah mwah

jackie: hehehe sige balik ko nalang ung chatbox ko, di ko naalala ung password ko na, naku. :P ay oo naman, you still keep my old works especially sun and moon painting. :) thanks jackie, nakatouched me ung messages mo talaga. sige pag magmeet tayo, libre kita ung cat drawing ko para sayo, naks. :) text kita kung kelan me punta dyan sa manila.

tom: hey I miss you too! how you doing friend? :) yeah, i got many rough experiences, I need to get better soon! :) don't forget to update your digital work!

meagan: heyyyyyy! I always remember you, of course. wow im so happy that you got married, congratulations!!! :) miss you meagan!!!!

Gis said...

OMG!!! So happy for you dear!! So many good news! :D :D :D :D And what a BEAUTIFUL nephew xD

erasmusa said...

i'm a first time visitor here. lovely stuff! :) just wanted to ask how to preserve graphite and pastel on wood. how can you make them last?

Mall said...

gis: thank you darling gis! <333333 :D

erasmusa: hi! glad you found here, thanks! Regarding the preservation, I made them with raw Chinawood tung oil (I no longer use varnish) and matte spray. thanks for asking!

Suzanne said...

congrats on becoming an auntie ! I'm sureyou will be a wonderful, magical auntie :)

:: Uh lá lá :: said...

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I saw yours works first in Deviant art, then on Flickr, and now i found your blog! I absolute love your work, I think you have great technique, and the colors that you choose are beautiful. I'm a designer and I have a blog about design in general, if you like, go there and take a look.
Congratulations for your stunning talent!

Mall said...

suzanne: thank you sweetie! :)

uhlala: heheheh you followed my sites continually! Glad you found my art, I'm so happy that you love it. Hey, I'm super impressed with your site about design about packages, fonts, mock-ups, everything! Because I'm a visual artist, I love tv commercials, advertisings, typography, more! I love to keep visiting your site! ;) thanks for sharing!

Sara Yard said...

I just love your art... amazing work! ^.^