Saturday, May 30, 2009

Red and Blue Tsunami Queens

Sorry guys, I didn't go to Manila for the monster opening show. I would like to thank you very much Dexter Fernandez (I got invited by him), Luis Lorenzana (took care of my pieces gently and framed my monster comic) and Julius Babao, who is a famous TV anchor / presenter from TV Patrol and XXX shows, bought my pieces (thank you for writing your blog about me and my art, Sir Julius... my gosh, I can't believe that you're a REAL Julius Babao...?) Thanks guys for making me big smile! :D

I made two mixed media pieces for the If I were a monster art group show. The size of both pieces is 9" x 11" inches. Let me explain my monster art pieces, Red Tsunami Queen and Blue Tsunami Queen. The red one: an active girl spreads her heavy monstrous period (menstruation). The blue one: a calm girl finishes flowing her light monstrous period. That's what I learned from my male classmates in college. Boys are sometimes scared of a woman's disgusting period. So they don't like to touch nor smell nor see it and they sometimes scream "EEEEEWWWWWWW... DUGO! (BLOOD!)"... 

I created my few new words: Red Tide and Red Tsunami, hehehe. Honestly, when I don't feel good, they can ask me why, I always say "Ugh, I'm having a red tsunami today." They sometimes don't understand what I mean, hahaha. 

I also made an extra comic for the art installment. Not for sale. I really love to make more more comics.

Please visit the monster site, they will upload more great monster artworks soonest! Now I'm workin' on my new pieces for the next art group show (including few very prolific illustrators, yes!), "Tree House" in Nucleus Gallery. The tree theme is perfectly suitable for my art, yey! I should finish 5 - 8 pieces before August. Sneakie peekie... vintage style ones, graphite one, colored ones, etc... (sorry, no reserving... but you can contact Nucleus Gallery). Have a great night, my people!


Blanca Bk said...

Amazing ones!!!!! :D

Sara said...

I always get so excited when you post your work, Mall! These are wonderful. Your compositions are always so DYNAMIC! I don't know how you do it! Also... how awesome to see another comic by you - I love them! :D

ODD imagination said...

Beautiful as always!!!

pupu said...

Hey Mall!!! *hugglesh* i like your comic how the girl change into monster. :D interesting!!! :D

This few weeks im having a hard time here. and a lil bit of dissapointed with my grades here.Am trying hard to get good grade for my Level 1 Korean language. :(

But anyway Mall, :D Keep fighting yah!!! ^^

Björnik said...

Galing idol!:)

george said...

You're beautiful, mall, like a girl character from miyazaki. =) amazing pieces!

pixy said...

Oh wow so gorgeous, just wondering where do you get such fabulous pieces of wood from?

pupu said...

Hey Mall!!! :D

Yeah i will not give up! Yes, i do have facebook and twitter too. haha.

My facebook:
Email address-
or you can just type my name: Pupu Sulaiman

and my twitter: just type in my name- rawini (South Korea). hehehe. Ok dokie?


Khylov said...

...My Nausicaa...


Pat and Susana said...

Mabuhay darling!! :D finally catching up on all the entries and posts that we've missed while we were on vacations.
Let us just say that once again you managed to make us smitten by your incredible work!!! The striking and vivid colours of these paintings are so original!! And the textures of the comic are beyond amazing!! LOL at the last panel where the poor monster is about to be squashed by the shoe, awwwww XD

You are leaving us intrigued by the new pieces that you are making. Your vintage style is one of our favourites ♥ good luck for the rest of the paintings!!

And last but not least, congratulations on the success of the art show. You deserve all that recognition because you are constantly surprising us with new styles, compositions and mediums.

MWAH!!! and *HUGS*

Ruki said...

aaaaaah!! We are going to be in the same show! I'm really glad of that huge coincidence ^_^ weee!

Mall said...

blanca: :D thanks!!!

sara: thank you sweetie! glad you liked it! I should do more comics!!! :D

ODD: Hey i remember you! i guess i devwatched you in dA, right??? I dang love your sculptures! :D

pupu: *HUGGLES* :D thank youuuuuu! (eeep my super late response, hehehe!) I believe you can do it about Korean language. I'm sure you will get used to it soon so teach me how to speak Korean, ayeeee??? :D

bjornik: salamat:! :D

george: :D thanks!

pixy: thank you! I bought woods from the mountain (baguio city), they cut the wood, sand and varnish them. :)

khylov: teee heee... <3333 hmmm miyazaki should make a new boy character's name for yah. :D

pat&susana: (hehehehe see, my super lateness again.... XD) lolol, yeah someone smashed me, hohoho! :P MWAAAHHH!

raquel: EEEEEEeeeEEeeeee aahhhhhh!!! :D yeah we are too thrilled! ^_^ let's celebrateeeeeee!