Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hello guys! I'm so sorry for not being active on internet. My crappy old DSL net keeps getting booted during heavy rains. Hopefully we will get a new broadband soon.

I warn you guys about the rippers. My friend Anne-Julie Aubry contacted me that PAK GREEN stole one of my illustrations and her illustrations too for their T-shirts. Anne-Julie said Tuktukshop store on DaWanda (and also in their local store in France) told her that these tees are mass produced in Thailand and are sold from a designer named PAK GREEN. I took screenshots so check them out. Actually, they have removed their tees on site already.

I don't remember the artist's name but I know this famous art.

If anyone knows PAK GREEN, please contact me and Anne-Julie. I hate the way how PAK GREEN does like that e.g. using our arts without permission, making mass production, etc. But not only PAK GREEN, i can sense that there are more "hidden" merchandising places... please let me know if you see one of my illustrations on any products like tees, bags, etc. anywhere especially local stores.

In fact, my friend Mark Salvatus went to Bangkok where he had group exhibit last year. He asked me if I was collaborating with Bangkok people about the art business. I said no. He said that he saw my illustrations (buttons / badges, etc.) at the small merchandising store. He didn't take pics of those products 'coz they said "no pictures, please". He also asked them if they could have their site so they said no. They seemed very tricky. Tsk tsk, those people have no heart, I mean, they are totally bad. In time, if Mark could go to Bangkok again, he will investigate them. Sigh... aarRRRGGGH!

Apart from that, I have finished my 8 artworks (colored ones and vintage-style graphite ones) for the next art group show "Tree House" in Nucleus Gallery. My gosh, I can't believe that my friend Raquel Aparicio also participates too, high five sweetie! I'm super thrilled that Chris Appelhans, Tadahiro Uesugi, Sun Young Yoo, Yoko Tanji and Veronique Joffre are also going to be in the same show! Eeee, they are perfectly suitable for the Tree House show! 

I'll ship my parcel to them soon. Unfortunately, I cancelled to visit USA in July 2009 (sorry Nucleus Gallery and my friends but I love you all hehehe). Hopefully, we might travel to USA in time *please cross fingers*. I'll post my artworks on my blog in August, you guys need to be patient, hehe. 

Anyway, I'll be away from the internet and art commissions / projects. I want to regain my strength, renew my mind, take more rest, talk to my plants / little creatures in my garden, find a pure happiness / peace and solve my complex family problems, hopefully. I miss you all. Good day to all of you, good night to me! *Mall jumps on a fluffy soft cloud and flies to Slumberland* ZZZzzzzZZzzzz..... . . . .


Lilla Jizo said...

Mall, I am sorry they are stealing your artwork :(

I'm sure it's good for you to restore your batteries, hope you to have many great moments in your garden (like I have in mine!)

Hope you had a good sleep, I am up late again, soon go to bed now - Good morning to you!

Anonymous said...

Thats horrible that people are taking your artwork. That's stealing. I know a Japanese comic artist that had her story used for a Taiwanese drama and she did not know anything about it until after the show was done and they had sold millions of DVDs using her story. It makes me sad.

Pat and Susana said...

Oh sweetie... so sorry that together with everything that is going on right now with you, you are having to deal with art rippers again :( some people are just scum *shakes head* hope that things will be sorted out soon and that they will remove everything from the website.

Congratulations in finishing all the paintings for the art show. Will be most definitely eagerly await to see them ♥

You do well in taking this time for yourself. The both of us will be thinking about you *hugs* please know that if you need anything we are here for you! ♥

Lots of love and many kisses. MWAH!

pupu said...

Awww, that is so terrible of them Mall. Hmph! They should be vanished! I mean, they shouldn't do that. do they even know what is COPYRIGHT. Grrr..

Oh Mall, cant wait to see your new artworks!! :D *teehee* Have a good rest Mall!! ;)

Sara said...

I am so sorry that those idiots have been stealing your work! I hope you find peace and happiness, my dear Mall!

The drawing you are working on is beautiful... I will be looking forward to seeing what you create!

Majeak Ann said...

I can't believe it, why people keep doing that >_<.
My dear May Ann, thanks for sharing this.
Congratulations on the oh-so-many- fabulous things that are happening in your life. Well deserved.:))

**Pssst! I am doing a Free Fruity Raffle tonight, if you wish to join, stop by!** ( I hope you arrive on time)

Hugs and love!

Minette Rivera said...

Hi Mall!

So sad naman ito and hopefully you can get the contact information of that company or person.

Keeping in touch.

Minette (still remember me??)

Anonymous said...

hey just want to know, how long do you take to finish an artwork? :D

Anonymous said...

hey just want to know, how long do you take to finish an artwork? :)

Khylov said...

Thought it was a post about farting when I first read the title.

But yes, art thieves are much worse than flatulence... although they both tend to have the same funk that follows them around. (Just looking at that one emaciated fool in the pic above, shamelessly sporting stolen artwork on a shirt - I rest my case.)

Sorry to hear about folks yanking your artwork yet once again, hon. I guess that's one of the dangers of having any sort of artwork online - which sucks, since the internet is probably the only way some folks can get their art out there to the rest of the world (online portfolios, etc).

But look at it this way: If folks be snaggin your arts and making products out of it, you know you have something really worthwhile and in demand. In a way, it's a twisted sort of compliment from the scum of the earth: Your art's that good that people will go to extreme ends and means in order to get it. Kind of like those thugs who ran out of the Getty with Munch's The Scream under their arm. (They got away too, surprisingly enough - they had a minivan parked right outside sitting right next to the visitors' tram. Anyhow, I digress...)


Mall said...

lilla: sorry for my super late response sweetie! yeah, i believe there are a lot of rippers around the world. :( Yeah, I learned from you that you needed to take a break from your etsy last time so I did. :) hehehehe, don't stay late tee hee!

anonymous: My gosh, i am so sorry for that japanese comic artist. That's totally unfair. :( did that person call lawyer already? Eeep, I think I can't post my small stories on my blog, they might steal them for their future movies / shows / cartoons.... thanks for sharing!

pat&susana: *hugs* yeah indeed very scary. :( sure I'll take care of myself :)

pupu: Hopefully they will be out of business. *huggles* :D yeah, soon soonest!

sara: thanks sara! yeah, they are dumb lazy idiots, bweh! you will see my new works soonest! :D

majeak: >.< yeahhhh, i hate them. I wanna throw them into helllll.... sorry for my super lateness, I didn't win for your free fruity raffle, waaahhhh... in time, I'll look forward to seeing your future raffles! :D hugs hugs and love!

minette: yeahhhhhh i remember yahhhh :D hey do you have twitter?

anonymous: Hmmm, it depends on size / details / medium. For me, I easily draw my works very fast: pencil medium. :D

khylov: tee heee, wow your messages sound very very professional tsar. you must be a lawyer so you will make a new case for me against those farting people. :P <3