Thursday, July 9, 2009

Come Away With Me + Nature III

MRhhhrrrmmmm... Sorry guys, I can't be active on internet. My new broadband sucks, it's super slow. So I was away from my crappy net and I kept busy with my hectic schedule, running errands and dealing with my bad news / personal problems for more weeks. Anyway, I greatly thank you very much for your comments on my blog. I'm so sorry for not replying to all of you. I'll try to do my best, hope I may have time to reply you all. 

This time, I disable comments on my blog again. No worries, you guys can talk to me anytime in my private Twitter account I hope I could be active there if my net should be faster. I think it's easier and better to communicate with you all directly in Twitter than my blogger. 

I'm fully relieved that Nucleus Gallery got my package, whew. I can't wait to post my new artworks in August! By the way, I wait patiently for my clients' requests, I let them to think their ideas for my art commissions. I also have other few art projects, I haven't started doing them yet. I need to take more rest and gain more weight (my weight is 94 lbs. oh no, I should eat more foods!). I know, I should stay healthier, stronger and more active!

Oh, this is my small art commission for Jorge. Last June, She contacted me asap on Etsy and asked me to make a small drawing for her niece's July birthday. I made a graphite drawing for one hour, that's my character girl, Aya, remember? I was so happy that Jorge liked it. Happy Birthday girl!

"Come Away With Me"
Graphite on Paper, 6" X 6"

Alright, it's time to share my simple photos with you all about Nature Part III! When I was away from the net, I enjoyed learning how to use manual settings with my Nikon dslr. Ok, I'm starting to tell you my photo-story, weee! 

Here are my old hand-sculpted terra cotta works again. I love to see my creatures in my garden every afternoon. In 1999, I learned from my art professor about terra cotta sculpturing. I sculpted them for 3 days and indeed, my hands were totally messier like a real mud. Then I let them dry in a cool store for 3 or 4 days... until they became hard like a stone. I prepared a small bonfire for baking my terra cotta sculptures in my garden. The baking time ran at 4-5 hours. After that, they were too hot! I let them stay cool. Then ta-da! After more years, of course they are already cracked, mossed and damaged because of the extreme weather (e.g. typhoons, etc.) But I love those details... so nostalgic and magical.

He seems frustrated because he's always hungry. Now he stares at me seriously.


WHERE ARE THOSE APPLES??? I NEED THEM! I'M SO HUNGRY! Aye, he still waits for falling apples while carrying his basket... sweetly impatient... 

My dog and another pig. I named dog "J" because... well alright, James was my first crush in my elementary. Sadly, the dog's nose and pig's ear were lost, sniff.

I adore his dimples, yes, he reminds me of Chuck Jones' Looney Tunes character - Porky Pig.

Another my piggie sculpture. I put him in the terra pot so he watches over my plants, lol.

I'm not an orchid fan. But they always make me smile. 

I captured that bright green leaf. Sweet.

Yummy blue sky. I enjoy laying down on my ground.

I enjoy exploring more hidden things inside the creepy trees. Fungus ghost or kodoma creatures?

Another dead bat. Poor him. Why do we have many bats here? I guess they need my blood... that's why I have anemia, hehehehe (I'm so corny).

Hello, my baby branch. 

I enjoy smelling fresh pine scent! I love you, Mr. Pine Tree!

Can you find my cat named Sour-Puss?

Aye, he enjoys relaxing.... lazy cat, I know.

Breezy bushes. OHHHMMMmmmm....

And goodbye to my old Sony Cybershot digicam... Meet my new boyfriend, Nikon D90 dslr camera. I was so happy to buy dslr after saving monies since 2004. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my pictures. I'll post my next blog entry about my new work, Big Gossip later on. I have to sleep now. Goodnight my fellow readers, don't forget to see me in Twitter.