Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tree House pieces + An Unexpected Discovery

(taken photos by gallery nucleus)

Nature Whisperer

9.75" X 13.75"
Mixed Media on Wood, available

Parade of Spirits
9.75" X 14"
Mixed Media on Wood, sold

My Home 
17.5" X 8"
Graphite on Wood, sold

Ancient Jizo in the Woods
9.25" X 8.75"
Graphite on Wood, available

Masking the Truth
9.25" X 8.75"
Graphite on Wood, available

Diodontidae's Tree Shorthorn
11.25" X 9"
Mixed Media on Wood, sold

Ostraciidae's Tree Longhorn
11" X 10"
Mixed Media on Wood, available

Great Escape
26" X 8"
Acrylics, Colored Pencils & Graphite on Wood, sold
Large view (details)

Please inquire Gallery Nucleus if you're interested in buying, thank you! Sorry, I can't share my own story of my characters Babu and his kitten Abu with you all about my tree house paintings here. I read a message from anonymous in my previous blog post about story ripper, it scared me. So I better to protect my own story for my rights. Plus, I'm not good at making stories 'coz of my grammatical errors, hehe. But hey, my paintings can tell you every different story obviously. I greatly thank you for everything, Gallery Nucleus especially Lin! Please don't forget to check those very prolific illustrators' amazing works out in Gallery Nucleus! 

I have finished making my new art commission for my Japanese client, Erin. She loved the simple theme, just like my past works, Babu at the ToriiNiwashi no Babu-kun. I made 3 rough sketches and Erin liked the 2nd one. Sorry, I blurred two sketches because I'll save them for my future shows. Anyway, thank you very much for everything, Erin!

An Unexpected Discovery
9" X 12"
Acrylics & Colored Pencils on Paper

Sneak peek! I have finished doing my self-portrait graphite drawing past month ago. My art including top Filipino illustrators will be appeared on Rogue Magazine in November Issue 2009.

And I love to make my new packages for my hand-carved rubber stamps! They are available in my Etsy shop! And also, I'll sell my few fresh original graphite drawings next time. 

(I look so ghosty, eep.) Whew, I think this blog entry is so long... Anyhow yeah, I'll continue to work on my next art commissions and other miscellaneous stuff. I'm so excited to see and hug my first nephew Liam next week! I'll take more pics of him, eeeeeeeee!!! Thank you for enjoying my blog! Don't forget to see me in Twitter! CIAO!

UPDATED: My website is already expired. I'll pay it later so my website will be back soon. Thank you!