Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My new original drawings are for SALE!

It's time to sell my original graphite drawings! I got a few emails from my fans, they wanted me to re-create my new pieces, just like my past personal ones "My Art Diary". I really understand that they can't afford my colored paintings, hehehe! Anyway, each drawing is 7" X 7" including white borders, USD $100.

"Nature's Daughter I"
(SOLD) thanks for the quick email, dearest Amanda!

"Nature's Daughter II"
(SOLD) thank you very much, Aaron!

"Nature's Daughter III"

And also my small original pieces are for sale too! The size is 6" X 6" including white borders. It's USD $70 each. She's Aya and the other one girl, Cat Guardian.

"Looking back at the past"
(SOLD) thanks for the quick email, dearest Amanda!

"Provoking me?"
SOLD (thanks my dear, Georgia!)

(SOLD) Merci Merci Merci, Benjamin!

Free shipping (special airmail, just 10 days - 2 weeks). I'll list them in my Etsy shop this Friday or Saturday, hopefully. OR if you want to email me quickly for reserving my original pieces, contact me then. :) Good luck, my wonderful art collectors!

And wish me luck, I'll finish my new 4 commissioned digital pieces in Photoshop this week, hopefully! Goodnight my people!