Friday, October 9, 2009

Floods in my house + new piece for the October art show

BRRrrrrrrrr.... I thought typhoon "Pepeng" disappeared. Yesterday, we got floods because heavy rains didn't stop from 5 p.m - 6 a.m. Then we got no 24-hour electricity, eeep. The flood length of the lower house ground floor (stock / junk room) is about 8 feet, it's like a swimming pool. The flood length of the first ground floor (garden, cement ground)is about thigh length. At least we're okay now, but still, the floods hasn't ended yet. I took few pictures today, my feet were super cold. It's still super cold here in La Union, just like Baguio City.

This is my living room. Oh no, my family portrait mural painting is already cracked and dirty. Maybe in the future, I'll create a new mural painting...

Hi! It's me, Mally! Aiyah, my feet is damn cold... Glad my Nikon dslr is okay. Believe it or not, I haven't taken a bath for two days. We have no water until now, hu hu. Dang, I smell so stinky. I wanted to swim in my beach... but I can't, big seawaves might attack me!

Tsk tsk tsk, my old bigger paintings are already wet. I don't worry about them, I don't like my past works, hehehe... *Mall admits and blushes*

My garden got floods, hu hu hu! So I keep my terra-cotta pig sculptures in my room.

Oh no, I found a new kitten! AWWWWW! Poor kitten. My sister Erica takes care of her. We haven't named her yet.

I'm still worried about my friends especially fellow artists from Baguio City and Pangasinan, I really hope and pray that they will be okay. Please pray for Filipino victims. Sorry, I was so late to inform you guys about the October art group show which I'm participating with great artists, "Ghosts and other Transparencies" in Snowmonkey's House of Monsters Gallery, Seattle, USA. The art show is now open, it runs through November 10. Hope you guys visit there!  

This is my old sketch. But I changed it for revision, it looks better than one.

Unseal the Spirits
Graphite & Oil Pastels on Wood
8" X 12.5" *
*I can't remember what the exact measurement*

I love to do a vintage-mood style artwork. If you want to buy my new piece, please contact Curt . I got more emails / comments, eepp. I'll try to do my best, I hope my net could be faster so I could reply to all of you soon. Thank you for understanding! Anyway, I have to sleep now. I didn't sleep for 24-hour 'coz of the typhoon... yeah, I kept alert during typhoon. @_@ Goodnight my people! ZZZzzzzz.....


pupu said...

Aw.. this is really terrible. i hope things will be back to normal Mall. *pray for you*

Ahh nice new artwork, Mall!! New vintage artwork! Yehee!!

patrick said...

Hey Mall! Glad you're all okay there! Awesome piece as usual master! haha! Take care!;)

Claudia Hein said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your home, the people, the kitten... Well, at least you're okay!
Wish you luck (from a Brazillian illustrator)

Patricia and Susana said...

omg, we are both so sorry for the floods in your house and especially for the fact that the water ruined some of your early work :( but we must focus on the positive things and the fact that you are safe is what it counts. ♥ hope that y'all can have water in your pipes soon. It sucks not being able to take a bath or wash whatever we want :(

Regarding Unseal the Spirits... it is an amazing and stunning work darling. We love how the colours are so soft and the whole feeling of the composition. It is a mesmerizing painting!

::big tight hugs:: and sleep well!

Sara said...

Oh, Mall... I'm so sorry about all of that flooding. I hope that you, your family and your artwork all stay safe!

And, of course, beautiful piece!

kerstin said...

hi sweetie,
i'm praying for you, your friends and family. i hope all dries and is sparklier than ever again soon. love your new pic! those spirits are kinda cute! :)

mangosteenskin said...

Oh! glad that you all fine. but all the paintings and funiture!! argh!! and that poor kitty!

you never fail to impress me as usual. so glad that i found your blog.

hey, take care ya you stinky gal! hehe.

Khylov said...

Hon!.... Aye... wow. Typhoon Oldoy and Parma haven't been very good to you, has it. Well... consider these last several typhoons on my official tsar hit list... if I can get their names straight, that is. (Who names these things anyhow?)

But hon, wow... I had no idea. All the news reports had the west coast of Luzon out of harm's way, so I thought. Ach.... bad news indeed for the South Pacific these days.

Stay dry hon, and do the best you can for now. Hit me with an email and let me know when things have settled a little more for you. I want to send you something soon via regular mail, so let me know when all's stable enough at your home for me to do so (or, failing that, an alternate address that's safe to forward mail to you.)

Much love, hon; take care, aye? (*hugs his May and dries her feet with her blue blanket after it's fresh from the drier*)


Carlos said...

Too many people has died because of the floods. I hope that all that people needing care can find some help to get over the pain of loosing everything, and hope their hearts can find some consolation trough other people hearts.

In the other hand, It's a comfort to know that you are all right.

Kat said...

Glad to hear you're ok. My family in Aringay had to leave their house when water came in & flooded the area. Good thing they were able to get out safely. Keep in touch Mall!

cecilliahidayat said...

aww Mally, i hope you're okay, and the typhoon doesn't strike again :(
Here in Indonesia we also got alerted that the Pepeng Typhoon may also has an impact in our country.

I hope no more typhoon will come :( God bless you and your family and all the Phillipines' friends! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

i love you master MALL! :D

-anonymous fan

Charlotte Drene said...

My goodness! What a disaster! It is good to hear that you are doing alright, despite the vast quantities of water!
Sad to see that some of your work has gotten wet, even if you weren't overly keen on the pieces.

The kitten looks adorable, and your artwork is phenomenal, as per usual!

TrüSka said...

Hi Mall! It has been a long time and so much has happened... i can't believe what happened to your hous and can't imagine how that fills like... but now you have a new kitten to make you forget all that... right? : ) Hope everything else is well. Lots of kisses my dear & sweet Mall : ****

Gwynne said...

Oh my goodness! I wondered how you were doing when I heard about the typhoon! I'm sorry about your house but I'm happy you are okay, and I'm glad you found the new kitty.

I sent some money to an agency in the Philippines who asked for funds to help save the stray animals that were caught in the floods.

Olgi said...

This is soo nice!
You are a great artist!!
I just wondering to beeing my pics as good as your artworks.
Marry Christmas!!

Olgi said...

this is wunderfull!!!!!
Marry Christmas from Hungary!

Queen of Chance said...

Wow, this is incredibly amazing. Such imagination!