Monday, October 19, 2009

Sara's Interview with Me

I'd love to share my dearest friend Sara Hawley's interview with you guys. Hope you enjoy reading! 

Your full name: May Ann Lumbang Licudine
Your age: 28 years old
Your location: San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines

When did you first become interested in art? Was there anything specific that prompted this interest?
- My interest in art started when I was in my kindergarten school and was prompted by the awards and attention I earned from my works. During those time I was not accepted by my classmates because of my hearing impairment but with my skill, I was recognized. Moreover, my parents told me that they have observed my interest in drawing when I was just 3 years old. 

What sort of training did you receive in art?
- In my high school years, I took summer art classes for oil painting, charcoal and pastel. In my art college, I took up in Certificate in Fine Arts-Visual Communications for 3 years. Then I also took up in Fine Arts-Painting for 1 year.

What inspires you to create your art?
-Other artists (Hayao Miyazaki, Winsor McCay, Maurice Sendak, Helen Hyde, Mary Blair, Edward Gorey), nature, music, dreams, nightmares, photography, and God.

Has your hearing deficiency impacted your art in any way? Does it inspire any of your pieces?
- I don't think so. As a matter of fact, It help nurtured my skill because it allowed me to concentrate on my work and made my other senses keener that normal. It also made my ideas and concepts more creative and dreamlike.

You were interested in realism for a while. What prompted your focus on children's illustration?
Yes. I was initially interested in realism but then I was not contented with my work which were comparable with the work of other artist. It other word, my realism style is common. My friend suggested that I try illustration. I tried it and I was able to express my ideas and style freely. Most of my works are focus on children's illustration because for me..childhood days is the most wonderful time in a parson's life since your mind is very creative and free to dream and imagine. 

Can you describe your early jobs in the art field?
- After I graduated in college, I worked as a freelance face painter, henna tattoo artist, mural painter, caricature artist, prop artist and art teacher for homeschooling kids. After some times I was hired as a textile designer for 6 months. My work as a designer honed my skill in color mixing, details and the ability to work under pressure.

You have worked on a huge range of projects, such as children's book illustration, advertisements, gallery shows, and even a commercial. Is there any type of work that you prefer to do? What do you like about it?
- I prefer art commissions and gallery shows. I must admit that I like more art commissions more than gallery shows because I enjoy doing every new challenge what clients request about theme, medium and concept, it is also less stressful because of few revisions. For the gallery shows, I love to exhibit my art in gallery shows since it allows me to show my work with other known international artist. 

What was it like winning an award for your children's book? Do you hope to illustrate more in the future?
- It feels great! I like to do more children's book illustration if my schedule permit it. I also dream making an animation movie.

What message do you hope your art will convey?
- I wish to convey Hope, Love and the pursue of one's dream. We must keep on dreaming in a child-like manner coz it will help us cope with our chaotic and constantly changing life. We need to escape once in a while.

How does art affect your work life? Your personal life?
- Art is actually my work life at the moment. It is my main source of income. However it has a bigger impact on my personal life since I relate to other people via the internet..and my work limit my interaction with other people not in the art world.

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