Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Innocent Girls

Past few months ago, some people emailed me that they wanted me to do my girl drawings again. They felt sad when they saw all my sold girl drawings from the Paper Pushers group show @Gallery1988 SF in December 2009. Finally, I'm posting my latest original graphite works here. Please see my work-progress graphite pieces on my previous blog entry. I am super happy that my drawing skills look improved nowadays, hooray! The size is 7" x 7" inches. Enjoy viewing!

" Akiyama "

" Haruka "

" Hanako "

" Hisa "

" Sachiko "

" Maiya "

" Maemi "

" Riko "

" Nyoko "

" Saika "

" Yuuka "

" Yumi "

" Tora "

So can you tell me who is your favorite girl?


pupu said...

Ohh wow!!! This is so cool!!! reminds me of audrey kawasaki. :) only that ur artworks are cutiiieesssssssssss... i love this Mall. and i love the drawing u drew for me too. :D :D :D i love their eyes!

pupu said...

Ohh wow!!! This is so cool!!! reminds me of audrey kawasaki. :) only that ur artworks are cutiiieesssssssssss... i love this Mall. and i love the drawing u drew for me too. :D :D :D i love their eyes!

Eric Orchard said...

These are incredible!

mika said...


oh wow, i'm so speechless, freckle-chan....

Luillo: said...

Love them Honney!!!! Hope you sell them FAST!!! ^^!!!! I'll buy someday one of your art pieces :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My favorite is Akiyama, tied for second Hisa & Haruka & Tora (the facial expression is awesome on Tora. Thanks, Eddie

ame.art said...

These are so beautiful! I wish I could afford "Maemi", or "Riko"...

Mall, have you ever considered doing prints of your art work? Even if someone can't have the original, you could sell the prints for cheaper... I mean, wow... they're all so pretty...

Thank you for the inspiration today.

Wenyi said...

Hi, Mall! I want to purchase your 'I See You, Cheshire' print but the postage to Australia from Nucleus is more expensive than the print itself. I also want to buy one of you girl drawing. Do you still stock the 'I See You, Cheshire' print yourself? How much will the postage be?


mangosteenskin said...

i love the emotions in Haruka & Tora's face. I feel like crying seeing ur artworks. Talented!

Anne-Julie said...

Absolutely gorgeous May-Ann, I especially love Haruka, Maiya & Tora :)

IkeaGirl said...

Sachiko, Haruka and especially Tora :)

foxy lady said...

Dear Mall, you're just incredible! Your girls are unique and not even one is exactly like the other!
I noticed that you haven't posted some girls for which you've shown as sneek pics. Please post full pics soon!
see end of this page http://nnayam.blogspot.com/2010/02/whispers-pieces-warning-full-loaded.html

George said...

TORA! HANAKO! HISA! YUUKA! NYOKO! ARRGGHHH, I WANT THEM ALL! I need monies to buy your beautiful drawings, huhuhu... :(

VisionWise said...

Hi May-Ann xoxo... I love them all, but my favorites are Maiya and Haruka! You're amazing... They all look wonderful...

Ravenari said...

Tora is by far and away my favourite! And Saika is second, I think.

I've been putting all my money into life-saving surgery for my cat, so no purchases this time, however I am sure when you do these again (if you do) and I have money, I will so be purchasing an original! :) Or many!

Anonymous said...

two questions:

- how much does the shipping fee cost? I live in Germany, I'd love to purchase a few of your pieces!

- if they could be all sold, will you make graphite works again, please? Same price? :)

I really hope I could grab them at the right time!!!! -pipi

Mall said...

@pupu: :D thank you!!! audrey kawasaki is one of my favorite best lowbrow artists. I adore her girls so much but I don't want to copy her own style / character. I love the way Audrey, Amy Sol, Kukula and other artists do their own female characters / styles. That's why, I create my own girl characters. You know what I mean. :) glad you liked my gift drawing for you. hugs hugs!

@eric: thank you! :D

@mika: weeee, arigaattooooo mika-chan! ^__^

@luillo: :D hope they will be sold. wish me luck! :D

@gooddevil1989: :D

@eddie: thank you! Tora is one of my favorite girls. :) I should do more angry expressions.

@ame.art: hmmm, I don't do prints too much because I don't have time during working on my art commissions / projects. But in time, I'll buy a new printer and make prints. :) hugs hugs!

@wenyi: Oh really? hmmm, sorry i don't do my own prints for "I see you, Cheshire". But let's see if I could have time to do it myself. :) The shipping fee costs $4. Well, How big? ;)

@mangosteenskin: Me too! I love Haruka and Tora. thank you dear! :D

@anne-julie: merci, my dearest! I wish my hair could be like Tora's hair. :( mwah mwah mwah!

@ikeagirl: :) yey!

@foxy lady: thank you dear! I'll try to do different body gestures of my future girls, it depends on their intensed emotions. :) About my sneak pics… oh well, I heard from outerspace gallery that they always say "postponed" since February. So I don't post them because I felt frustrated. I'm planning to cancel participating the Outerspace Gallery and getting my works back soon. I'll try to post them when I have time. :)

@george: awwww… hugs!

@lauren: xoxoxoxo! thank you sweetheart!

@ravenari: awww thank you! I really hope your cat will get better soon. Don't worry, I'll do my graphite pieces in the future. :)

@pipi: $4 for elsewhere. I wish I could prefer FedEx shipping method. But other buyers can't afford FedEx so I prefer Special Delivery shipping method, it takes within 10days - 2weeks, no tracking numbers. :)

About my future graphite pieces, surely, I can create them again maybe after 3 - 4months, it depends on my busy art schedule. Yep, same price. :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh I so love these images what a beautiful series, Hanako & Nyoko are gorgeous

Mall said...

:) thank you!

Tom Scholes said...

These are AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING ! <3 I love em.

TrüSka said...

Wowwww Mall! They are all so beautiful... i couldn't choose between Akiyama and Hanako! But they are all lovely girls : )! kisses : **** Muaaacckkkk