Friday, May 21, 2010

Talky Tina

I was quite pleased that Gallery1988 Los Angeles invited me to participate the Twilight Zone tribute show. I tried to make my few subtle color schemes instead my vibrant colors. I also mixed my old realism (I was a former realism painter past few years ago) + illustration styles for my two creepy pieces. I chose my favorite show, Living Doll (Talky Tina), which is perfect for my style. If you don't know Talky Tina, watch this YouTube video.

Then I made rough sketches during brainstorming about Talky Tina.

I know my paintings are not cute & colorful but creepy because of the dark theme. But hey, I was happy that my mission accomplished!
Pure Bliss with Tina
11" x 14"
Acrylic + Colored Pencil on Paper
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I am sorry, Daddy
11" x 14"
Acrylic + Colored Pencil on Paper
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Hope you like my dark pieces. Check many great artists' Twilight Zone pieces out! I really can't wait to create my next piece about Edward Scissorhands for the Crazy4Cult group show. Can you tell me which medium you like for my Edward Scissorhands: Graphite or Subtle Colored Piece? Lemme know, I'd like to hear from you guys.

I have finished my two commissioned paintings for my client Nini. But she wanted me to do 3rd commissioned painting which I haven't started creating. I'll post them plus graphite pieces next month. Ciao!


lillalotta said...

Amazing. Great work. I like creepy. It suits your style very well x

stephanie said...

Those creepy pieces are seriously creepy!!!!! Well done!! :D
I am loving your graphite pieces!!! I am uber duper excited!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get one!! :)
Miss and love you xoxoxoxo
p.s. As always I LOVE LOVE YOUR WORK!! (I sound like a broken record)

Sabbio said...

"My name is Talking Tina and you did a great job with your Talky Tina pieces" LOL

I just watched it, oh my, sooo creepy! (And I'm so happy to get to see Telly Savalas I used tolike when I was a young child my mom used to watch a lot "Kojak" ^^)

Exactly the things that frighten, this subtle daily terror. And wow you made a huge work with this, your pieces are amazing and, especially the second one is really like the show, subtle and frightening without actually showing anything frightening... GREAT job May-Ann!

pupu said...

Woo.. talky tina is scary Mall!
I love the ideas you used.

I love the new painting you did for the last exhibition.
It is great that you begin to use dark colors! :)
I already vote it, Mall! *teehee*
Will wait for your coming exhibition!

Mall, remember this, You're the BEST!!!!

Camz said...
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lgeorgia said...

hey cuz,

dark & creepy indeed. like it! very artistic :)

mika said...

cutely creepy! me me likes!

Angela Matteson said...

Oh May Ann these are wonderful! I absolutely love your subtle colors! I can't wait to see your Edward piece. :)

VisionWise said...

I LOVE your characters... these are all awesome pieces! The girl at the top of the stairs is tight! So good... wow! I'm inspired to keep working on my latest painting... You inspire me so much!! xoxoxo LL

Adam said...

Wow it is really interesting to see a horror bent on your work. I really like I am sorry, Daddy. I can really imagine a movie in my mind to go with it.

I always love your work, Mall.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful illustrations!:o)

stephanie said...

Love your work to the max!!!!!!!!!!!!
The I am sorry, Daddy piece is so purpley! :D
Miss you! Hope alllll is well :)

Kat said...

Alam mo Mall, at first glance, I said "Wow, that's a nice picture!" in reference to the one with the stairs. Then I saw the legs... uh oh. Haha.

The one with so many dolls heads freaked me out. It's still great work, because it evoked so much emotion. Congrats!