Sunday, May 9, 2010

I got my new camera Lumix GF1

I sold my Nikon D90 for replacing my new compact dslr, Panasonic Lumix GF1. Honestly, I really love D90 but I didn't feel satisfied with the bulky weight. I must admit... when I received my new GF1, I ignored to read the manual book because I was crazily happy to play it asap, hahaha! I'm an official Lumix addict now so I'm happy to have my own LX3 and GF1 cameras. For me, GF1 is better, better, better than LX3... I won't leave my LX3 because he's a macro master, hehe. Here are my GF1 few shots (manual/aperture priority settings, no Photoshop effects).

Now, I would love to share my GF1 first video test with you guys. Goodnight and sweetdreams. UPDATED: Visit my new photography blog I keep updating my new photos there.