Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello! I forgot to post my previous webcam picture of me and Yoka toy ( haha, we used sign language " C " ). I looked tired, exhausted & thin haha! I missed my food schedule when I worked on Yoka toy, eep! Don't worry, I'll eat more healthy foods for gaining my weight, I promise. Wow, I never expect that I received a ton of comments & emails about my commissioned Yoka toy, short film & custom toys. I can't stop smiling, thank you so much for making me huge happy, I feel like a cheerful kid. Many people asked me to do more videos. Well, maybe, maybe... I really hope I may have time to do my next short video for my February birthday ( I MUST DO IT because I already got wonderful ideas about my new story. ) Let's see, let's see.

Anyway, I have created my new original graphite piece, "Beloved", which I am donating to the charity show Busted Foundation, to help benefit women who are battling breast cancer. This project is wonderfully great! It reminds me of my mama, who suffered from her breast cancer disease past years ago. Then, she survived after her right breast has been removed. I'm in awe of the great strength, courage & positivity of my mama. That's what she taught me how to face my enormous challenges, my poor communication / grammatical errors, troubles, trials, bullies & low grades when I grew up with my inborn hearing deficiency for many years. So I did my graphite piece for this charity art auction, I want to help women to pay bills & afford treatment.

I can't remember the size of my drawing, maybe it's 9" x 12"... ( Oh, I'm always forgetful! ) The auction will go live next Sunday, October 10, 2010. Some of the hottest lowbrow artists have contributed original pieces and prints. Here's a link to the auction: Good luck on your bidding, guys! Please, let us support them! Thank you so much for inviting me, Diana!

How are you all doing? I'm pretty good nowadays, quite busy (heck yeah, crazily busy). I hold on art commissions first because I'm still working on my 9 personal artworks for the two upcoming December group shows in Gallery1988 and Gallery Nucleus. Here are my fresh home-baked cookies (hehe, I mean my latest paintings.) I'm super happy to paint my own characters Babu & Abu the kitten again, I want them to stay alive for years.

Okay, I might be quiet this October month 'coz of my art crazy schedule. If you want to say hello to me, just email me. I want to thank you so much for enjoying my art again. Ciao!


pupu said...

<3<3<3 *hugs Mall* take care ya Mall. :)

Pat and Susana said...

Magandang gabi May Ann!
aww, we ♥ that picture of you and Yoka :D and you do very well in eating more because that helps you to regain more energy to face your busy art schedule!

Eeee, you are going to do a new video? And to celebrate your bday, next year? Truly hope you manage to do it!!! Your videos are incredible!!

What a wonderful idea for an auction. Your mama is a fighter and an inspiration for every women :3 we are so happy that she survived breast cancer.

The piece you created is beautiful. We love how the hair flows and the girl expression... it is so stunning. We love it so much that we might going to stop by the auction and bid :P

Once again, wonderful job on the Abu and Babu pieces! We always enjoy your more colourful artwork because they make us happy and smile when we look at them. :)

Do take care of yourself during this crazy art schedule. Don't forget about your walks in the beach :)


aintshakespeare said...

Wow, these are really gorgeous. Your color work is just breathtaking. So vibrant and pretty.

Miki-kun said...

waaaaaw your work is very impresive, i love how you use color. You're a awesome artist

Pao said...

These are all awesome Ms. Mall. Good luck to a more artsy and creative works and stay safe and be healthy! =D

yeevon said...

Hello to you and going to miss your sharing post!
Do take good care of yourself and psssssttt... I really like the new personal artwork you made with the japanese doll~

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Yoka! I watched the video so many times xD

And I'm so excited for your December shows! Nucleus and Gallery1988 are the 2 I frequent most, as well as CoproNason.

Can't wait to see your new pieces. :D

Cheers and take care!

RaparigaDaBanheira said...

Hi Mall! I found your blog today and I just need to say, you make such amazing pieces of art! I'm completely astonished. Also, I read some of your posts and you seem to be such a kind person! I'm very glad I found this. It makes me happy to see beautiful things and today I really needed it. Thank you!

BeluBelloBelle said...

Wow Mall! You such a creative person ever. Btw, this one you doing it's like a decoupage things...are they using the same technique?..similar but i saw u used pencil color...hehehe, while the d things wasn't or everything goes around now a day.Tink!

Loved to see your page anyway (^_^)