Saturday, October 9, 2010


Today, I found out. I wasn't happy that they said something on other site, something like "Mall is wrong to use $%#$@ epoxy-resin clay without GLOVES 'coz it's dangerous! She should need to learn!" I was like, "Whaat?" That made me sad & disappointed. Hey, I mean that it's not a epoxy-resin from autobody car parts like two-part glue variety (not craft-sculpture category).

Before you guys misunderstand, I tell you the truth, I am always careful and observant to read art materials / crafts before using. I used MAGIC SCULP, it's safe. Visit to read more details / information about Magic Sculp

Magic Sculp is just like Apoxie or Milliput (two-part epoxy-resin mixture clays), which I made small ears for my first Mellow custom toy, The Midnight Garden of Great Owl.

So my skin is not sensitive to the chemical composition. I'm not only one, there are many professional / amateur sculptors (especially famous toy / doll makers) in public sites / blogs / forums and Flickr. Yes, OBVIOUSLY. If your skin is SENSITIVE, then use GLOVES, be sure to test it before using clay. If you're unsure, get to know more information on Magic Sculp site and Apoxie site. If it's impossible for your sensitive skin, use paper clay, terra cotta or something friendly like plaster of Paris OR DIY cold porcelain (mix all non-toxic ingredients: cornstarch, glue, cream, etc.)

BEFORE YOU START WORKING ON YOUR FIRST CUSTOM TOY, I recommend you to read all instructions about making custom toy, here's a link: KidRobot Discussion. That's how, where and what I learned from KidRobot masters / toy makers before I worked on my first custom Owl toy.

Don't judge nor misunderstand me because of the material I use on my sculpture. You can ask me kindly before making final judgement. But for my own rights and art style, I can't share my secret art techniques / materials. No one is perfect but importantly, we must take care of our health and of course, we must be CAREFUL. Better learn, study and research about materials before using.

Just like " Better safe than sorry ".

Thank you so much.
- Mall