Saturday, October 23, 2010

During typhoon

Hello guys! How are you all doing? We are at least okay! Sadly, my garden got damaged by a super typhoon. My pets are really okay, glad they didn't fly away by strong winds, hehe. This typhoon started after I finished my 5th & 6th paintings. The sound of the strong winds scared me. I laid down on my bed and looked at my window.

Argh, we got no electricity. So I went to the other room, locked the windows, doors, etc. I checked the window... Eeepp, it looked like a tsunami! I must admit that I really wanted to go to the beach and take pics there, just like the National Geographic adventure... But it was too dangerous for me, haha! I was thinking of myself, "Mmmm? No way Mall. Stay here. You're so crazy Mall. STAY DRY, DON'T GO OUT." As a matter of fact, the angriest sea waves attacked my house in 1990's year.

Yeah, I kept busy when I worked on my 7th piece during no electricity / typhoon. Then I wrapped my Joby Gorillapod tripod around my neck. Hehehehe, it was so fun... ah well, I felt bored.

OH WAIT! I forgot to share my funny webcam pics before the typhoon arrived. So there... My GF1 camera + Joby Gorillapod tripod stalked me. So creepy.

Ok ok, forget my silly funny webcam pics, let me continue to share my story... Yep yep, I felt quite bored when I created my graphite drawing for less than 30 minutes. I looked at my drawing and I realized, "Hmmm, wait... OMG, she looks like Audrey Kawasaki! awwww.... I shouldn't add an extra mole!" I should give my drawing to Audrey. I am waiting for her email reply patiently. :)

When I woke up, we got electricity, yey! But my internet connection got damaged. So I started watching the Akira Kurosawa marathon. I was in awe with Kurosawa's concepts, stories, etc. "Dreams" film is the best.

After few days, my net is back but so slow! Currently, I'm working on 8th & 9th pieces. I adore glowing jellyfish & amphipod. 2 big wood panels are for Gallery Nucleus and 7 small pieces are for Gallery1988. I can't wait to finish the last two ones! Ciao! When I have time, I'll reply to you all in my previous blog entries! Hugs!


pupu said...

hi Mall. :) Aww.. *hugs* it must be hard for you. luckily the internet is up. and electricity also up. :)

and i like the girl graphite piece. yeah she do look a bit like audrey kawasaki. hehehe. but i love it!

yay!!! i wanna see all the finish paintings Mall. :D :D

Pao said...

Thank God you are safe Ms. Mall. hehe. Your little graphite frawing is so cute btw. Good luck for the next pieces =D

pluww said...

typhoons are frightening! i'm always scared for my family. anyway, thank you for sharing not only your drawings but your life as well. you take beautiful photos

Anonymous said...

Glad you and your pets are okay (^_^)

Sabbio said...

Good to see you're ok and, as usual, your pics are splendid, with such a sense of atmosphear :)

And Kurosawa is a good choice! ^^

the one in the back said...

Hi Mall,
I've been following your blog for quite some time but I don't think I've really commented. Thank you for all the wonderful work you've shared with us.
My prayers go to you and your fam during this typhoon. I remember growing up in W. Visayas being in the middle of a typhoon's awesome, destructive nature. Hope all is well.
BTW, thanks for the candle pics. That really brought lots of fun memories of my childhood.
Keep up the wonderful work.

Kat said...

I didn't realize your house was that near the beach. We're on the same side of Luzon, although the beach is about 15 minutes away for me hehe.

The first time I saw "Dreams" was during this film fest in college. I don't remember if it was for Japan Foundation or it's all Kurosawa films. They showed it sa audi hehe.

aintshakespeare said...

Wonderful paintings. I'd really like to see more! They look so cool.

I'm glad to hear you made it out ok.

Petra said...

I hope you're not afraid anymore. Are these typhones normal in your country? Are you living alone? I would be afraid if I was alone :o
But hey, making art is a good distraction :) (btw, I'm following you now!)

Nelka said...

I'm glad all is well and that you are ok. Also, the webcam pictures of your stalking camera are hilarious. Love them.

hearttypat said...

i wish i got half your talent! Keep up the great job!

Mall said...

Oh my.... hehehe, sorry guys that I just reply to all of you now. eep! thank you so much for your concern. We are fine here. hugs hugs! <3