Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dyanne's New Tattoo ( PART ONE )

Boo, I'm still unhappy with my super crappy slow internet connection. I keep getting booted EVERY 3 - 5 minutes, argh. My net makes me so frustrated. Yey, I finish my last two big pieces for the Gallery Nucleus group show. They look more vibrant, just like my previous work, I see you, Cheshire. I really enjoyed doing my new color scheme. I'll post my new paintings in December. Ohhh... This November month, I'm busier with other plans (my uncle's wedding event, mural painting in my sister's internet cafe business, travelling to Davao City, etc.)

Anyway, I'd love to share my story with you about my closest cousin Dyanne, who is a vocalist of EVEN. She requested me to do a sketch for her new tattoo so I said "Sure sweetie!" Dyanne really loves beach, sea, sand, fishes, clouds, sun, corals, etc. Indeed, she's a beach lover. Here's my sketch.

After that, Dyanne shared a lot with me about the first female professional tattoo artist in Philippines, Racquel Natividad ( hands down! ). She has her own business, Rakel Tattoo. You guys must see her professional tattoos on Rakel Tattoo, they are wickedly detailed, wonderful colors and tones!

Then Dyanne said, "The design contained nature-inspired bio organic artworks from Racquel, her hubby Macos and me for me." Awesome collaboration!

Here are Dyanne's images. Oh amazing! Wish I could have my own FOX or TIGER tattoo on my back or arm, huhu!

Please visit Dyanne's blog entry about her tattoo experience. I must say, Racquel is crazily amazing & talented! In time, I'd love to meet her in person! I can't wait to see Dyanne's full finished tattoo! Go Racquel Go! To be continued. . .


SaraLynn said...

What a beautiful tattoo! I'm afraid of getting one, but if I ever did, this one is so stunning!

Oh, and the preview you gave us at the top of this is so colorful and magical! I can't wait to see more... <3

pluww said...

i gotta say, i like your initial design the best, with all the patterns and the overall composition. but i guess the tattoo artist knows best how to make a tattoo work around the arm. either way, it's beautiful :)

Dee said...

Cool as heck! Awesome tattoo and congrats to the artists (all involved). And such a lovely canvas for the art! Deana

cecilliahidayat said...

i know i'm being very subjective here but i personally think your original sketch is more beautiful :D but the tattoo looks must be hurt, but totally worth it XD

ymesako said...

Yahoo! Your going to visit Davao! I'm also an artist and an avid who lives in Davao. When you get here check out the Ponce suites and the Peoples park. I'm sure you'll like the sculptures and artworks. Hope I get to meet you in person! Your always been inspiration!

VisionWise said...

Love the tattoo! Dyanne is so pretty and tough looking at the same time, I like her... Raquel is amazing- wow nice... :) xoxo

Gogo Caroselle said...

you are a tatt artist!
when i first saw your paintings thru one of my reader's blog, i was in awe, you are pure talent!

im crossing my finger may one day i would be ink by you. (yes i crossed my finger just now)

keep up the good work, you are amazing!

uberjam said...

i am a new fan. :) thanks for the inspiration. :D i'll be sure to keep coming back!

Mall said...

@sara: you know what, I really wanted to have a real tattoo.. but my dad refused. XD oh well, hihihi!

@pluww: aww thank you so much! You're right, I believe that Racquel knows how to fit a perfect tattoo around the arm because she's a professional tattoo artist! :)

@deana: thank you! <3

@cecillia: hihihi, I know what you mean. Thank you so much for sharing your honest opinion with us :D

@ymesako: sadly, I didn't have time to visit Ponce suites & People's park 'coz I spent time with my family :( In time, I'll visit Davao again so we could meet each other :)

@lauren: thank you! Dyanne is truly committed to tattoo. :D I want to meet Racquel someday! <3

@gogo: thank you! but but, I'm not a tattoo artist, it is Racquel, hihihi! :D Thank you so much, glad you love my art! cheers! :)

@uberjam: thank you thank you so muchhhh! :D