Friday, November 26, 2010

Dyanne's New Tattoo ( PART TWO ) & miscellaneous things

Check my cousin Dyanne's tattoo out! Read her wonderful interesting story on her blog about the female professional tattoo artist, Racquel Natividad. When Dyanne's tats will be fully finished, I'll keep you guys posted. Can't wait!

Whew... I'm back here in my quiet province La Union. After my Lumbang family & I traveled to Manila & Davao City for more than one week, I became extremely exhausted & tired. It was greatly fun! I can't upload a ton of my images. Here are my few favorite shots of my trip & my uncle's wedding in Davao City. Thanks to my beloved trusted compact dslr camera, Panasonic GF1. I enjoyed taking pics! Next time, I must order a Lumix 7-14mm lens!

Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Mhmm, quite blissful.

My grandma & my first nephew Liam took a break from swimming.

My fresh sun-kissed freckled skin (it's not my hand... that's my sister's silly hand... now you guys see my tiny hearing aid).

I saw many unique restaurants in Davao City! Oh man, I ate a lot! Glad I gained a little bit, burp!

My uncle & his new gorgeous wife. Sigh, they are so lovely!

My uncle's wedding night party! Fa-fa-fabulous!

My youngest sister Erica & me (nyahahaha, my dress seems sexy... O_O)

My beautiful grandma.

3 in one portrait: Mama & her silly daughters. Hahaha.

My eldest brother Jeremy and his son, Liam. Sweet.

Currently, I still hold on my numerous art commissions because I'm working on my digital illustration for the mural wall of my sister's new internet cafe business. Erica requested me to make chibi characters: Naruto, Kakashi, No Face, Ragnarok, CounterStrike, etc.

See more details on Photoshop. I RARELY do digital illustrations, really. I must admit that I really love doing more traditional stuff than digital medium.

I made simple different logos for my mama's new restaurant store, Gasera. Gasera means "lamp" in Spanish language. It's up to her choice... the girl drawing is not included for the resto business, hehe.

Coming up about my two group shows!
"Sailing through Shadows" @ Gallery1988 San Francisco
Watch out, my beloved art buyers... My 7 original colored works aren't expensive! Good luck!

"A Few of my favorite things" @ Gallery Nucleus Alhambra California
See you guys in December!


berniii said...

everything is so loooooveleeeeeh! <3

SaraLynn said...

Oh, that looks like the most beautiful wedding ever, and your mama and grandma are so beautiful - you have good genes, Mall! tehehe The resort looks divine, wish I could go there someday...

Your art is stunning, as always my favorite Mall!

Pao said...

Your illustration are really awesome Miss Mall, the chibi ones are so cool. Good luck for the upcoming show/exhibit! you're great

jiinarts-works said...

Great post... really love your work... you are wonderfull... i wanna know what digital Tablet do you use... cuz it looks withe... i never seen before

Mall said...

@berni: eeeeeee! <3 <3 <3

@sara: thank you dearest! I really enjoyed taking my short vacation so I felt less stressful. :) you must visit me here, hihi!

@pao: salamat! ;)

@jiiinarts-works: thank you so much! I just used my ordinary wacom tablet (it's not Intuos). :)