Sunday, December 19, 2010

Neko Internet Cafe + Gasera Restaurant

Hola guys! Next week, I'll reply to all you, I'm still busier wahhh... Okay, I know this blog got a ton of images, hehe. My sister Erica & Mama planned to have their new business: internet cafe & restaurant. Are you all ready to see my progress pics? Here you guys go!

Mural... Mural... Mural....

Art installation is so fun! I am a former prop artist. I can do wire / wood / rock / soft / paper mache installations.

I put few installations on the wall. Then I created a handmade chalkboard.

Cute numbers. Craft is so fun, isn't it? Kids saw me doing my art stuff & asked me "Can you teach us how to make art crafts?" Indeed, they are so sweet. I'll teach them soon.

Then I made my rough sketch, scanned & colored it on Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 with my old Wacom tablet.

Thanks to my old friend Lek. His printing & design business Orange Segment is quite good! My hands were painfully swollen & hurt 'coz of stretching.

Finally, I have finished designing Erica's internet cafe. I wanted to revise a few things but I didn't have time to do them.

Click to view this large image.

See more details on Photoshop. Counter Strike, Rock Lee, Naruto...

Lunatic, Totoro, orbs, etc.

Poring from Ragnarok. Yummy Asian foods!

Inspired by the Japanese art films, Paprika, Tekkon Kinkreet & Spirited Away.

Photoshop custom traditional brushes.

Susuwatari creatures, Ragnarok, L (Deathnote), etc.

My beloved characters Babu & Abu

That's my art sign name "Mall". Erica thought it was shopping mall, bwah!

Then, this is my mama's new small restaurant & grill, Gasera. Do you guys see my old colorful oil painting "Ima"? Gasera means "lamp" in Spanish language.

Erica, I'm hungry! I'd love to order a yummy pasta!

I painted this wood panel, haha! Still, I haven't finished it yet.
Sweet, my mama & Erica helped me painting outside the garden. Wonderful moment. Okay, I have to sleep now. I need to fix other things at Gasera Restaurant & Grill. I am almost... sick (flu) 'coz of my overwork / overstress. Goodnight & Sweetdreams. Oh, Merry Christmas!


Lynda said...

You did an amazing job and the internet cafe and restaurant look great! Your talent is very inspiring. I hope that I will be as talented as you one day :) Merry Christmas!

Rodi said...

So wonderful too see your work in progress and you did an amazing job!

Best of luck to your mum and sister with their businesses and Merry Christmas!

Deana said...

No words to say how cool this is...full of many wonderful moments....Deana

Anonymous said...

OH so cool and amazing! I so wish I could visit in person.

An~Ko said...

This is so so great! I love the Miyazaki references on the printed fresco! Your work is really amazing!

Leanne said...

I love this post! I enjoy seeing progress shots! You are so amazingly talented, I love every little bit that you did: the installations, the mural -- naruto and kakashi are so cute!

Ryan T. said...

Such beautiful work you did Mall.. Merry Christmas! :)

shahi belle said...

wooooooooo O3O all so good as always ^^
i read here before that u don't like doing digital art lol but u r good in it, and in traditional art too, so it's good to do both types not just one, coz every one of them have it's charm ^^

oh can u tell me which brush u used in this digital art, it look great ,like u draw it by hand XD

oh please reply me on my DA page if u'll ♥

Dani said...

Wow this is amazing! Can you tell us the exact location of your internet cafe/restaurant? I love trying new places. :)

cecilliahidayat said...

Mally you are one.crazy.artist XD
*please take this as a compliment*
how can you finish such detailed painting in a short time *faint*
congratulations agaiiinnn...Neko and Gasera looks really great! :D

bart ventura said...

wow this is gorgeous. is there anything you can't do? :D

Pao said...

Well', that's one special looking internet cafe. So cool!

e. said...

you are so amazingly talented. RESPECT!

Kenny Tai said...

Hi there, just stumbled upon your blog. Really nice photos and beautiful paintings. Just dropping by to say hi, and I wish you well on your family's business.

Robbie said...

Ang ganda nung internet cafe Mall!!!!!!

Are they both located in La Union? I wanna go there in the future and eat at your mom's restaurant! <3<3<3

I especially love the fact that you included kaonashi in the painting! He's my favorite Ghibli character! <3

Mall said...

@lynda: thanks a lot, much appreciated! Merry Christmas! <3

@rodi: thanks thanks! :)

@deana: awww thank you, i am so pleased. :)

@gooddevil1989: awwww, fly to my place! :D

@an-ko: thanks, I can't stop loving Miyazaki :P

@leanne: :D Kakashi is one of my weirdest favorite creatures!

@ryan: Merry christmas! thanks! :)

@shahi belle: @ 3 @ thankssss! I saw free tutorial about how to make custom photoshop brushes on deviantART :) search them there, I'm sure you'll love them!

@dani: thank you! in San Fernando City, La Union (dalumpinas oeste) :D

@cecillia: thank you dearrrr! Hmmmmm I can't remember how long I finished… >.< I finished it for more than one week (not whole day, just few hours 'coz I was busy in doing household chores)

@bart: heheh thanks! hmmm, is there anything I can't do? I think "complex" communication / English / Tagalog stuff are my weakest points. :P

@pao: thanks! :)

@e: thank you! :D

@kenny: thank you! my family said hi! :)

@robbie: salamat! yep, they are located in San Fernando City, La Union. Punta kayo ditto ah :D Me too, I adore Kakashi, gusto ko yakapin! :P

Pat and Susana said...

Mabuhay darling!!
We are finally able to comment in this wonderful post :D the both of us are in awe with the photos and amazing work in progress that was to create the restaurant / internet cafe. Both places are so inviting and we love the original decoration that you created for the Internet Cafe... we bet that it is already a huge success! The first minutes that people enter there, instead of going to the computers they will surely going to admire your spectacular mural for tons of time *giggle*

Also, the name that you chose for the restaurant is great! We love the font you used for the sign and all the little details in the room for the meals. We need to save money so that we can travel there to visit this incredible space!! *are excited*

Oh, just wanted to add that the last picture of this post is so pretty ♥ It shows the strong bound of your family and that this was such an enjoyable moment for everyone :D

Wishing Gasera Restaurant & Grill and the internet cafe the best of luck and that it gets feature in a Tourism board magazine so that loads of tourists can go there \o/


Robbie said...

Yey! I will definitely try and go there in 2011. :)

Sweet said...

You forgot Hello Kittys whiskers :D

Maybe someday i can go to this place. :D You did a really great job!!

Iresha Dias said...

woooow itz really cool dear
all the very best for your new work
god bless.
and also Happy new Year...!!!

TrüSka said...

Wowwww so much Work! But it turned out great! What a great way to end this year - helping your family : D You are so SWEET!!! HAVE A GREAT 2011 SWEET MALL! More kisses from Portugal : ***

Ben Perkins said...

Looks amazing. Wish there was an internet cafe like that here.

Sabbio said...

I missed that post! Wow!!! What an amazing and splendid work you did there!And your mom's retaurant seems so comfy!
They're both lucky to have you and people in your neibourghood are lucky to have this cafe and this restaurant nearby! ;)

Kat said...

Parang ang sarap tumambay dito! Mall, where in La Union is your place located? Maybe I can pass by on the way to Baguio. Ang ganda! Your Internet shop beats all (even my brother's!) in how it looks. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your art! It is all so intricate and full of imagination. Everything here is incredible :) You've really inspired me, I'm only 16 but hope to start drawing pictures for a childrens book I am going to write.

I wish you all the best for the future.

England :]