Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bizarre Moment & A Few of My Favorite Things @Gallery Nucleus

I want to share my bizarre story with you all about Audrey Kawasaki. In 2004 or 2005 year, I discovered Audrey's art and I became her big fan. Her art never cease to amaze me. I'm in awe with her freaking awesome fine lines, colors, human figures, faces, tones, different mediums, compositions, everything. She's a true genius! I also love the way she keeps being hardworking, productive & active & keeps improving her skills that inspires me alot. Remember my original drawing for Audrey?
After I looked at my drawing, it looked like her. My mind said, "I should give it to Audrey because her art inspires me so much. Plus I want to make her happy." I emailed her & waited for her response during her solo show "Tangled" in Australia. After days, I was overjoyed to read her response. Unexpectedly, she said, "maybe I can send you a little something in return". I was totally speechless & shocked. I was like, "but but.. but but... ermm.. but..." Heck yeah, my heart was full of happiness & shock, you know? :) so we exchanged our parcels.

Then I came home from painting unfinished walls / ceilings of my sister's new internet cafe store, I received a bizarre package. I was like, "Am I dreaming? Is it real? This must be rare!" I opened it carefully and said "AAAWWWWWWW..." I cried happily. Audrey really made me happier, happiest! I really never expect that she did her very complex original piece for me! I kept jawdropping & smiling for hours ( My cheeks were happily painful, hahaha! )

THIS IS MY MOST BIZARRE SWEET MOMENT... After I stared at her gorgeous fragile cut-out masterpiece, I thought of myself, "Hmm, what does a mysterious shadow say? There's a hidden word... Snake? Dragon? Heart, Veins & Arteries? Wow, I'm impressed...."

It looks like a heart, veins & arteries silhouette. *Mall pauses then smiles widely* That's Audrey's kind heart. Not only she's amazingly talented & unique, but she's a very great humble wonderful person! Thank you so much, Aud. You're the BEST! <3

Okay! It's time to show you all my latest paintings for the group show, " A Few of My Favorite Things " @ Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra California. My sweet fan Hael asked me, "erm... I hope.. when you have time, you could talk about ( in your blog ) your inspiration or what does inside your head when you make an art?" Thanks for reminding me, Hael! I'm so sorry that I didn't write it longer in my previous blog entry because I was overly exhausted & tired. I must admit that I'm not good at writing skills.

Before I started creating my pieces, I got ideas from Hayao Miyazaki's movie, Ponyo on the Cliff. I have watched Ponyo DVD many times because I was falling in love with beautiful colorful glowing planktons, fishes, corals, etc. Also when I feel down, I always watch Hayao Miyazaki movies that make my heart feel euphoric intensely. It's like... bring back my happy quiet childhood memories... When I was young, I always explored & looked for cute critters, imaginery friends, unknown insects, brittle starfishes, huge rat (yeah I got bitten by bad rat, wahaha. I thought he was friendly to me.), sea cucumbers, fireflies, etc. So I had many whimsical imaginations for years. Sigh, I miss my innocent childhood years.

*Bloggers poke & pinch chubby toddler Mall's cheeks badly* So I closed my eyes and imagined that I went to the deep sea, there were a lot of glowing planktons & other colorful creatures with my characters Babu & Abu. Then I saw them celebrating Japanese festivals like Cherry Blossom Festival, Doll Festival, Lantern Floating & more. And whoosh, that's what my mind expressed. So here are my progress photos how I started doing my pieces.
In The Hidden Lanterns
11" x 9.5" inches
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood

Giant Blossom Anthropoda
11.5" x 9.75" inches
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood

Remind you all, don't forget to visit Gallery Nucleus show this Saturday! Contact Gallery Nucleus if you're interested to buy my original pieces. Thanks for inviting me, Wade! Whew, my webcam pic... yeah, I look quite exhausted.

Anyway, I would love to share my sweet fan Arriane's blog with you all. I felt deeply touched that Arriane expressed her true thoughts, critiques & opinions about DOT ( Department of Tourism ) & my art. Arriane is quite brilliant, she must become a good art director! :) Please read her blog importantly. Well said! ( Thank you so much for remembering my old works "Live your Dreams", sweetie Arriane! )

Sneak peek: I did my digital illustration for my dearest sister's new internet cafe business. Eeee, my large canvas printing! I need to finish stuff for my family business before I'll work on art commissions (thanks for your patience, my clients). I'll post my whole image maybe next week! I have to sleep now. Night! *flies to Slumberland*


pluww said...

There is simply way too many beautiful things in one post! I love the way you treat your paint. How do you get that speckly effect with your paint? Or is that color pencils? I apologize for asking for your trade secrets! They're so full of whimsy and are so freaking fantastic!

Wade said...

I'm so proud to have these beautiful paintings in our exhibit here, Mall. Thank you for always being such a pleasure to work with. You are good friend with a kind heart and amazing talent!

VisionWise said...

sooooo beautiful... I love all your works. and that pic of you :) xoxo

Aria said...

Oh, Mall, your work is amazing! I lack wors..because it's beautiful! But I have a long as you're painting this technique?

Anonymous said...

Wow :3 I will definitely have to see if I can snag one of the pieces, "In The Hidden Lanterns" is my favorite. Also I saw this piece on AK's blog, it's literally my all-time favorite thing she's ever made. Lucky girl!

TrüSka said...

How i missed your colours Mall! : D Glad to see everything is great with you! Lots of kisses from this part of the World! : ***

Eremos said...

Not is bizarre, is wonderful!! To receive a mail surprise is like a christmas day. I think that we should mail more physical mail and less emails, I love all of your works and I'm a fan of Audrey Kawasaki too.

Wow, you make a wonderful work on the internet cafe, We need more pictures :D

Thanks for all!!!

Mall said...

@pluww: thank you! About painting speckles, I just used my tiny point paint. :D Sometimes I use my old brush, it looks like toothbrush. :)

@wade: thank you so much for the support, friendship, everything! I really enjoy working with you guys. I'm so blessed to have known you all. In time, I'll definitely visit Gallery Nucleus in real. I really want to meet you guys! *Mall saves her monies for her future trip* :)

@lauren: thank you darling! <3 <3 <3

@aria: thank you! Hmmm, dang I can't remember how long I painted... I guess I finished each painting for one day (if without doing running errands).

@pbrigitte: aww thanks! don't forget to visit Gallery Nucleus today at 7pm! Indeed, AK is one of my favorite artists, she's wonderfully sweet! :) I'm so blessed!

@truska: it's true that everyone really misses my bright colors especially my characters Babu & Abu. That's why this time I can do them again. :) Still, my art collectors want me to make more future graphite pieces. mwah mwah!

@eremos: hihihi! Agree, it's like a happy kid receives Xmas gift in unexpected way. Of course, snail mail is quite fun & cool! :) Thanks for enjoying my art, much appreciated! I adore Audrey's powerful distracting masterpieces :D cheers!

Francine said...

Wow that was such an amazing story about how you and audrey exchanged artwork! Both of you are my most favorite artists ever! I hope I can get to your level someday mall! I have one of your prints hanging above my art desk I stare at it everyday and am so happy to own a print of your artwork! (it's the alice and chester cat one). Continue the amazing work can't wait to see more!

Khylov said...

See? Every Michelangelo has their Sistine Chapel.