Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Birthday Giveaway II

Happy Birthday to me! Gosh, I am 30 years old now ( HU HU HU! I'm kinda old...) I can't believe it, time flies so fast! My brother Jeremy gave me a vintage Bradley Pie Eye Mickey Mouse watch for my birthday! Unbelievably, this watch still works! I supah love it! Thank you, bro!

I'm so sorry that I broke my promise that I could make a full colored Winsor McCay-style comic about my birthday... but I failed because of my busy schedule. In the future, I'll definitely create a comic. Anyway, my birthday giveaway is back! Are you all excited? Look at my delicious prizes below!

Original Drawing, " Miu "

Pocket Mirror (choose one what you like)

Art Postcard (choose one what you like)

- Just leave your comment with your email address and/or link on this blog entry. ONLY ONE ENTRY. NO ANONYMOUS.

- Tell me how you discovered my art. You know, I'd love to hear from you all guys that will make me happier!

Okay, I will close the contest on February 26 or 27. (I might be away from the internet for few days because I'll spend time with my family & friends during birthday celebration). I'll use for selecting 3 winners. I will announce the winning results soonest. Good luck, guys!

Finally, I have created my official fanpage on Facebook, please visit to see my art progresses, old artworks, sketches, etc. Ciao and Cheers!


neva | manilamommy said...

hi mall!! happy happy birthday!! i found your art via and ever since i've been hooked :D i hope when my son gets his own room that i could get one of your artworks to brigten up his space and to spark his creativity too :D

Lean Ansing said...

akin na lang lahat ng prize! haha

Rachael said...

Hi Mall! Happy birthday to you! I discovered your art through tumblr. I now follow your tumblr account and flickr account. Your drawings and paintings are so beautiful!

Raph Matawaran said...

Hello Mall!

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko na maalala kung paano ko nadiskubre ang blog at art mo. Pero ang alam ko, mga mga tatlong taon na akong sumusubaybay sa mga projects at commissions mo.

You make every Pinoy and Pinay proud. Keep up the good work! :)

God bless.

Maligayang kaarawan sa'yo. All the love and happiness para sa'yo. :)

Lupita said...

Hello!! Happy Birthday! How nice of you to make beautiful gifts for others. I found you through Audrey Kawasaki's website. And I must say your artwork makes me drool! It is beautiful. My email address is Thanks for sharing. :) best, Lupe.

Nanda said...

I'm a big admire of your art. I follow your blog for several time now. i don't know how I found your blog but when I found it I became a follower immediately.

Joy said...

Found you through your deviantart! I am a watcher. I also remember asking you a question about the dots thingy in your art and your answer is 'It's my splattering technique, dear' or something like that...hehe.
Happy Birthday, God bless!

Brittany Rose said...

Ok, your art is freakin' amazing! I need to spend more time on your art blog, but I've faved everything you have on deviantART! That's obviously how I discovered you!! <3
Deviantart url:

I do enjoy/anticipate your new art pieces and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You rock!

cecilliahidayat said...

Happy happy happy birthday Mally!! :D
I remember the first time i saw your art was on dA, the one titled Nightmare, and that was the most beautiful nightmare i've ever seen in my life :) And i became a loyal follower since then! *hugs Mally*

azreenChan said...

It's been somewhat 2 years since I stumbled at your blog. That was when I was on internship at my current company now :D

I was heart struck by the colours of your artwork. Really. I can remember that day, I showed it to my colleagues and siblings. And Ive been your silent fan ever since.

You are my mentor Miss Mall. Really. You inspire me :)

Hoki said...

It was actually a close friend of mine that linked me to your artwork on dA. I first saw your artwork way back in like 2005 haha. My friend linked me to your illustrations (she's a huge fan of children's illustration and the like) and soon after I started to follow you.

I am really utterly inspired by you, your artwork and stories of life. It's been a pleasure following you for these past few years and I continue to look forward to new works from you! Happy Birthday and please continue being such an amazing inspiration!!

Jenny said...

happy birthday! the big 3-0!!

i confess that i only found your art about a month ago through flickr. i was browsing someone's favorites and was completely amazed by your beautiful artwork. then i found your blog, your deviantart, etc., haha! you're seriously a huge artistic inspiration to me!

Prosti said...

Happy Birthday! A tweet from Manila Mommy led me to your blog. I fell immediately in love with your work. I'm thinking of commissioning an artwork from you that can be used as my blog header.

Happy Birthday again.

Nikita2471 said...

I discovered your blog when I was doing a google search for filipino artists! I've been intrigued ever since!

Eremos said...

happy birthday Mall!!! Eat a lot of cake and open hundreds of gifts< :D

I found your art on deviantart a lot time ago :D

I wish you happy happy days!


Romelyn Sansolis said...

Happy Birthday Miss Mall :)

I found you at tumblr, I enjoyed watching your "My drawing progress video"... then I started to scroll your page... then I follow your tumblr account... and thanks for following back :)

Then...I started staking at your works from blogspot to deviant even in twitter hehehe I'm such a Mall fan now.

The truth is your works encourage me to work out my skills in traditional arts, though I can't give my full attention because I am employed I'm still trying to learn and I will be so glad to hear some advise from you :D is it possible? yay!

Anyway, have a happy happy birthday Miss Mall! God Bless you always :)

HappyMoonBelly said...

Hello! I first found your art when I first found Deviantart. I was in love with your creations the minute I saw the first art, "Big Gossip" and from there I went immediately to your gallery and favorited a ton of your art. To this day, and probably forever, I will always have a drooling heart for your first custom toy - that Owl. He is seriously amazing and forever and ever an inspiration to me. I stared at that photo for an hour the first time I think, and have sent the link to it to many friends "look at this, LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!11" ^_^

It would be beyond an honor to celebrate your birthday with this contest. I am a HUGE fan and will be forever - contest winner or not! I cannot wait to see all the things you will make in your life.

Thank you for being born, your gift to all of us is bigger than you can imagine.

Cheers, Jennifer happymoonbelly @

YummyCream said...

Heey mall! photocream here ^__^ I discovered you on pikaland where I found your blog and artwork. Happy Birthday, make some lovely pictures with that shiny watch XD

Rodi said...

Happiest Birthday, dear Mall! I must say you do not look a day over 20 :)

I found your art about 6 years ago on deviant art and I continue to be amazed but your skills and imagination!

Many hugs!

rodi (rodinator @

Anonymous said...

I think Google actually recommended you to me! I read blogs through its RSS reader and frequently pop into the Recommendations section. Since a lot of my RSS are art blogs, it was kind enough to show yours as well. So I've been watching you ever since, and thankfully so, your art gives me a very positive charge.


Ryan said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

I found your art on DA, for whatever reason I just can't stop looking at them :). Well I guess it's because there's a lot to look at every piece hehe. I'm just lucky that I was able to track you in FB :P

Age is just a number, as the cliche goes; but age only tells us how much growth we had through the years.


-Ryan cryantanganco at gmail dot com

ishtar olivera said...

My facebook has been reminding me of your Birthday! So here I´m! wishing a lovely and fullfilling year!!!

You are sO generous Mall! wow! all this presents are more than beautiful!!!!
I discovered your blog about a year ago or so trhough other blog I stummbled across, she mentioned your art and it captured me in a second!: ) ♥ have a wonderful Brithday!!!!!love, Ishtar
(> " " <)

( ='o'= )


Dani said...

Happy birthday, Mall! Do enjoy your time with family and friends and I wish you more more more blessings to come! Your talents are indeed to-die for.

I want all of those! Hahahaha

Mirella von Chrupek said...

All the best to you! (*・_・)ノ⌒*

I discovered your custom work on vimeo. I fell immediately with your work, colourful words and lovely photos. I keep coming here often to find out what you've been up to.


Nona Aila said...

Hello Mall! Happy Birthdaaay! <3 Your amazing. (you probably know that already)

I found out about you when thecreativedork posted one of your works on tumblr. I suddenly got obsessed with you. Creepy, I know. I got really excited when I read about your Audrey Kawasaki Adventure. Haha.


Samolo said...

Hi! How I met you art? Sometimes I check the favorites on DeviantArt of my favorite artist, and saw one of your amazing black and white pics, and inmediatly finded myself wandering your whole gallery.

My links (since you asked for links, don't know, kinda feel rude leaving them):

Eton de Guzman said...

Hi Mall!

Happy Birthday! I first saw your art on The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots. I loved it! And then I saw you on DA and was blown away by your paintings. Since then I became a fan and until now I'm still mesmerized every time I see your art. It makes me happy even your previous dark themed art. lol Anyway, keep it up and God Bless! Hope to meet you soon, Kababayan.

- Eton

Yukari said...

Happy happpy happy birthday Mall!!! I've been following your blog for several years so I don't remember how I came across it (maybe from a artist friend?) but I do remembering falling in love at first sight! You will always be my idol. :)

Chikapaw! said...

happy happy birthday! i was´t aware it was today!, blackmago is spreading the word in facebook jeje
i hope you get a grate day filled with family, friends and tons of blessings :D
a friend that is also an artist give me a link to your blog, i was totally impressed! but also, i think i heard of you before in deviant.
(oh and btw! hope you dont mind that i did a little feature of you on my blog :3)
links? well i have

Kathy! said...

Sorry I messed up in my last post. Happy birthday to you (almost the same as my birthday)! I saw your art at Gallery Nucleus and bought a print of your seadragon. I went home and found your blog online. I love your colorful animal art. Hope your day was wonderful!

Happy birthday to you (almost the same as my birthday)! I saw your art at Gallery Nucleus and bought a print of your seadragon. I went home and found your blog online. I love your colorful animal art. Hope your day was wonderful!

becky said...

Hi Mall! I looove your art! and I love how childlike and positive you are about life. i discovered your site through ''
your art is like a window to a surreal, colorful, happy and bright world. it uplifts my spirit when i see new art on your site. :)

Petra said...

Hi Mall, happy 30th birthday! Hope you enjoy it :)

What sweet of you to hold a contest!
I got to know you from DeviantArt. I followed you there and then followed the link to your blog. I just had to see, make such beautiful things that I wanted to know more.

I've got a blog of my own too, might you be interested:

Good luck and have fun!

...Hane... said...

First of all Happy B'day :)
I found your art thanks to Audrey Kawasaki :) I really like your style and cute pictures, so I started to fallow you here :) BTW that's a good idea with contests like that :)
In free time please visit my site:
Good luck in live and art :) Puss Puss

heavenmadesense said...

ang bangis! saw your blog from Lean Ansing's tumblr. Happy birthday MALL!

darylljann @

Leanne said...

hi mall. first wishing you a very happy birthday! i discovered your artwork through audrey kawasaki's blog, when you sent her a drawing. i loved it and instantly looked you up and have followed you from your DIY bear sculpture, sketches to installation of your family's internet cafe. you are so versatile and i love everything that you do.

xx leanne

Tim said...

Ooh Happy birthday - mine too! Found your website through Audrey Kawasaki and really liked your work so have followed since. Really generous competition, thanks a lot.

Ellen Wilberg said...

Happy Birthday! :D
I found your work through the pages of Audrey Kawasaki, and Deviantart. Dont know who was first, but I'm still glad!
Love, Ellen
prople @

jes-alif desuasido said...

Hi ate mall!

Happy Birthday!

You used to visit home all the time during your college years! And also I used to visit your college during my home staying years. Your art was everywhere and I always wanted to own one, I hope chooses me!

God Bless always

Alif >:}

Jovee said...

i was wandering over tumblr and bumped on a reblogged post that i liked. so i tried to checked on the notes history to search who originally posted it. i end up being a fan of your work since then. i even downloaded the yoka project video as it is too awesome. keep on inspiring people! happy birthday!

Nat said...

Darn, it feels bad to comment just to earn a print. I would gladly pay for the pencils :)

In any case, Found your art through Gallery nucleus.

Hope the B'day turns to be a lot of fun and party.

Claudia ScarletGothica said...

Hi May Ann,
I discovered your fabulous art because of an artist friend suggestions (very nice and important artist by the way!) :3

Oh gosh, I'll be a 30 years old lady next year too, I can't belive I'll change my numbers! :D

have a wonderful weekend and Happy birtday! <3


Moon-Lilly said...

Hello Mall , and Happy Birthday to you!!!

I hope you have a great time , and a little rest from all the craziness of your busy schedule!

I found your art on Deviant art , and I am Moon-Lilly there :)
You are five years older than I am , and you are an amazing inspiration and a light of hope to fellow artists like myself!!!

I will link this to my facebook account , but I don't think I have as many friends as you!!! ha ha!

Have a great time!!!!!!
Sam xxx

SPUTN1K said...

Hi Mall! and Happy Birthday! :) 30 isn't too old. Life only starts middle aged :) hahaha -

I came accross your art via when search voigtlander 1.1 :) and saw that amazing custom toy! & video footage..

Anyhow have a good day! :)

BTW it's Kurt - AKA sputn1kforever via Flickr I have subscribed to your RSS feed :)

TracyDawe said...

I found your art while browsing someone's favourites on deviantart (my username is msdawe)back in 2009 if I'm correct.

I'm turning twenty in a couple months, haven't really done much other than art, with my life. I can only hope in ten years I'll be selling art regularly & having fun with it still as you seem to be.
Happy Birthday, good wishes for the years ahead.

Robin "Asaryn" Parkins said...

I found you way back in middle school (I'm now a college freshman) when my pixeling phase was ending. I think I found you through someone who made you an avatar and said you were awesome, so I looked you up. I was in awe of how complex and beautiful your images were despite the simply drawn and it inspired me to move away from japanese styles and explore more. It was the one time in my life where I frequently drew backgrounds. I want to get back to that.

sillyKris said...

Happy Birthday, Mall, and many happy returns! I stumbled onto your artwork from a gallery show (Gallery Nucleus, I think) and I've been absolutely amazed ever since. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and vision!

Nexx said...

Happy birthday Mall!
I'm soon turning 30 as well... you'll have to tell me how it feels :(

I discovered your art through a friend who's just able to find the best pearls in this Internet Ocean ;)

Greetings from Spain!
ines.cabrera at gmail dot com

Anthony said...

Stumbled across this via girlfriend's shared items on Google Reader. :)

Angel said...

Happy Birthday! :]

I found you through deviantart!

Sue Ann said...

happy birthday!! i definitely would not have guessed you are turning 30. i discovered your art through audrey kawasaki's blog, when she wrote about the package you sent to her.

i am half filipina and i was so happy (and proud) to see art coming from that part of the world. please, continue to do more amazing things!!

sue ann :)

LuisaPizza said...

Happy 30th Mall! Don't worry, it starts getting better from then on :) I discovered you when a fellow pinoy artist shared your painting video on fb. I wished I discovered you sooner, your art is reeeally inspiring, keep on doing what you do :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!

You know, I've waited a little bit to respond to this because I'm trying to figure out where I found you... and I just have no idea. I know it was through another artist's blog... where they mentioned your work... but honestly, I just have no clue whose it was.
I love the beauty of your work... the expressions, the whimsy... the feathery feel... all wonderful.

Anyways, I'd love to be entered!

Frozen said...

A Happy Birthday to you.

I found you the same way I find all of the artists I like, by trawling the deviantart archives. I found your piece "Olivia" while wandering through the archives in the summer.

Ditte Lund said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I found you through Deviantart and have been a very big fan of you :D
I found your blog some time ago, since last year. I really love your style and you really are a talented young woman!Gosh you're even older than me! And you look so young too! I actually got surprised :O

My email adress is:

Much love from Denmark :)
Good luck everyone! :D

Aaron Cooke said...

Happy Birthday! I first saw your art at Bear and Bird Gallery in Florida and loved it. Luckily I've been able to purchase a few of your originals since then. Thanks for the contest!

lastheathen at yahoo dot com

Nicole said...

I found your art through Gallery Nucleus!

Incredible work and very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mall!

I first came across your art from Deviantart. One of the people I'm following picked a lot of your works as favorites. That's when I started following you. :)

After drifting away from DA, I came across your blog from Valerie's blogroll ( :D It's definitely more fun viewing your artwork from your blog. We get to read your inspirations behind the concept and even your work process. :)

More power to you Mall. You're truly inspiring!

runefullmoon at geemail dot com

Eugenia Gina said...

selamat ulang tahun Mall! it means happy birthday in Indonesian. I forget where I found your art, maybe from a Philippines children book publisher website, it's been a long time.. but I love all your works, and Abu too.. well, cross fingers and hoping I'll get lucky ! :)

AngryGood said...

Sup- I found your artwork on Deviant art today. It was really cool, so I roamed around your DA account to look at all your submissions. I also found a link to your blog, hence I am here now. I'd also like to wish you a happy B-day~
By the way, do you sell your works anywhere? I'm genuinely interested. PEACE.

kennethpasia said...

Happy Birthday MALL! I wasn't aware about your art before I joined The Philippine Mac Users Group. Saw some of your works when you photographed them as your subject, since then, I followed you here on blogspot and the MFT thread on philmug. I became an instant fan then. And now you're one of my friends on Facebook...not to mention a third fan on your FB fanpage, hehehe! So there...just so you know, I really want to own one of your original sketches...hope I get it. ;-)

Ela said...

I forgot where I found your site, but the moment I saw your art, I was hooked. Your work is amazing and beautiful, and it would be terrific to own one of your drawings :)
Happy birthday!

Alice said...

Hi! Happy birthday! :D
I wanna join this 'cause it seems fun, and your art is superb. I discovered your art through a daily deviation you got on DA (for one of those cute black/white girls), and I instantly fell in love with your gallery! Hihi :)

I hope you have a nice birthday! :D

Rinian said...

Hi Mall! I found out about your work when I joined Illustration Mundo a long time ago, back when there weren't that many Filipinos on the site yet. I don't know if you remember me, but our websites used to be beside each other under the Philippines category! (Now Bjornik is in between us haha!) I've been a fan ever since, and I have also been quietly stalking you on deviantart. :)

Hope you had an awesome birthday! :D

Carrie Ann said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful year. Your art makes me so happy to see it. I don't remember how I first discovered it but I think it was either from Audrey Kawasaki or Stella Im Hultberg.

patrick said...

I saw it on a double rainbow!!!

Dawn said...

Hi there! Happy Birthday to you :) Thanks for this chance to win something of yours! I've been wishing to have a piece by you for years. I don't remember how I found you, probably through Flickr, but you did the Paper Quilt Project for me, remember? Anyway, love your work and I hope I win.

(dawbis [at] gmail [dot] com)

RobotAllie said...

Happy B day! Don't let these young uns' get your art! Give it to another oldtimer like ME! I saw you on deviantart. (I know... not so much of an oldtimey website) You're a breath of fresh air on there! anyway, my name is Allie and my email is

daria said...

Hi Mall,
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have the best birthday yet with families and friends and good food.

I love your artworks, the colors (or no colors), the design, the composition, they are just charming. I first saw your artworks on Audrey Kawasaki's blog, and was hooked instantly.

Keep up the good work.

sikoletlover said...

I discovered your art through The Creative Dork's blog. I immediately visited your site as soon as I finished reading his post regarding his interview with you. I love your works!

Have a blast on your birthday Mall! ^_^

Avilio said...

Hi, Mall My name is Avilio and writting from Peru. I found your site by destiny and I'm also an artist inspire by your artwork.... FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MALL.. :D

almost forgot my email avilioj <@> gmail <.> com

Debostev said...

Hello , MALL. Happy belated birthday! :D keep making great artworks, I love your artworks very much. you're my inspiration.

Actually I discovered your artworks from deviantArt, I was browsing some great artist and found your account. And then, I fell in love instantly with your artworks. :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Mally! I first discovered your art when I was in college and addicted to children's book illustrations. Been following your art ever since.
Have a pleasant day!

Theo said...

Happy Birthday! Like most blogs, I found yours through another. There are probably numerous sources :)

[ Lavonia ] said...

Happy Birthday Mall! I love your work. Been seeing some of it on Audrey's websites. It's exciting when I see all my favorite artist's together. I first found you on Deviantart. :)

I'd love to be entered:

Have a great day. :D

HoffyCoffee said...

Happy Birthday! 30 is a good number :) I've been viewing your work on deviant art since I joined in '04 and am happy to see the recognition you've gotten over the years. my email is:

my DA is:

Once again, what you're doing is awesome, and I will try to do something similar on my birthday :)

Indie said...

Happy birthday frecklefaced :) I hope you have a spectacular day~

I first met your lovely art work on deviant art when you got a DD for your shizuka piece, and it watched you straight away. I'd say your detailed colour illustrations fascinate me the most, but i still love your emotional graphite girls.

Much love on your special day!
(you can reach me on dA with the username converse-kidd)

ArtisticEdition said...

Happy Birthday MALL!!

I've been a fan ever since I stumbled into your Etsy shop some time ago. I always look forward to reading your blog posts and seeing your newest creations. Thanks for making such beautiful art!

ArtisticEdition {at}

Robert said...

Ran across your stuff on Deviantart a long, long time ago and followed it over here.

Lovely stuff.

Liberty said...

Happy, Happy Day to you!!!
what glorious prizes! and what a wonderful idea to give away things on your birthday!
I heard about you from the lovely Lauren: and have been following you by RSS ever since :-) I always get excited when I see a new post from you ☺
my email is healingfrommcs at gmail dot com

julie said...

Happy Birthday lady! I think I found you via Nucleus Gallery. I remember that it was your little fox masks that caught my eye. Have a great day!
juinlily [at] gmail [dot] com

pluww said...

Happy birthday :)


I discovered your art must have been deviantArt, because I've been following you or ages. I love the super delicate nature of your pieces, and the amount of work you put into them. Your art has definitely been inspirational to me when I feel down, and I want to thank you for bringing so much joy to so many people through your art. It's not something that's easy to do. Again, hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Peta-Ann Smith said...

Happy Birthday! XD

I first came across your work on DeviantART, and then your blog while clicking through other people's blog lists. I guess you can say that finding you was meant to be! :D

My E-mail: petaann [at] gmail [dot] com

Scarlet said...

happy birthday, Mall! you're so sweet to be giving things away on your own birthday. excited to see who wins!


Caitlyn said...

Happy Birthday Mall! I fist discovered your art on deviant art some years ago and then started following your blog. I am always impressed at how multi talented you are and how your style is recognizable and beautifully distinct no matter what medium you are working in. I find your attention to detail and versatility truly inspiring.

It is also generous to give away presents on your birthday! I hope you have a good one this year (and thirty is not that old) :)

My website is
and my e-mail is

wendy said...

I found your art through Google Reader Explore. I'm very happy that your site turned up!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Mall! :)

I think I found you on DeviantArt, ir it might have been just randomly when I was surfing around the internet. Either way, I remember being blown away and completely enamored with your work, and then immediately started following your DA & blog. :)
Hope you have a beautiful day!


Love Love ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Mall!! :)

I found your arts in deviantart, by then I became a fan!

nayr2 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

I saw your art while browsing gallery nucleus, and I had to track down where it came from! I've had your blog on my 'iGoogle' page since! :)



My email is

Your work is absolutely breathtaking & inspiring! :) :) I found you on deviantart, through someone's favorites I believe, and then spent a long time looking through your work and feeling happy feelings haha

sakti.hiatt said...

You are AMAZING! I absolutely adore your pieces. I have two little girls and your work reminds me of how wonderful and precious innocence is. I have your blog listed on my google reader and LOVE IT. Everyday I look forward to seeing if you've posted something new. With full time school, full time work, and being a single mother of two, I have to say I live a bit vicariously through you. ;o) Art used to be my passion and now I just have no time to paint...makes me sad to think about. Seeing the beautiful work you and others do though always helps me appreciate the beauties in life more. I happened upon your name on one of my other favorite artist's sites: Audrey Kawasaki. She also does exceptional work.

And hey! It's my 29th birthday on Saturday the 26th and so happy birthday to you and hooray for all February bdays!

sakti.hiatt said...

Of course I would forget to add my email, he he.

Andrew of ChogZoo said...

Happy Birthday! It's cool to have discovered you on the day you turn 30 :) Someone posted your "miu" drawing on Tumblr, and I found your stuff through that!

I've had a great time looking through your beautiful artwork, it's really inspiring. Hope you're having a lovely day :)

- Andrew


Rachel said...

have a very very happy birthday!
I discovered you art on deviantart. I love your style ^___^

Nelka said...

Happy Birthday, Mall! I'm sure that 30 will be a wonderful year for you.
Your work is so lovely. I'm so glad that a friend of mine pointed me in your direction. Thanks for doing a birthday giveaway.
My e-mail address is syrenka[at]gmail[dot]com.

Vidia Paramita said...

Hi Mall,

Happy Birthday from Ithaca, New York. I first now your work through deviantart. I have been coming back to your blog to see all you fantastic work and also you beautiful photos in your other blogs. Safe to say I'm a big fan. Hope you are having a great birthday, and will continue to create beauty!

I would love to win your work!

alubina said...

Cousin, I've always loved your work. You are amazingly artistic and beautiful! Love u! I think u have my email.

Kadee said...

Happy birthday!! :) I hope it's wonderful. I discovered you browsing Flickr favorites. your work, especially the attention to detail, is incredibly mesmerizing.

Allister said...

I think I found you via stumbleupon, although I can't be sure. What I do know is I follow your blog posts via RSS, you have some of the most beautiful illustrations I've seen.

Meagan said...

Happy Birthday Mall! You know I've been following you for a while, but I think I started following your work when you won some weblog award online.

bighed5000 said...

I found you and your lovely art on DeviantArt, just browsing someone's favorites list I believe. You've got such a chill haunting style, I'm glad you share your arts with the internet. Happy Birthday!
-Mick Moore

gerandis said...

Happy B'day Maaaaaaall

i found you through a link in the an Indonesians blogger who addore you so much :D ... by then i follow your blog via RSS feed

Robbie said...

Happy Birthday Mall!!!!! <3<3<3

sasali sana ako sa contest kaso ang dami na pala. hihihi. pero just in case.

I discovered your work from DA a good 8 years ago. =) Same here I saw you in your exhibit sa CCP for Yellow Paperclip.

Kim said...

❀Happy Birthday❀

I think I found you through Deviantart a while ago... I really like your technique with graphite and colored pencils though!

Sett said...


I found you and your amazing art through dA sometime ago, but for some reason watched your blog for a while first before watching your dA account xD. Anyway, have a wonderful birthday and God bless! :)


Gaby said...

Came across your art through

Pretty amazing stuff, excited to see more

Happy Birthday too!


Wenyi said...

Hi Mall, happy birthday to you! I discovered your art work via DeviantART (I cannot remember exactly) but I've also bought one of your girl drawing (really love it).

Minnie Wang said...

HELLO MALL!!! You are my idol. I cannot stop looking at your blog. It's just so beautiful. It was actually you who inspired me to create a blog!!! Happy Birthday!!! I would never have guessed that you're 30 though...I always though you were only 26...Look so young and beautiful!! ^^ I found out about your art long ago on deviantart and since then I've been visiting your blog constantly!!! I love all your work! &Happy birthday again~~

tracey said...

Love your art 30 is just a baby still!!
found you via Super Punch!
I eapecially like the b/w work so pure to the design! Happy birthday!

Beck said...

hello!happy bday....Came across your blog via
way back college i really hate my drawing class to the point of skipping classes because im not really good with foreshortening and figure drawings...but now i regret doing that..
ever since i saw your blog i started to draw again...Thank you for inspiring me.

Kimberley said...

found out about your lovely art from superpunch blog!

Shinichii said...

Happy Birthday,

I found your art by looking on deviantart, I saw the Black Forest Princess piece, and since then I was falling in love for your art and style.

Abigail said...

Hi ate Mall! first off.. a Happy Birthday to you! :D hahaha I'm one of your lurking fans!

I think I found your stuff in deviantart? You art just woke up the inner child in me again! sometimes I say to myself..I wish we could live in a world as colorful as your works! Don't ever stop being awesome ate Mall! you're a very wonderful person :)

SaraLynn said...

You are such a generous birthday girl! I hope you have an awesome 30th!

I'd love the chance to win some of your artwork! Hmm... I've been following your art for a few years but I think I first discovered you on deviantart (though I come straight to your blog & flickr now)!
(My email is saralynnart @ gmail . com)

Santafire said...

I was enthralled by your artworks when I saw it in Audrey Kawasaki's site.

You're truly are amazing, you know that? I wish I can draw like you, all the details and strokes really takes on my patience.

Happy Birthday!

Aprylle Ricafort said...


I discovered your artwork when I was browsing through deviantArt looking for a Alice in Wonderland themed work that has the wow factor. Then I found yours AND I've been a fan ever since. Your works are always inspiring.

I would be so honored to receive something from you.

Btw, I am a Filipina living in US. :)

dorry lyn said...

i so love your style .. it's so kyooottt..

I discovered you art on deviantart I

hoping to win one of your prizes..

wish u all the best in life

Billy said...

Hello! I discovered this from superpunch and I love your work! Elegant!

Tiffani said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I discovered your lovely talent via SuperPunch. :)

I hope you've had a wonderful day!


Bubba said...

wow... I love when little contests like this turn me on to AMAZING new artists. NICE WORK & HAPPY BIRTHDAY

annika said...

hope your birthday was terrific!!
i found you through superpunch as well,
and am in love with the whimsy and seriousness to your lovely pieces!

e'von said...

Happy Birthday Mall!
I found you through Deviantart and have been following you since 2 years ago~ Keep on working on great art pieces! I wish I can draw great artworks like yours someday~ =3

Leila West said...

Oh my, I would love to win one of those prizes!! Ive been following you for awhile, so I honestly dont recall how I found you, but it was while I hopped from blog to blog discovering all kinds of amazing art, and I really love yours!

I hope I win! I can be reached here:

....and Happy Birthday!

Mekaela said...

Happy Bday!

I found you through Super Punch and really like your work :)


Cupid tea said...

Happy birthday!

mika :) said...

First and foremost, happy birthday ate Mall! :> I hope you've had a great one this year.

I discovered you through, well, deviantART. I was attracted by the popping colors of your deviations. When I first saw your art, my jaw dropped. Promise, ate! :)) And nung nalaman kong you're from San Fernando, I was like O.O A great artist from a local city. When I say great, di lang yung normal na great. Yung oustanding ba, 'te? :)) Yung super nakakainspire.

I searched you on Google after seeing your deviantArt. Yung website mo ba, 'te? :> Yun bang Dun ko nalaman na you're from La Union. I was like, I'm proud to be from La Union! Then I searched you on Facebook.

I think I messaged you on how I'm an aspiring artist and how I'm dying to improve my art and you said, (not exact tho, I'm not sure) practice lang? :> Well I've been practicing on pencil and paper.

Ako rin, 'te? Natry ko nang magsell ng art through Paypal ba. Nakaabot ng 40$. xD Tinamad na ako. Pero trip trip lang talaga yun eh. :) So you really inspire me talaga.

Yun yun. :> I just wanted to share how I discovered you because I know for myself that it makes me happy to hear these things from others. :)

mika :) said...

Oh, and pahabol!

Yesterday I was in Manila for an ICT contest. (Lost that one, 'teh! :)) Sayang extra curricular.)

I showed your artworks to a fourth y ear student na kasama ko at that time. She told me that you're amazing. :> Hearing that may be normal to you thoughhh.

for the last time, Mika :> said...

Pahabol for the last time. I just have a lot to say about you and your art! :)

I checked your 'watchers' on deviantArt and saw my username under the date July 10, 2010. Every year, I would celebrate that as my own "Worship a Mall" day. xD

That time, I was really into digital art. And I showed your page to my best friend who also happens to be an art fanatic. Si Sheena May Orate ba, ate? :) Yung ka-email mo rin minsan.

I think you're really humble to reply to our messages. Down-to-earth, kahit nakarating ng sobrang malayo :)

I hope I could be like you someday.

~Much love from San Juan, La Union :>

Nathalie said...

I don`t know the first sighting anymore but I watched you on DA and then I saw what you painted on wood and the beauty broke my heart. I can still feel it.

Scribbler said...

Your art is amazing! I just found it through the super punch blog. Going to be following from now on.

My email is scribblings[at]gmail[dot]com

anticonnor said...

Hi Mall! I found your work thru, and am blown away! Congrats on the big three-oh!

Halina said...

Happy Birthday!

And thank you so much for sharing with us. I discovered your art as I was looking through pictures taken by the Panasonic Lumix LX-3 on flickr and discovered your beautiful photos with drawings and paintings.

You have become such an inspiration. Even though I'm doing a major in economics right now I hope that someday in the future I will get the chance to develop my artistic skills (mainly photography and painting/drawing) further!

I wish you the best of luck :)

Greeting from Halina ( - Norway

Stephen Abbas said...

I found out about your art from a Blog called "Super Punch" Pretty cool art work that you make.

Stephen Abbas

miles0282 said...

Happeee birthday!!!

I found your blog through a web awards...I forgot what web awards. You were nominated for Southeast asia. After discovering your blog I have been following you ever since! Your my inspiration. When I am down I just look at your work. It makes me want to pick up a brush and paint! Hopefully someday I could be an illustrator like you!

my blog: Http://
my email:

teddy bear princess said...

Happy Birthday Mall! :D
I open your blog through someone's blog and I Immediately fell in love with your blog!! :) Your drawings are cute, colorful and unique! :D
love your custom toy too.. it's so detail :)

my email:

teddy bear princess

amber said...

hello <3
i found your work on deviantart, it's lovely!!


Ting said...

Hi MAL! love your art, your blog was such a wonderful find for me. Keep doing what you do <3

love Jasmine

Denyse said...

Hi MayAnn! I've known about you for a while now, can't remember where I found you... it may have been deviantart... All I know is that your work is truly unique and beautiful! The colors you use are always so bright and happy that it always achieves to make me smile! your pencil pieces are absolutely astonishing for the pureness and simplicity they portray! I purchased a print of your piece "Babu's first Love" last year because I just had to have it! It is so adorable! and while I would love to win one of your "prices" I hope more than anything that you get to read all the wonderful messages people leave you because you are truly wonderful!

Athanwe said...

Hello. I hope you enjoy your Bday celebrations ! I saw the video of your yoka panda bear on the FB wall of a, not any more, teacher of mine (Jeremy Mariez - he has a web site). I found it soooooo fantastic !!! I went on you tube to read the description text and that's how I found your blog.

John Lucien Grillo said...

Happy Birthday Mall - You've had an amazing year.

I found your artwork through a series of others artists' favorite links, but if you trace the root of my search it would be the Small Press Expo (a an annual indy-comicbook show in Washington, DC).

I keep hoping that you'll have a show in Washington, DC one of these days. Those galleries in California are lucky to have your art on display.

Mesha said...

Happy Birthday!! Your artwork is amazing :)

Gordon said...

Happy Bday!

I found your art through The art is fantastic, you have a fan.

Gordon said...

forgot to post my email.

Emilia Ramos said...

Hi Mall, and Happy Birthday. I found your art through I love style of your work and the colors you use make your work absolutely pop. My e-mail is

Sully said...

Happy birthday, Mall.
30 is not old! You've still got tons of life ahead of you, and hopefully lots of exciting times to enjoy.

Your original drawings are great - I am a real fan of graphite drawings, especially on textured paper. It adds a whole new dimension to a piece. Ah yes, and I found you through deviantART many years ago! I've been keeping up with you since.

Oh, my email: suhaylah.h(at)

kzank said...

You are a true inspiration! My friend and colleague, Andrew B., turned me onto your work. I'm amazed! I can't wait to see more.

- Kaya D.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
I heart your art...everything you do I heart!!!!
Saw your art @ Nucleus!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! A little late but better late than never, right? I hope it was a good day for you. : D

And this give-away is so exciting! I discovered your art through someone else's blogspot, although I can't remember who it was. ): But I sure am grateful to them, that's for sure!

My email :

Lesley Vamos said...

Happy Happy Birthday! ^_^

I'm probably too late, but I thought I'd post anyone - Love the watch! I had something similar when I was 10 - I loved it!

I actually discovered your art while I was in America - it was at Nucleus gallery - you had a coupld of illos there and I fell in love straight away - I wrote your name on my hand so I could look you up when I got home and had to be careful I didn't smudge it all day - Totally worth not washing my hands for the day to see your web site when I got home ^_^

Casey said...

I found your art on deviantART

Sonia said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the day was brilliant and full of happiness and smiles!

As I remember I found your art through someone's blog. I fell in love with your brightly mysterious colors, the cat and the masked boy! I love that they both show up in many of your paintings, a secret life and story unfolds each time I find them :)

Keep up the great work!

Raissa said...

Hi Mall, Happy birthday. I've found you while i was searching for inspiration on deviantart, since then i've fall in love with your art, because it's so colorful and full of details, but the most amazing is your color style i just love it!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Mall!

i believe i found you through deviantART and fell in love with your stuff immediately! i love your color palettes and imaginary worlds :)

yeevon said...

Happy Birthday to you :D

I found your portfolio website and I was 'hooked' ever since :) :) I have also shared you in my blog before, the way you have grown up throughout the years, refining and discovering more of your artistic style, which is brilliant!

eddie said...

Hi May Ann,

Happy B-Day...BTW you don't look 30 at all, maybe 22.

I found your art on Deviant it, cant wait til your new set of girls with arrows go up for sale.

Thanks, Eddie McKee

Saharaí Rodríguez P said...

Hi! Hope you had a great birthday!!! And... It would veryveryveryveryveryveryvery awesome to have one piece of your art on my wall. OuO


I wish you to have a happy day!!!

Pd. I found you sailing in DeviantART and I don´t like a lot to read blogs but yours is different. I just love it to look around! ;3

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Mall!
I'm getting close to the big THREE-OH myself! I found your work on Deviant Art quite some years ago and was hooked right away! It's been lots of fun AND very inspirational to watch your progress and success since then. :)
Best wishes!

Amy Fowler said...

Hi Mall! Happy Birthday :)
I first found your art about 6 months ago through Audrey Kawasaki's fffffound blog. I was immediately amazing at how beautiful your work is! I've been following your blog and your various web sites ever since! My favourite work is your graphite drawings of the girls with swirly hair, they are super! But I also really like the two custom toys you did too, the panda bear especially. I love the way you cut a piece out of the tummy and put a mini panda inside! That was adorable! Anyway, thanks for giving us all a chance to win a piece of your amazing artwork!

Amy x

P.s. My email address is

lulusan said...

Hi Mall~~Maligayang Kaarawan,生日快樂,お誕生日,Happy birthday,생일 죽하합니다,Selamat Hari Jadi~~\(^O^)/

I found your art on deviantART.I now become a big leech everyday follow your blog,because i've fall in love with your art.XD

My email address is

Olgi said...

Happy Birthday Mall!! :)
..and I hope I will be one of 3 proud winner who can win one of Your BEAUTIFUL artworks!! :)
my email: olga.petrovits(at)
(I find your blog about 2 years ago and just surfing on net... But I absolutly inloved your works :))
Adieu :)

Jo said...

Ciao Mall!

Parabéns! Tanti Auguri! Happy birthday! I just love your art and your style. I am a graphic designer and love to do illustrations too. I am brazilian but my grandparents were from Japan. My husband is italian and now I live in Italy, our little girl (6years old) resembles you.
Take care and enjoy your birthday.

Yun Hui Kelsey said...

Hello and happy birthday! :)
I have been following your blog for a couple of years since I discovered your work on Your work has touched my heart, I really enjoy them. You have a beautiful soul.