Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gallery Nucleus presents Breath of Embers: Art of Dragons

Art by Justin Gerard

Among all mythical creatures, none have managed to continually captivate us like the fire-spewing reptilian beast, revered in all of mysticism as the dragon. A cultural phenomenon, the dragon is rooted in folklores across the globe, having been identified in both Eastern and European legends. The dragon's physical appearance is an amalgamation of humanity's fear of the wild, its body sharing qualities akin to snakes, bats, and wildcats. Of course, the dragon has, through the annals of history, evolved far beyond an icon of fear, having integrated itself into popular culture as a creature of no simplified black-and-white distinction/

Gallery Nucleus presents an impressive collection of original artwork depicting thes iconic creature. This two-level exhibit will showcase a wide spectrum of interpretations in a variety of mediums.


Oliver Akuin
Megan Brain
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Jeremy Enecio
Justin Gerard
Donato Giancola
Cory Godbey
Caitlin Hackett
Cassia Harries
John Hendrix
Edward Kinsella
Mindy Lee
So Youn Lee
May Ann Licudine (MALL)
Austin Madison
Andrea Offermann
Omar Rayyan
Corinne Reid
William Stout
Justin Sweet
Heather Theurer
Eric Velhagen
Shelly Wan
Allen Williams
Jaime Zollars

. . . among other distinguished talents soon to be announced.
The exhibit will run from October 8 - 31 @ Alhambra, California USA. Please visit Gallery Nucleus site to see more details & information.

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Aw, I wish that I could go and see your work, along with everyone elses. :*)