Sunday, October 23, 2011


Since I didn't feel good about my personal problems, I started painting it quickly. Painting / Drawing is so good to reduce my bad feelings, aye? I was so lazy to create it spontaneously, like scribble, splatter, wash, etc.

" Untitled "
Acrylic, Ink, Colored Pencil on Paper
( I can't remember what this measures. I think it could be 6" x 9" inches. )

I gave this painting to my very good friend / Filipino artist Patrick Astilla for his belated birthday. Belated happy birthday Pat, sorry for my late gift! Check his artworks out, they are quite cool and great!

Apart from that, I'm quite excited and happy to make my first 3D Babu sculpture on wood, yipee! This will be for the 2012 group show. Sorry, I didn't videotape it because I kept concentrating on it for long hours so I needed to improve my sculpting skills. Maybe next time, I'll try to videotape when I'll make a full figure of Babu and Abu. Ahh, I love sculpting! I already bought more new sculpting tools from Ebay. Can't wait to receive them.

Recently, I can't wait to start creating my new commissioned piece for my client Mike! And also, I'll be busier with other stuff. Anyway, how are you all doing? :)


Ayla said...

I really and absolutely love your art and the way you express yourself. Also the fact that you're not afraid to try new things <3 I discovered you a year ago, and now I found you again! I had to follow you yes or yes~

kisses <3

Mall said...

aww thank you so much, Ayla. glad you found me here again :) Yes, I'm not afraid to try new things because I'm an adventurous and curious girl. :) hugs hugs hugs & kisses!

Meagan said...

Lovely! I think I like this even more than your color work (well I have always been a sucker for black and white) though it gives insight into what I like so much about your color pieces. Is this watercolor or inks? And how did you get the fine white line?

Mall said...

thanks megan! Me too, I really love sepia more than colored work. When I don't feel good, I love to do dark stuff. It's acrylic, ink, pencil & colored pencil on watercolor paper. About fine white line, I used white colored pencil. :)

Meagan said...

That's wherethe some of my most interesting work in high school came from... would never have ended up an artist without 10 years of depression! I hope you are in better spirits soon, even if it does produce such beautiful results.

patrick said...

Proud owner!!! weeeee!!!! :D

marmotte said...

I've discovered your work via Nucleus Gallery, I really like your style, so detailed, fresh, sweet and colorful at the same time ; your acrylic technic is amazing !
I'm curious to know what kind of white acrylic do you use to get the real white color in your illustration ? I guess that this kind of paper maybe helps a bit ?
Thanks a lot for sharing your process by the way :)
All the best,

marmotte said...

ho I should have read previous comments, "white colored pencil" ;)

Love Love ♥ said...

your art knows no boundaries! Everything is still magical and pretty. *sigh*

Leah said...

your art knows no boundaries mall! i bet you can do an art using a matchstick. Everything is so magical. *do a happy dance* it makes me happy seeing your art. I wish I can live inside.

Mark Ruzhyó said...

It's simply amazing, Mallie Ballie!

Mall said...

@meagan: hugs hugs, thank you! I hope I will feel good again. :)

@patrick: weeeee! :D what a triple rainbow!

@veronique: bonjour! :) I also discovered your work via Gallery Nucleus "Momentum" before! I really dig on your style especially drawings :) Aww, thanks for enjoying my art, much appreciated! It's nicer to meet you! I used Golden Titanium White (and yes,I also used white colored pencil). :D Regarding the paper, I used Arches watercolor paper.

@leah: awwww… your comments make me feel touched, hihi. ^______^ *blushes, hugs and kisses*

@markus: thank you, thank you! I really appreciate it! :)

cecilliahidayat said...

ohmygoooooddd 3D Babu, can't wait can't wait can't wait to see! XD

Danfs said...

This is so cool!
your work blows my mind, all i can say is thanks for the inspiration! ;)

Mlle. San said...

Hi! I've found you through Ishtar Olivera's blog and I think your work is great, you're very talented and you have a special way to combine colors, drawings, textures and to make special atmospheres in your illustrations.