Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Dragon pieces

Moshi moshi guys! I want to thank you all for purchasing my ACEO pieces! I really understand that my buyers felt upset 'coz they missed out. No worries, I'll definitely create ACEO pieces in the future!

I was invited by Gallery Nucleus to participate in the group show, Breath in Embers: Art of Dragons. So exciting, I love Eastern dragon! I started creating my subtle paintings on woods. My first dragon piece entitles " My Search for the Ghost Dragon ". I'd love to share my story with all of you but I'm not good at writing skills, hehe.
All new people are gossiping that the Ghost Dragon is an evil dragon in the dark forest. They never visit there, it's very dangerous. My characters Babu & his kitten Abu aren't sure about their rumors. They explore & go to the forest for finding out what the dragon looks like. While Babu & Abu watching out & staying at the forest all night, the Ghost Dragon arrives. All small spirits awake & praise her happily. Then she feeds them with glowing orbs & stars like foods. She treats them like they are her "children". She notices Babu & Abu, they become afraid. The Ghost Dragon says, " Don't be afraid. I want to thank you both for visiting us here." Babu asks her curiously, "Who are you? Is it true what people says that you're evil..?" She says, " Don't believe what people says about me. In the beginning, dark dragons abandoned me because I was very unusual & different. I left & I was trying to find a good place. I didn't eat for many days and I became extremely sick. One day, kind people found me laying on the ground so they helped me alot. I was getting healthy so I live with them longer. Then hungry dark dragons tried to find me... They figured it out that they really wanted to eat my people! I was trying to save my people from evil ones... But I failed to attack them. My people and I were all dead. At least, we are good happy spirits now. I think new people are afraid of us nowadays. Boy, please spread my word. " Abu purrs happily. Babu & Abu believe that the Ghost Dragon is a good spirit creature.

See more details.
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood
8.75" x 11.75" inches

My second dragon piece entitles " The Celebration of Ryūjin ". Here's my simple idea:
Babu & his kitten Abu and a group of weedy sea dragons are celebrating the sea festival for the sea dragon, Ryūjin. Weedy sea dragons are marine fishes but they look like dragon-style. I combined two different festivals ( Dragon Dance & Leafy Sea Dragon ) into one happy fun unique celebration.

See more details.
8.75" x 11.5" inches
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood

Wish I could ride on a dragon so I'd love to fly to Gallery Nucleus right now, huhu! Thanks for inviting me, Wade! Please visit and see other awesome dragon works on Gallery Nucleus site!

My friend Diana took pic of Art in Support for Busted Foundation at Mirror Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Don't forget to bid prints & original works including my graphite drawing " Chloe " on Ebay store! Hurry up, the bidding will be ended soonest!

Apart from that, past 3 months ago, my 6-years old half - shell hearing aid was damaged, I lived in a silent world shortly. I really missed hearing & communicating. * cues violin dramatically * GOOD NEWS! Now I finally got it! This is my very first " digital " hearing aid, QLeaf Exsilent! During my elementary, high-school & college years, I wore different styles of old hearing aids, like walkman-like, behind-the-ear, full shell & half shell ones. They weren't invisible so many people & bullies noticed me wearing them at all times. I can't afford a hearing implant ( cochlear implant ), it's way too expensive, like more than one million Philippines pesos (USD $23,000) so I better preferred Qleaf hearing aid. Anyway, my brother's friend & audiologist started to insert QLeaf digital hearing aid in my left ear for testing. Dang, it's so Matrix-ish! It's so amazing to hear many textures of every sound, for instance, ripping paper, whining dogs, fighting neighbors, gulping, dropping waters, strong winds / sea waves, farting (that's mine, but dang, it's too loud, haha!), etc! QLeaf hearing aid is heavenly awesome... * cries happily * I'm really happy to hear again. I'm so glad people don't notice me wearing invisible hearing aid! * nods seriously & is proud of her new device * Technology is awesome, isn't it? This time, I'll save monies for buying another QLeaf one for my profound hearing loss right ear.

Hmm, what else? Oh! While waiting for my current clients' responses about art commissions for more days, I started creating my tiger painting for the upcoming 2012 group show in Myplasticheart gallery in New York. This will be for my first time to expose my art to New York, yey! I hope New York-based peepz will like my art. Here are my sneak peeks. My style seems a rather bit different & new because I'm trying to improve it this time. I really dig on the styles of Satoshi Kon & Studio 4°C. I tried to combine my two different styles (recent illustration & former realism) into new one. So I see the result, it really looks good! I can't wait to show off my new style to all of you next year!

Yep, I portrayed my tiger plushie Shardul. I'm sure he would say, " OMG, you're portraying me, Miss Mall? I can't believe you're doing it for me, huhu! I know you love me 'coz I'm so handsome! " Okay, I stop talking & it's time to eat my dinner now! That's all folks!


Kat said...

Congratulations on your new hearing aid! In a way, you're lucky. If things get too noisy, just take it off. Hehe. It's a blessing though.

I hope that one of these days you can visit the places where your paintings are being displayed. :) That would be awesome!

Rodi said...

The new dragon pieces are amazing!
I'm so happy you got that cool new hearing aid! You are hilarious, dear Mall, I laughed out loud when you described the sounds you can hear now :P


sabilablabla said...

hi Mall!! The dragon pieces is such a wonderful job! I always waiting for your post and Oh the blue-ish dragon!! It so lovely I can't resist to cry.. T.T It really made my day. Oh, and congratz for your new hearing aid.. you now can hear many type of fart clearly, mall.. hehe..


Lauren said...

oops I meant to comment on this post... more love!

YJ said...

when i'm sad i always visit your blog... your art never fail to make me smile... :))

Peachie said...

These dragon pieces area breathtakingly beautiful!

the messy nest said...

Congratulations on your Qleaf!
I tried the Dot ones a few years ago, but the sound of the wind blowing was so distracting I decided to go back to a bit of muffling for awhile more. I'm going to have to go give this one a test run :)

marci said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Your dragon pieces are so beautiful! Sobrang ganda! I love dragons! The ghost dragon reminded me so much of Haku from Spirited Away. He's my favorite <3

Anonymous said...

Were you embarassed when people saw your previous hearing aid (s)?