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A Tribute to Dr.Seuss Art Show

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March 3 - 24, 2012
Opening Reception / March 3, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

With his iconic characters, charming narratives and whimsical illustrations, Dr. Seuss has undoubtedly become one of the most renowned children's book writer and illustrator. His books, The Cat in the Hat", "Horton Hears a Who" and many others, have become timeless classics, influencing generations upon generations of young readers through their imaginative characters, whimsical narratives and intricate rhymes. To celebrate his achievements, Nucleus is proud to present an exhibition featuring over 40 artists paying homage to the visionary through their own interpretations and re-enivisionings. Find out more about this event here.

When I was young, I discovered the famous book, "The Cat in the Hat". I like his style especially elaborated colors / elements and bizarre imagination. I was quite happy to participate the Dr. Seuss Tribute show so here are my two contributions. My favorite one is "Oh The Places You'll Go". I like this, watch this.

My spontaneous idea: I combined all places, characters and elements of "Oh, The Places You'll Go" into the whole map. Just like a treasure map. Then I added an extra character " The Cat in the Hat " in it so you find him. That's why I got inspired by Where's Waldo. Indeed, The Cat in the Hat reminds me of Waldo.

When my painting was done, my eyes were painfully hurt because of many details and " hypnotic " colors.
Oh, Where's The Cat in the Hat?
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Paper
14" x 20" inches

Click to view a large image of my full painting. Have you found the Cat in the Hat? I bet you did.

Here's my 2nd contribution, Thing 1 and Thing 2. Yep, I made another 3D piece. I added the little kitten... that's The Cat in the Hat, hihi! Click to view a larger image of my clay progress.

After I added bold lines & used varnish spray. TA-DAH!
Thing 1 and Thing 2
Epoxy, Resin, Pumice, Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood
10" x 10" inches

Now Gallery Nucleus releases giclee prints of my original painting "Oh, Where's the Cat in the Hat?". It's $30 and measures 13" x 19" inches. This print would be perfect for your kid's room, art collection and gift! If you're in Los Angeles, California, don't forget to attend the opening Dr.Seuss tribute show at Gallery Nucleus today! Happy Birthday, Dr.Seuss!

Currently, I'm super busy in working on my pieces for the upcoming 2-person show. I might be inactive & quiet for few months so I need to finish painting them. Forgive me, I'm sometimes slow at replying to hundreds of comments / emails during my workaholic days. Wait for my responses patiently. Hopefully, I might visit States this year for my 2nd US trip & 2-person show, so I'd love to meet lovely people, artists, fans, friends and Gallery Nucleus peepz in real life ( but I'm a shy person hehe! ). let's see, let's see. * fingercrossed * Here's one of my sneak peeks.


Geneviève said...

Your painting ''Oh, Where's the Cat in the Hat?'' is SO GREAT!! I love the effort for all the details! You really cuaght the essence of Dr.Seuss story... I wish you success!

Kay said...

OMG these are truly amazing!!! I love everything. Hopefully some day soon I will have enough $$ to get a print from you..have a great weekend and thanks for sharing

Efa said...

Incredible and inspiring! Truly amazing pieces! Good luck with your work!!:)

Liyu said...

i love your art. :D

Khylov said...

First painting in the post was featured in the email sent out by Nucleus for the show. They're showing you off already.

Ah, and the 1st place winner: Your random generator chose wisely. See, you can trust robots to make the right decision.

Jenna said...


curiousmoth said...

Quietly freaking out. <3 <3

Also that Dr Seuss painting is simply unbelievable, Mall.

Vigi said...

amazing ... and found the cat very quickly :)

Alex said...

Your work is breath taking and truly inspiring. I always look forward to new work of yours.

Good Luck!

Pa Ul said...

lovely art

Pa Ul said...

interesting art

zingsho said...

I love your art work! Great Fan here <3
Best wishes from my side.
I unfortunately can't buy any of your artwork but hoping to buy it very soon ^___^
Till then Keep following your dream and inspire us with it.