Friday, February 24, 2012

My Birthday Giveaway III

Hehehe, I really miss doing comics especially my old Winsor McCay-style piece. Now I am 31 years old. I'm feeling old but my heart always stays heart (i mean, young), wahaha... *Mall's characters Babu & his cat Abu roll their eyes* My relatives, friends & people sometimes don't believe my age, they think I'm 20 -25 years old, hahaha! Well, I don't have a fancy birthday party today because I got many art projects due deadlines. Yep, busy bee me. When I will be available, relaxed & free, I will have my late birthday party in March so I'll spend time with my family and friends.

OKAY! Are you guys excited about my birthday giveaway contest? Yes, for this giveaway, I will mail these anywhere in the world for free. Take a look at my yummy goodies & read the rules for the giveaway below!

Original Painting entitles "Shh"
5" x 5" inches
Acrylics, Gesso & Graphite on Mahogany Wood
Got inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's movie, Spirited Away. I can't stop loving super adorable darumas. I did this painting for less than 20 minutes, hehe.

Every year, GA Printing (one of the leading quality commercial printers in the Philippines), comes out with an artistic calendar that showcases the work of a Filipino artist and my work in Rogue Magazine's issue caught their eye. GA Printing contacted me if I would want to be their featured artist for their 2012 Calendar. So they gave me free limited copies, yey! Sorry, calendars are not for sale. GA Printing gives free calendars / notepads to their top clients only. Which means, I got exposed to their 800 of their top clients. Great! So I choose this free calendar for the wonderful giveaway!

GA printing also gave me free limited notepads. Cute! Sorry guys, notepads are not for sale. At least I give this special notepad for the giveaway!

Kirkus Pocket Mirror
It's adorably perfect for your pocket, purse and bag! It's easy to check yourself out in anywhere!

- Like my Fanpage and leave your comment with your email address and/or link on this blog entry. ONLY ONE ENTRY. NO ANONYMOUS.

- Tell me if you see me in person, what can you do? I'd love to hear from you guys! ^_^

That's it! I will close the comments after one - two days. I'll use for picking up the four winners. The winners will be announced when I'll post my next blog entry about Dr.Seuss tribute show. Good luck guys! ;)


Camz said...
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Ragillia Rachmayuni said...

If i see you in person, ill ask you to teach me how to paint with acrylic :D because i'm just start learning with it :) and ofc take some picts with you :D especially in your spot where you working :)You such an adorable illustrator Mall :)

TJ Lubrano said...

Ciao Ciao!

I'd give you a HUGE hug as you inspired me in so many way with my own art. Hopefully we could have a fun drawing session as well ^_^.

My email is tjlubrano (at) gmail (dot) com.

A Happy Happy birthday lady, stay young, fabulous and mysteriously creative! You are one of a kind!


Emily said...

I would just love to sit next to you and see how you draw and paint ... Used to love drawing and painting but my busy life means I have no time for it nowdays.

Have a wonderfull birthday!

cecilliahidayat said...

wowowow i'd like to join! XD

If i met you in person...haha i guess i would be weak in the knee and probably could do nothing since you're my hero...maybe i'll hug you first so the awkwardness kinda disappear XD

anyway, have a great birthday Mally! age is only a number. true age depends on the heart :D


Annette said...

If I met you in person, maybe we could make a little kitty drawing together :)

- Annette (

Weronika said...

Well, Mall, if I would meet you I'd definitely gave you hundreds of hugs and wouldn't stop fangirling *haha* I would go on the trip around your city with you, take a lot of photos and finaly I would like to see how you draw and paint your art pieces!

e-mail: ishikable(at)hotmail(dot)com

I love your art! <3

Marie Alice said...

I'm in !
If I met you I'd love to watch while you're working, peeking silently beside your workspace. Or maybe better still, a whole afternoon drawing session with you. That would be like magic :)
Thanks for the giveway, and happy birthday !

Lise said...

Wishing you the best birthday! I love that you are giving away presents on your big day :)

If I met you, I would have invited you on a cup of coffee and a big piece of chocolate cake to celebrate your birthday and to pick your brain!

Love your work, you are truly amazing.


Brni said...

Happy Birthdaaaay!
Hmm, if I see you I'll ask if you can draw on my palm and also ask if we can go around and take pictures of street cats. :)

curieuxcat (at) gmail (dot) com

petit sophie said...

Happy birthday!
Well..if I had the chance to meet you in person,I would probably want to share a wall project with you (I draw too) so I could learn your technics and inspiration. Interaction rules!

happy birthday again! Keep strong and positive(the world needs it)!

D Le said...

Happy birthday Mall!

If we ever met in person we'd hang out and eat street food and have a doodle jam. We'd draw pictures of animals and food.

Hope you have a great one!

D. Le

wanderlust said...

Happy birthday! I love your art. If I met you in person I would ask you what make you passionate about your art, and what Hayao Miazaki movie is your favorite... :) Mine is Spirited Away but Howl's Moving Castle is a close second.

Hope you had a good day.


Szappanbubi said...

:) Happy umpteenth Birthday :)

Love your pretty works!

If we meet in person we could paint on a floor-to-ceiling blank wall pretty little or bigger and different styled sketches and paintings...I guess you'll do it I saw your works...soo precious and detailed, so much imagination and fantasies in them..uhh!

Thank you!

porcukorborso at gmail dot com

Jenna said...

Uwahhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALL!!! *throws confetti* You are, without a doubt, my favorite illustrator. Not only is your work inspirational, it just leaves me with warm, fuzzy, and happy feelings inside. I cried when a friend bought me one of your prints as a surprise birthday gift. I would be very starstruck if I ever saw you in person! If I had the opportunity, I would like to bake a yummy birthday cake for you and have an art session together!

(My email is

L. Marin said...

Happy Birthday 9gagaer :D

if i had the chance to meet you...
I will thank you for make me travel to fantastics places and make me dreaming of a magical world that you create with brush and ink. Seriously, I love your work, is really really really very handsome

Luiz Pedro Marin

Kass Yboa said...

Happy birthday Ms. Mall!!! I hope you have a good one! May you keep inspiring us with your life and art. :)


Kendrick Salting said...

Happy birthday po!

If I ever see you in person I would take you away because I believe that running away with the artist is better than just running away with her artworks XD

Nat said...

So Cool. Happy b'day! every opportunity I get, I will have to say that I adore your artwork tons!

email: krlmoorthy AT yahoo DOT com

Nur Atiqah said...

Hi Mall!! I can't believe you are already 31. By the way happy birthday to you. I have been following your blog for almost a year.So, if I have a chance to meet you in person, first thing I would like to do is to see you do the painting. your painting was awesome and I think it is kind of exclusive since you have your own style. I like all your art and I never miss watch your art video and it will be such a grateful to see you do your painting with my own eyes in reality. Keep posting your video, because I like it!! :)

Star faerymother said...

Hey I am 31 too it's just wired, no... yesterday I was skipping school and eating chocolate cake for breakfast, today well um, not telling... If I met you I would tell you that you are a genius...

debyang said...

Hi, Mall.

Happy happy birthday. Yah, You don't look 31. You look so young, even your works.

Anyway, if ever I get the chance to meet you in person, I'll bring my friend who's also your friend. We'll hang out in Baguio, take pictures, and I'll ask you to please draw something that best describes the feeling you had while hanging out with us. And I'll make it a tattoo. :)


e'von said...

Hi Mall! Happy Birthday! I agree with your relatives, friends and people about your age! Stay young always! I miss your comic badly! Hope to see more comic artworks from you.. (^.^)

If I ever see you in person, I will love to visit all the places which inspired you, take loads of pictures and maybe spend a few hours watching Hayao Miyazaki's Films with you.. Love to watch you work too! I promise I'll be quiet.. =)


maxine said...

Hello! Happy Birthday!
If I get to see you in person, I would ask how you manage to look young, really young at the age of 30 and at the same time working a lot of artworks?! Really, I would like to know... hehe On the contrary, the first time I knew about your blog and your works, I was really inspired and looked up to you more because of strong motivation and belief that your hearing defect won't easily go in your way! Everytime I look at your blog, I always think right and do my assignments instead of focusing on games because of your peer determination. It makes me jealous in a good way. :) So I would end this speech, shaking hands with you and give you a token of appreciation and thank you for showing us that. I would also tell you to find time for yourself and rest.

Thank you!

Elysia Womersley said...

Happy Birthday! :0 Hope you have a great time, and you certainly do look young! O_O
I'd love to join in the giveaway, the prizes look lovely :o

If I met you in person I would probably give you one of my drawings :3 to say thanks for being inspiring :)

Take care!

Coffincat said...

Happy b-day! ^^

If I ever met you I'd love to create some collab work with you! It would be totally inspiring and awesome! And surely I would learn a lot!


Vaik said...

happy birthday <3!! sorry for not comenting your other entries, I don't have time for reading blogs (I'm glad I saw this entry, I love your art!)

If I met you in person I would like to talk with you about a lot of things : ) how you started, about you and your interests... I admire your art a lot, so I would like to know how are you in person <3
(if you come someday in the future to barcelona for an exhibition it would be amazing to meet you, if you want <3)

my email is


Kristen said...

HI Mall! Happy birthday ! Have a wonderful birthday and may god bless you!
If i met you in person i would ask for an autograph and a picture with you. Also i'd love to ask for a collabration with you on artworks, or an art session with you :D I also don't mind having a chat with you.

CMa said...

I would tell you how much I love your art and wish I could be surrounded by colorful happy murals of it in my apartment! I would also ask, how are your 30s different from your 20s? I'm turning 24 this year, and most of the time, people usually say they feel so much more secure with themselves now that they're older than when they were in their 20s. Just wondering what I should be looking forward to :)

TM said...

Oh my gosh, Happy birthday Mall, I can't believe you're giving away all these items...for free. You are CRAZY COOL! I actually have one of your card from the 50 cards collection you madeyo awhile back. My friend got it for me. I was blow away with the fact that she got her hand in one of the card and is willing to give to me, it's so kind because we're both fans of your works.

If I see you in person ummmm...I would LOVE TO MEET YOU...but I'm also really shy. I would smile alot....I won't know what to say to you....maybe yell "I'm a FAN!" and maybe try to shake your hand so some of your talent can rub it off on me...yes that didn't sound creepy at all...not at all lol.

My email:

why said...

wish u had a great birthday!!

well, if i see you in person, i'd ask you to take a photo with me. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Happy 31!!

If I saw you once in life, I´ll thank you your ability to make this world more beautiful and your generosity.

And I´ll invite to you to spend some time in my city and open doors to new experiences with children, schools and show your art at streets around the world..the day of Mall:)!

Ana Aurora

Rebecca said...

If I met you in person I'd make you a huge strawberry milkshake and a big smile :) and show you a picture of my small grey cat x
Rebecca (Australia)

Pepi said...

Hey Mall, happy b-day :))

I'm using a translator because I can not write English, read only :(

Well, if I saw personally I would like an autograph and a picture, hahaha
and you make me a drawing, in a piece of paper, those that we find in the bottom of the bag last minute

you seem very happy, I like it :))

Pepi Marson

Chiguts said...

Happy Birthday, I love your artwork and the prizes LOL. I saw this on deviantart and I hope to win something, and mostly wish that you can celebrate soon with the people you love the most.


my e-mail: chihuahua.punk[at]gmail[dot]com

gallery on dA:

alubina said...

Hi Cuzn! Happy Bday! Hmmmm....if I was there, I'd want to spend time with u and all the family. It's not often that I get to go there! Heheh. I'd love to visit Gasera, take a stroll on your beach, listen to some r'n'r by our rocker cuzn Dyanne....mainly enjoy your company with family & friends! Love ya! Muah! I hope u had a great day!!!!

Kat said...

Join ako! Haha, I think a lot of folks in our batch get that "No way you're 30/31". :D Happy birthday!

If I see you, I'll hug you and give you a gift (hopefully something that I made myself). Then I'll say "Pa picture!" and we'll do wacky poses hehe. Better yet, I'll bring out a piece of paper and we'll do an art collab!

Kat Sales
nekochan14 @ :)

Milena Unterk said...

Hi Mall, Happy Birthday! What would I do if I see you in person? That's hard, because I love your work..I think I'd freeze at first, but then I'd freak out with excitement!

Milena Unterk

Marinaaa said...

I would love to make a collaboration painting with you if we ever meet in person! :D

Joy said...

Happy Birthday!

If I see you in person, I'd ask if I can have a picture taken with you and then say thank you with a smile. I'd be shy to say anything more, hehe. :D

God bless.
email: allied_me(at)yahoo(dot)com

TroubleBaker said...

Wow, your work is really inspiring! Happy b-day btw... you're right, you don't look "old"

I'd <3 to win a piece by you...

misstroublebaker at gmail dot com

elakristi said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm such a fan of you and your works since high school! (that's about the time encountered your works in deviantart). Whenever I see your works, I'd always wish I can do the same thing. To able meet you is something I would hope for and yet something I would never expect to come true, haha.

Let's paint maybe? Ice cream and crepes would be lovely too (or any food at that), because I guess you'd probably need a break from art creation. /imsoawkward.

Pamee Co
email ad:

Aneesah said...

HAHAHAHAHA "Y U no look old". Memes have taken over the world, really they have. x))

Psssttt... I am praying that I can have the second prize! ^^ ^^ ^^ (I don't have a paper 2012 calendar yet. I usually print one out every year, but somehow the beginning of 2012 just slipped past. I am convincing myself that I don't need a physical calendar; that my phone and computer would do just fine, but meh... a real calendar helps keep track of time so much more effectively, eh?)

Anyway anyway, if I ever have the chance to meet you, I'll just give you a superbig hug! =D And I'll ask you to doodle something for me, because you draw and paint effortlessly. ;)


kecsy-chan said...

Happy Birthday \ 0/

I really love your work and if we would ever ever meet in person i would really love to take a photo and give a hug \ 0/ and ofc i would ask for a little drawing /) /// (\

I hope you are having a fun day \ 0/

email ad:

Judiie said...

Happy Birthday Mall :]
I adore Babu and his cat Abu and love the world you've created for them to play in!
I always look forward to your all new art pieces, especially the ones on the woodblocks. So awesome!! I'd love to own one of your artworks ^^

If I saw you in person, I'd love to share a meal with you and probably ask you to decorate my nails Mall style XD
Then I would never wash my hands again :P

<3 Judith

Wayne said...

Hi Mall! It's me again the teddy bear artist from Singapore, hope you do drop by my blog sometime to leave some comment!

What a wonderful and generous give-away, I love the no.1 price! Your painting is so beautiful.

Here is my website link:

My email is:

schlisart said...

Happy birthday!
If I ever saw you in person you would probably think I was crazy because I'd run up and hug you. You have been a huge inspiration in my art and in my life. Your art has touched me and made me realize how much I love illustration. Whenever I'm depressed or in need of inspiration I go to your blog. For all that you have done for me I want to say thank you and may your life be filled with happiness and success.
( my art )

Courtney said...

Hope you have a very, very Happy Birthday!

Thank you for the chance at winning some of your amazing artwork!


carizzachua said...

wow happy birthday! we used to print our book at GA printing!

love your works!

Eugenia Gina said...

haaa.. cross fingers! If I see you in person, I will ask you to make a workshop in Indonesia, and after that I will take you around with becak and eat some 'soto betawi' while we make a doodle or two.. and theeen.. watch the ghibli movie! :D

Kristin F. said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you get a bit of break from all your hard work.

Thank you for keeping such a great blog that shows us what your working on. It's really inspiring.

Amanda Burns said...

Happy day Mall! You are truly young at heart and such a beautiful person. :)

If I got the chance to meet you in person we'd jump into one of your paintings and explore the amazing world of Mall together! What an adventure it would be! Let's go! Hee! Hee!

Much love - Amanda

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

What would I do if I see you in person? First, I may ask for a picture with you like the celebrity that you are, then if I may say so, ask for a caricature of myself. Hahaha.

mareklamongbata (at) yahoo (dot) com

Hope I win. *crosses fingers*

Kim said...

Happy Birthday!!! So many people are born on this wonderful day~

I would take a picture with you if I ever saw you in person and get your autograph! And maybe request a $5 sketch~

Aaron said...

Happy Birthday MALL. Those calendars look great! I wish they were for sale.

lastheathen (at) yahoo (dot) com

Heather said...

I would absolutely love to be entered, I've been watching your blog for... gah... at least a year, probably longer... and I LOVE your art work so much. :)

Carrie Ann said...

Happy Birthday Mall!It always makes me happy to see you have a new post. I love your work and hope to someday be able to have one. I keep hinting to my husband but he hasn't gotten it yet. Maybe I need one of your wood pieces to hit him on the head with!

doubleare said...

Love your work. Hope you have a great birthday!

- Rusty

chacha the robot said...

Haaappy birthday favorite artist! Hahaha, this is my third time to greet you (twitter, facebook, blogspot..) All things awesome and more blessings and happiness; -- that could be my best wish for you, I guess.. :)

Hmmm.. If I see you in person, I'd hide first, then squirm with joy and excitement, like, "finally, I've seen her!" -- kind of expression. Hee. My 'superfanmode' version would be on, I doubt I would have the courage to ask you things, since I'm extremely shy in person. But if I could, I would have this fixed smile on my face turned on, and would love to talk about your paintings, your toys, books, backyard, your studio room, colors, paints, photographs, other artists, and random stuffs while eating razon's halo halo! I would tell you how big of an inspiration you and your art are to me, and I'm really grateful I've come across such a kind and free spirited artist. I would hand you some small artwork that i made, (ask for a picture with you and autograph along the way--) And In the end I would love to see you paint at your favorite spot on the beach at la union (the place you blog about most of the time) , then silently I'll watch, and listen, and watch and smile. :)

I hope this doesn't sound too stalker-ish, that's just how I feel. Hahahaha.. :D

Sarah said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Crossing my fingers for a win this year :)

Vincent said...

happy birthday!
I´ve been subscribed to your blog recently and I like your style.

if we meet one day, I would draw your portrait. then we´ll hang out, maybe watch the latest ghibli animated feature.


Kathleen Allison said...

Happy Birthday! I discovered your work through a link from Audrey Kawasaki's livejournal and have been a fan ever since.

I would ask you how last year was for you when you turned 30. I just turned 30 this year and I feel ready to make big changes in my doing more art, exploring new things. I know its an odd question but I'm curious if any other 30-somethings felt the same way!

That, and I'd beg you to do a SAILOR MOON inspired piece. :)

Brina said...

Happy Birthday MALL!! I'll be turning 30 myself this year so I totally understand the feeling of getting old but being young at heart :)

If we met in person, i'd probably jump up & down for a split second, cause i love your artwork! then i would suggest us getting some lunch and going to a nice park to do some drawing! i'd ask you about your inspirations & techniques & just have a grand ol' time :)

Angel said...

I wish I coul dmeet you in person! But I don't know what we would od in person, Im actually a very shy and awkward person. I would probably ask you to draw so I could just watch you. We would just sit and chat. And if we got close, I would ask you to sleep over! Slumber party!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Mall! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

If I saw you I'd give you a high five for being an awesome person and wonderful artist.

Always a fan, Nicole

donna said...

well, happy happy birthday mall.
i've been loving your art quietly for a long time.. and tried to bid on your beautiful ema piece you did for the japan auction. alas, i did not win...

if i was to meet you in person, we should make a stop motion animation together! i would like babu and abu to meet my foxes, in a world of paper cuts and your lushly painted backgrounds. i would insist that you use your GF1 as everything you shoot on it looks so glorious and perfect.

NicoleRoca said...

Happy Birthday Mall!

If I were blessed with the opportunity to meet you, I think it would be fun to have a Studio Ghibli make believe day! We could build a Laputa fort, Build Howl's castle and figure out how to make it move, hang in the garden with Totoro, have the Baron train us to be members of the Cat Bureau, and so on.

I should be an awesome time!


hannahbird said...

Hi there, happy birthday! If I saw you in person I would tell you so in person, but I'd also love to talk art, anything about it. Your work is incredible!

QQblueny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY~MALL~!!i'm jinjing, nice to meet you~i really hope i got enough LUCK to get ur Original Painting entitles "Shh"~!!i love it so much~!!!so lovely!!especially darumas!!in mandarin we call "bu dao weng"不倒翁!!!

i have like ur fanpage n this is my email address:

if i see you in person, i think i will get crazy n asking my sister its that really you??then we will scream crazily n hug you n take photo with you!!important is get your big signature!!!
u're so awesome!!i really wish we could be like you one day!! love you so much!! enjoy ur lovely birthday ya~~!!!

Marcos said...

First of all: Happy Birthday Mall :)
Secondly: WOW you have 31?
Like me you are one of those persons that look younger than they are, cool, I'm almost 24 and people say I look like 18 or so. It's nice not aging so fast, although I think because of our looks, people dont take us seriously or something.
Anyway,if I saw you in person I guess I would just love to have a nice talk with you over a nice cup of tea or any other drink loool, and talk about anything.

I wish you a nice day, have fun, enjoy life, and be happy ;)

Marcos Santos

bri said...

Happy birthday !!
You've always been one of my favourite artists because your works made me realise my love for illustration!! I can't thank you enough for the inspiration that your works bring to me as they are all so amazingly wonderful! (currently studying design) If I ever met you in person I would love to observe you working- I'd feel so privileged !!

Thank you!

Vigi said...

hello, I'll also turning 31 in March. I do not feel that age hahaha.
If I saw you in person, I love to visit your workspace, fumbling with your pencil paintings, and I see you working in complete silence so as not to hinder.
Then you would invite for a walk to tell me about you and what motivates you, that eating ice cream.
Sorry my English is terrible I know ...
by the way I love your work, I hope one day to go to the Philippines to buy something personally

Pfeiffer said...

Merry Birthday, Mall. If we cross path, I would let you draw my "look-alike-Ponyo" face from sunny Singapore. Ha. Hope you have a blast on this special day.

Kiwa said...

Happy Birthdayyy Mall! Hope you had a great one!

If I met you, I'd give you a huuuge bearhug, maybe ask you to draw something for me and then take lots and lots of pictures together. :D

Have a nice day!

Love, Kiwa

Cocco said...

Joyeux Anniversaire Mall! :-)

If I see you, I will tell you how much you are (and not you seem to be) young!

PS: Sorry if my english is bad...

Sharolyn Perry said...

Happy Birthday Mall!

Love your work and I have liked your fanpage forever!

If I ever saw you in person I would give you a hug because we both love cats!
Sharolyn Perry

Eremos said...

Happy Birthday!!

I love your artwork an is an inspiration for me. I follow your art some years ago and I think that is amazing!!

Your soul is beautiful!!

love, Jose

Sean said...

Happy Birthday Mall!

If I met you in person, I'd transform into a dragon! ;^P

oko said...

Happy b-day Mall!
hummm if i see you in person, i dont really know what ill would do(im kinda shy). But i will like to go somewhere peacefull with many manyyyy plants and dragonflies (love them XD) to draw and tell you stories that happen in my head, where i meet a child transforming into a wolf, giants of stone, a place where the sky switch places with the sea, and so. ^_____^


kime924 said...

So, what will I do if I catch you in person? Here's what I'll do.

I will get down on my knees...
Look you straight in the eyes...
And ask you if you'd want to...
Sign my Macbook.

For good measure let's take a photo together as well and host a caption contest XD

So Happy Birthday Mall! Keep creating art, stay awesome.


Meixin said...

First of all,

Happy Birthday to you!!! :D Hope you had a blast today!!!

Anyway, if I get to see you... I will want a doodling session with you where the both of us can doodle our hearts out!!! And we can do it at an orphanage! :D Not only will our art beautify the place, we can brighten the lives of others too ^w^


PS: We can have a Studio Ghibli Movie marathon if there's time ;P

Cornelia Li said...

Happy Birthday to you and your creativity.

Your work has been a great inspiration for me, as I am also an illustrator, in Canada. If I see to, I would probably burst in tears (out of excitement) and tough tied. ><

my email:


Mia said...

Happy birthday. You truly do not look your age.

If ever I was to met you in real life...
I would probably look at you work and paint
because it always intrigues me how people ceate.
but I would probably not shut up, so I would bother you if anything.


lulusan said...

Mall~Happy Birthday!!生日快乐!!お誕生日おめでとうございます!!\(^0^)/

I'm so happy that you have giveaway again!!i really wish i can get your awesome art this time~XD

If i see you in person, i think i will get crazy and hug you and get your big signature and take photo with you!!because you are my big artist star for many years already~I love you~~

I have like your fanpage n this is my email address:

Tarikka Fiddlesticks said...

Happy birthday! your works are adorable, they're so mimimimi...


Bootlicker said...

haapy birthday : D

If I see you in person, I will introduce my character, bootlicker to meet Babu and Abu and hoping they will become a good friends hehe : D

have a nice day

tabian said...

happy birthday MALL!

^_____^ I'm really a fan of your works and I love to own one of it...

keep rock'n those art pieces!! \m/


MIYAKOBI said...


Your one of my favorite artists!! Forever!! ^o^

if ever i got the chance to meet you, the first thing i'm gonna do is ask for your autograph and snap a picture~ XD

or maybe scream..kkeke will eventually forget everything.. and just talk to you as much as possible~

Happy Birthday Miss Mall!! Wishin you more blessings to come and more people to inspire!! love lots,,


email: miacopiozo09[at]gmail[dot]com

Sue Ann said...

Happy Birthday from Florida! I just got back from a trip to the Philippines visiting relatives. I first heard about you on Audrey Kawasaki's blog; I love your characters!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Sue Ann

Anonymous said...

Don't you know? 31 is the new 21! -.-

Happy Birthday!!!



♥ My Dream World ♥ said...

Happy Birthday to you!! You are one of my favorite artist. If I have ever meet you, I would love to see when you're doing your artworks. Once again, Have a great birthday!!!


kajalla said...

Happy B-day <3

If I'll see you in person, perhaps I'll can't talk because I'm too shy,
but if I'll could, I tell you how amazing You are.


Aprilis Parvus said...

Happy birthday!!

What if I meet you?

Well, I'll provably ask you about you and what brings you to do your paintings, what inspires you. Also I'll invite you to have a nice cup of tea or coffe.


Kit said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! ^-^
And you can get ahold of me at :]

If I had the chance to see you in person, I would like to just relax and hang out and watch you work. I am a performing arts student, so I just enjoy hanging out with other artists and seeing them do what they love. I think art is a beautiful way to express ourselves, so I just really enjoy talking to other artists about their passions and learning about them as a person. :]

Enjoy yourself on your birthday! <3

AppendiX said...


First I wish you a happy birthday.
then for administration:

well if I would meet you in person (which will probably never happen since I live in Belgium) I would like to 'trade' art skills. What I mean is that you show me how to paint like you do and I would learn you something on the instruments I play, so you have the choice between the violin, the guitar, the piano and last bot not least the melodica :D Let us gather our forces! hahah

haha and of course I would give you a present for your birthday (world famous Belgian chocolates)


Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday!

You can find me at =]

If I saw you, I'd ask for a hug.


Bryony said...

What fantastic prizes! Your art work is so beautiful and delicate. If we met in person I think I'd have to beg for a tiny 5 minute painting lesson, or just to watch you work and soak up some of your amazing technique!

contact (at) bryonycrane dot co dot uk

Christie said...

First - Happy Birthday indeed! You are only as old as you feel. :) I'll be turning 30 this year, but swear I am still only 24.

Second - I do not have the FB (some weird refusal to be apart of that system...), so sorry I can't "like" you.

If we were ever to meet, I'd probably wouldn't know what to say because I get star-struck easily. So I'd probably ask if you'd like to bake cookies and chill.

Hope you have a fantabulous day!

The end.
starieskie (at) hotmail (dot)com

Meghan Stratman said...

Happy happy birthday!

If I saw you in person i'd want to watch you paint - I love watching other artists work.

info (at) bunnypirates (dot) com

*Had a glitch last time i tried to comment, so I really hope I didn't comment twice. :P

Starie said...

Wow your painting and art is just amazing. Wishing you a great birthday, here's hoping it was wonderful :)

kittyasauras said...

If I ever met you in person, I would show my appreciation to you by the one thing that everyone can agree on: food. We would go and eat wonderful food! ;)
Have a great birthday!

M said...

Hi Mall, wish you a very happy birthday! :) Thought I'd try my luck at the giveaway, hope I'm not too late. If I met you I'd just give you a big bear hug, because your work and art is so very inspiring to me. :)

My name is Mahithi and my email id is

Alexandra said...

Oh Happy Birthday! I hope it's wonderful, they're always very fun. :D

Your art is amazing, I figure it's worth a shot at your give away, if the prizes are as beautiful as the one's you're offering. :)

Jennifer Clark said...

Hi Mall !!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! I am super happy you were born and share your great imagination with us all.

If I met you in person I think it would be fun to go to the beach and make sandcastles or sand art together. Then I would like to go someplace and eat super amazing food that is greatly delicious and watch some kind of animated magical movie on a big huge screen theater somewhere. I think we would have a truly great day!! YAY!!


Jenny Zhang said...

Happy birthday! Here's to another 31 years (at the very least)!

If I saw you in person, I would probably be creepy and take a lot of sneaky pictures first , and then I'd go up to you and awkwardly say, "I love your artwork. And you. But mostly your artwork." And I'd ask for an autograph and a picture together and I'd give you a business card (if I had a business card...this is all hypothetical), and I'd shake your hand gratefully and slink off.

Yeah, that's probably what I'd do.

Katharyn Ketter-Franklin said...

Happy Birthday!!
If I saw you in person I would probably beg you to let me watch you work in person. Photos and videos can never show the full emotion as watching an artist in person.

Nathalie said...

I could stick my finger into your ear.. naah. We might compare who looks younger ;)


Stacy LeFevre said...

Happy anniversary of your birth, Mall! :3

If I saw you in person, I'd give you a hug and thank you for how inspiring your art is to me. Then I would treat you to a piece of cake and probably we'll go out exploring together, drawing whatever catches our interest. :D

Have a good day today! :3

jenne said...

If I saw you in person, I'd most likely be very awkward and overwhelmed. It happens whenever I meet people who I think are really talented.

jenne.speegle [at]

Janina said...

Happy birthday!

Oooh, I'd love to win one of these. <3

Estuary said...

You are amazing~! I hope I win~ ;o;

You can find me at

LoDuris said...

Happy birthday! I actually just found you on devianart and was blown away by your work. I really love your playful style.

I hope you have a great day today and get to finish all the projects you have on the go:)


busbyart said...

happy birthday hope you have a great one and not to busy on your birthday though late birthdays are good to just means you get another day as your birthday :)

your work is so inspiring can't wait to see more work from you in the future

Kaya said...

First of all, I hope you have a great Birthday!♥ c:

(fangirl moment: I realy love your artwork♥)
Lets see..
If I saw you in person I would love to see you draw something and maybe make something together.


Nicole Reed said...

Happy birthday! i hope you enjoy yourself and have a great new year!
I hope you don't mind, i would like to enter your contest! you're art is beautiful, and i'd be privileged to have a chance to have some up on my wall.

My name's Nicole, and my email is

Jacob said...

As for what I would do if I met you in person? Likely ask you for some tips and tricks of the trade (Seeing as I kinda suck right now) ive never had a proper teacher/guide and i'm thinking if I could get one, if only for a day, I would improve tremendously.

Lost Lane said...

Hi hope you have a fantastic birthday!
Hah I joined blogger for this contest! I had been meaning to for awhile but, this just gave me the push I needed! Ii absolutely adore you art it has so much charm, movement, and story behind all you wonderful pieces. If I met you on the street, it would be neat I would definetly get your autograph r drawing or something. Haha. Your wood piece is so cute, I'm so inspired now!
Thanks for being an inspiration \(•u•)/

Atse said...

Happy Birthdae!!

If I see You in person, I'd like to take You for a walk in Bandung plus accommodation, it's a culinary experience. The atmosphere and food is the best in my country so I could beat You at least in one thing, for that I know I can't beat You in art, yet.
hahaha.. :D

my e-mail:

Jin said...

Happy Birthday!!
It's wonderful to see people like you, who are not depressed about getting...I was going to say "old", but old sounds too...old XD
Anyway, keep living and drawing like this, you are so talented!

If I could see you in person, I would try to stole your hands and run away like hell!! XD

hiney_13@hotmail (dot) com

Hannah Larson said...

Happy birthday!! Your art is so lovely, it always amazes me! The detail is just so fantastic, and every single piece is just too darn adorable. I hope you have a wonderful day!

My e-mail for the contest:

Izu said...

Hey, Happy Birthday :) Hope you can party hard after finishing your work :3
Your work is simply inspirational and I love it <3 I'd love to draw like you :D
My mail:

~ Faith said...

If I saw you in person... I would say "hello" and ask for a tour of your studio/where you work on your art. I always love seeing peoples work spaces!


adela said...

If I met you in person, I'd like to learn from you and have a conversation over tea!

I love your art :)--Adela (

Consuelo Yuisa Deus said...

happy Bday! were the same age. Woohoo. If I met you in person i'd be like let's get margaritas and paint and watch Miyazaki's movie marathon. I have a signed poster that I won from Manga .com from him. But I would love to watch you draw and paint.


Michelle Huynh said...

Happy Birthday!

And um..if I saw you, I'd probably watch you work and just chat with you about anything and everything!


Aubrie said...

If we met in person, I'd have to tell you how delighted I was to stumble across your work and how it'd brightened my day! <3


Ben said...

If I saw you in person I would ask how the hell you got way out here! :D And I'd probably ask to draw you, because I draw almost everybody - even perfect strangers. Happy birfday!

- Benji

Petra van Berkum said...

Hi, happy birthday, funny comic XD!

I think if we met then we would definitely be baking cupcakes and then make delicious (!) paintings on them.
Also, I'd love to just take a walk in a forest with you and make some 'life' drawings, that would be awesome I think ^^.
mail: berkumpje(at)gmail(dot)com

TrickoftheEye said...

Hi and happy b-day!
Again and again, I love your works!

I'd love to paint something with you, if we ever could met. I guess I've a lot to learn from you, and that will be the nicest way to me.

Many hugs and kisses!

And well, while I'm here I'll try for the contest too! :)
Link is in my nickname, and mail is

With love. I.

Anonymous said...

- Tell me if you see me in person, what can you do?

I'll ask you if you wanna a student! HAHA Or I'll take you signature, and ask you if I can see your home/place where you work.. I wanna see your arts in personal! I love all of them!

I'm brazilian, and I don't speake english very.. So, sorry the horribles mistakes.. =)



Yun Hui Kelsey said...

Dear Mall, happy birthday! I'm a long time fan of yours :)

If I could meet you in person, I would love to give you a big big hug! Because you are simply amazing! And then I would give you some reiki, because this is who I am: a healer, and this is how I show love :)

Happy birthday again! Hope you have lots of fun!

DerpFace said...

Happy Birthday! :D
You're art really is beautiful and inspiring and I wish I could draw like you.
If I met you in person, I'd probably make you cake and beg for you to take me on as a student (:


Carlie said...

Happy Birthday, you immortal beautiful goddess you! Please keep painting and drawing and sculpting for ever and ever!! You are such an incredible inspiration for us all! If I met you Id tell you youre amazing, and just sit silently and watch/study you make beautiful works of art!!

Vanessa B. said...

Happy Birthday Mall! You really don't look that old at all! XD

Well if I were to meet you...I don't know what I'd do! ^^;; lol I realized we already have 2 things in common, being Filipino and artists. But we also have a 3rd thing in common, being hearing impaired (left ear completely deaf). So I guess with those 3 things I'm sure we'd have something to talk about. hehe I'd love to hear your tips and advice on how to put your work out there as I'm having a slow start right now. It's great to hear Filipino artists such as yourself, whose work is being recognized worldwide. You are truly an inspiration to me. Thank you for what you do.

Happy Birthday again!

-Vanessa (

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Mall!! Even if you didn't get to go out and celebrate, I hope your birthday was just as beautiful and magical as your art!

My contact info is amliu88(at)gmail(dot)com

If I met you in person, I'll probably be freaking out on the inside, and be very awkward on the outside! ;P
Then hopefully after no more than 10 minutes of awkwardness, we can engage in nice conversation and have some laughs! I'll treat you to some drinks and some sweets at a cafe and we can draw silly doodles together and just have a nice time! :D

Nicki L. said...

Happy Birthday :3 Eat some cake and have a good day!

If I met you, I'd get all star-struck and talk too much o__o But then I'd invite you to some tea/coffee :D

Dianita said...

Happy Bday MALL!!! I didn't see that the FB was announcing that it was today! Gosh, I'm so bad for this XD I wish you nothing but the best in the world, you're an incredible inspiration everyday! I'm sure many many think the same!

If I ever get to know you in person, first of all, I will have to be drunk! hahaha because I'm so shy! But you surely will know that I'm a big fan of yours, that you inspire me with every word, photo, drawing or painting you post. If we have the chance to spend a whole day, I would love to see your process, but what will be most especial for me, I would love to be there and witness with my own eyes the way that you seem to let yourself go when drawing or painting something, even the smallest little piece of paper! I would love to listen to you when you work, because you seem to find such an incredible peace and happiness wich I'm lacking off nowadays. Somehow I would love to fill my heart with that amazing energy that comes out from your photos and to loose all the fears that are hunting me and my art everyday. I hope that this is not too long for you to read =) I just wanted to let you know, even if I can't make it through the first prices of your giveaway =) Keep enjoying being an artist, because you're incredible and you make other people smile! Again, happy birthday!!!!!!! and I agree with Babu! you do not look like a 31 years old artist!!! =D All my love and best wishes, Diana.

Just wrote it on your FB page but wanted to write it here incase that it gets lost there too!=)

Unknown said...

Just recently saw your art, and I absolutely adore your style! Happy Birthday!

If I saw you in person, I would just tell you to keep making wonderful art and how much of a fan I already am.

staralfur said...

Happiest birthday wishes to you. I hope you have a most wonderful day.

Your artwork is always so very gorgeous and exquisite. Thank you so much for the contest!

owlygirl13 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Donica Christina said...

Happy Birthday! Beautiful Work..I hope I win ^_^. If I saw you in person, I'd totally make a happy scene and ask politely for a photo!

maraisabella said...

Happy birthday Ms. Mall! :)

If I ever get the chance to meet you, I would love to invite you to dinner and have a chance to talk to you more. That is, if I get past blanking out and fan girling hehehe ^____^

Mariana Rodrigues said...

Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

*hope that everyday that goes by is more special then the previous one*

to answer your question. If I met you I will ask you to tell me a story. The characters in you paintings and were they live are so amazing. I would love to know the story you imagine about them will creating them.

Have a nice day!

Mariana Rodrigues

Jessica "Mrs Boo" said...

Happy Birthday! (Seriously though, you look like you're in you early 20's). Here's my info for the contest:

brenda said...

that is beutiful i love it i love the way you draw it and how you get inspired by stuff very artistic you are very inspirational. And happy b-day!! :)

If i ever met you i will ask you to tell me about your drawings and how you got inspired to do them.

Brenda Garcia

Soup cat♥ said...

Happy birthday and keep not growing old ^^

If I were to ever meet you,although I don't know much about you..
I'd probably awkwardly gawk at you just because of the sheer awesomeness you posses
Or because I don't know how to socialize beyond a computer...
yeah or


Jia said...

Happy Birthday!!

I don't know what I'd do if I met you! I'd probably try to strike a conversation but it'd end up awkward haha.

Frea said...

Happy birthday~
no wonder the people around you could not believe that you're 31, because you look a looot younger O.O

If I see you in person, I'm gonna worship you lol because you're so awesome! oh and I would probably ask if you could draw a portrait of me or something like that :p

Windowfog said...

A belated birthday party actually sounds more fun to me. Makes ^^ it more special somehow.

I liked your page as Windowfog. windowfog [at] gmail [dot] com

If I bumped into you on the street and by chance you had free time, I would ask to visit the secret places you go to for quiet time and take pictures. Then later on go eat at your favorite places. Bwahaha.

Minnie Wang said...

Hi Mall!! Happy birthday! And you definitely look a lot younger than you really am!(:

If I get to see you in person...oh my, I might be freaking out in joy! And definitely be on my fangirl mode. Haha, I love your art sooo much. I would love to just have a nice lunch with you and hear about your stories on your life as Mall :D And hopefully to see you draw~ hehe. Because you are so amazing at it ^^
Happy birthday again!!

Larissa Widjaja said...

Ahh 'A' I just found this by accident but your art is really intriguing!

mmm u___u If I were to meet you in person, I don't think I would recognize you, but I think we could become cool friends '-'?

If I were ever to meet you, I would :>

Mai Lo Thao said...

Oh my gosh! you're so amazing, i love that painting, and it only took you less than 20 minutes?? x__x I'm jealous!

- If I met you, I would go crazy and ask for a signature and ask you to doodle something for me xD

my e-mail address is:

abby said...

Hope you had a great birthday :D

If I see you in person, I think I'll be completely tongue tied and super awkward for quite a while :D haha we could go restaurant hopping and get fat or shop in art stores ;v;

my email address is ~

Esther said...

if i saw you in person...
i would tell you that even though
i'm all grown up . . . your
paintings always reminds me of what
my life was like as a kid. i have
a lot of wonderful memories traveling the states with my family.

my siblings and i felt
like we were always on a wonderful
adventure like babu and abu.

your paintings always remind me of those happy feelings... thank you.

happy birthday <3

Jairo Benavides said...

Happy Birthday Mall :)
If I saw you in person I would have to bite my tongue to refrain myself from behaving like a 13 y/o girl who just crossed paths with Justin Bieber, but in the good sense of the story XD
I would ask anyone around to take me a picture standing next to you, I would probably ask you to sign my arm and make a quick doodle next to it. I would probably ask you for permission for a big great hug, I would feel what I would feel if I was standing next to a spiritual leader I admire.

I have admired your work since I knew about you a couple of years ago. You are total inspiration, your concentration, your dedication, your hard work, your beautiful work. Your Soul is on every piece.

Fiendishkitteh said...

stumbled upon this from DA's frontpage *_* Your work is amazing <333
And happy birthday!~ ;3

Mockingbird said...

My god! That Miyazaki one is beautiful!!

Happy birthday!!!

carla said...

Happy Birthday!

If I see you in person I would like to see your creative process in painting and sculpting.

Sarah said...

If I met you in person I'd probably get real nervous at first (as I always get around 'strangers') and then I'd blurt out how you're very talented and inspiring and lots of other nice words and praises ^.^

Michelle Luong said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! I just found out about you today and I LOVE your art! Even though I've only seen a few of your pieces, they inspire me so much!! I can't wait for your future pieces!

If I see you in real life...I would probably awkwardly stare at you wondering whether it's you or not XD and whether I should ask for your signature. Again, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a happy one!

E-mail: mamon1312 (at) hotmail (dot) com (

Josephine Sutji said...

Happy Birthday Mall!
I really want to win your giveaway and see you in person! hehe :p

when I really see you, probably I will faint because I'll be so happy to meet my favorite artist LOL no just kidding haha :p I will take a picture with you of course! and I will ask you to draw an awesome pictures in my notebook/shirt or even my hand! haha :p

Your drawings are super awesome and the clay too

My email:

Aoi Tadayoshi said...

Happy Birthday

I found out about you today, and i love your's awesome

If i saw you in person, well i'd have to make you it was you. then i'd probably want to see your works of art.

My name is Aoi.
My email is

VickiRP said...

Hi Mall, Happy Birthday to you, wish you the best of luck and happiness in the future.

My name is Vicki, by the way and nice to meet you :)

If I saw you in person, then I'd introduce my self (awkwardly, tend to do that every time I meet new person). Then proceed to ask you about you, your work, your art, etc. Then maybe we could have an art jam session, I'd LOVE to see your creative process and then maybe I could treat you a nice cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever strikes your fancy ^_^

well I guess that's about it^_^
oh, and my email :

okissu said...

Happy Birthday!

If I saw you in person I'd probably give you a hug and a pressie to remember me by!


Sandy Lee said...

Hi Mall!! Happy birthday! Hope all the best for you! and you're still look very young and fresh! :D

If I get to see you in person...
I might Cry out loud! Oh my God! my most favourite artist in front of me?! I loooove your art sooo much!I would love to have a collab works with you! this is my wildest dream ever, I want to make some pop-up card with your drawings! This is must be soooo awesome! and of course, i will treasure it forever and ever!

and nice to know you, my name is Sandy Lee a.k.a Ashiong

mat said...
happy birthday :b
if i saw you in person i'd probably ask you to draw somethin cool on my vans/chucks.

Audrey Ang said...

hey huy hello! :D

maligayang bati MAL! If ever we meet, I'd give you one of my paintings inspired by your awesome whimsical style. And i'd give you a very awkward hug because i'm the most awkward hugger ever, but still I'd hug you! :)

audzter at gmail dot com

more power and birthdays to come!

Ela said...

Happy birthday! :)
We could get coffee and talk about your amazing art.

miss t. said...

happy 31st birthday mall! you are correct, you don't look your age! my boyfriend and i have the same yoy, i'm 26 and he's 33 and we both get id going into bars when 18 is drinking age in the uk!

i live in brighton, so if i met you here i would ask if you would like a guide for the day. we can have ice cream while walking on the pebble beach, fresh made donuts on the pier, visit the sea life center, the museum and the royal pavilion, and pop into all the little art gallarys and a few of the cafes that are all over the city! thinking about it we might need more than one day! and at some point i'd beg to have a look in your scetchbook :)

Marite said...

Happy birtday, darling! :)
I just discovered your art and I'm truly amazed and inspired.
If I met you in real life, I would like to talk with you about art and things that inspires you. We would eat a lots of ice cream and draw all day. :)
My email -

Fawn Varcolac said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! And enjoy yourself when you have time off :)

This is such a lovely idea! And a very kind register on your part, more people should be so kind :)

I think if I really met you in real life I would probably be very shy(I am a nervous person) But, if I could get over that I would love to watch you and talk about your art work, because it amazes me. :)

curiousmoth said...

happy bday~! love the daruma painting, so good!

curiousmoth [at] gmail [dot] com

if i saw you in person, i'd probably try to figure out which of your artworks resembles your personality the most.

Bumble-a-Bee said...

Hey Mall!

Firstly Happy Birthday, hope it was a good one. :3

Every piece of your art has inspired me and motivated me with my own illustrations, so if I ever met you I would first thank you whole heartily.

After that I think I would like to talk to you about your work, what inspires you, what do you do to get out of a slump and perk yourself back up again from artist block. Then I would probably ask you about hints and tips.

P.s- Adore your work, never stop doing what you do.

Thanks for reading, =]

Georgia Roberts, aged: 20

Elisabeth Smith said...

Happy Birthday!! I was browsing the Gallery Nucleus paintings and found your beautiful work. I am seriously thinking about becoming a lucky owner of one of your originals.


AVEE said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! First thing I'll do? Pick an artwork for my tattoo, take lots of pics of your artworks, ask for some souvenirs, ask for your signature, take a picture with you.. alam mo na parang artista! Pero in reality, baka speechless tapos tititigan lang kita... magtitigan nalang tayo hihihi

YUME said...

Hope I'm not too late.
Happy Birthday.Hope you have an interesting year ahead.

I just discovered your blog through a link that a friend put up on facebook and I have to say I'm already captivated by your art.

A lot of them remind me of Hayao Miyazaki.I'm in Japan studying architecture but I hope to do something in the manga industry...wonder if that'll just be a dream.

Though I do hope to win I just wanted to let you know that I'm in love with your art.reason for the comment :)

If I met you I'd probably ask you out for coffee perhaps and then talk.Widen my world of imagination and I'll hope to do the same to yours :)


reyma santiago said...

Hey. Happy Birthday!

If I met you, I'd probably be so happy, all I'll do the whole time is smile at you.... and probably ask for a picture with you. :)

Björnik said...

Hey Mall! You wouldn't want to hear what I'd do to you when we see each other. For the longest time, I've been craving for that isaw and japanese food you promised me. After you treat me out, I'm gonna give you a big hug for being so generous, supportive and a great inspiration. Keep on rocking and I hope you had a great day! Iinom na lang ako isang bote for you!;)