Friday, January 20, 2012

New Moon pieces

Right now, glad I am free to write this blog because I'll get busier with my art projects in the whole day tomorrow. Last year, myplasticgallery curator John contacted me to participate the 2011 New Moon show. I can't do it because the deadline was a little tight so I declined to join the 2011 show. He told me, "I do understand if you can't do it for 2011, but I can definitely put you down for 2012 year." Great, I felt happily relieved!

Regarding the Chinese Zodiac animals, I chose Tiger because I portrayed my huge tiger plushie named Shardul. I really miss drawing tigers!

Click to view this large link.

Done! I'm happy with my new color scheme, it looks subtle & soft. About this piece: my boy character Babu & his cat Abu give their trusted companion Shardul Panthera to play with pearl jewelries, soft flowers & satin ribbons. That's his favorite " fancy " toy so he loves to play with them. Shardul is silly, naughty, active & playful... yet quite powerful.
Shardul's Favorite Toy
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood
8.75" x 11.5" inches

Then, I chose another Chinese zodiac animal, Rabbit. Why, I love rabbits because they are cute creatures, hehe. Since I have done creating my customized toys, my curious mind kept convincing me, "Mall, why don't you try to create a new clay medium for gallery shows?" Good question. At present, I work on 3D to make my characters look real.

Click to view this large link.

I really enjoy working with clay and although it's difficult to work with it. Clay is so fun! I will be making more clay sculptures in the future! About this piece: my boy character Babu discovers a mysterious rabbit mask since he always wears his favorite fox mask. He tries to wear Rabbit mask and a group of happy tiny rabbits come to him & cuddle him badly! Babu is surprised!
Rabbit Mask
Clay, Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood
6" x 6" inches

Don't forget to follow this preview link for viewing artworks of amazing artists! Make sure you come to the opening reception of New Moon 2012 on January 20th from 6-9pm TODAY! Anyway, my zodiac sign is Rooster. What is your zodiac sign?


hannahbird said...

Your work is truly amazing!

S†eph said...

Oh hey! I am a rooster too! Yr of birth 1993 (:

Love Love ♥ said...

I still wish to live inside your world, Mall. These are truly amazing. <3

Ben Clanton said...

I'm continually blown away by your artwork!

Audrey said...

Yay! Wonderful!

I'm a rabbit, and my fiance is a tiger (must be why I am so drawn to large cats).

I love the tiger piece. All of your cats seem to speak to me.

Also, I am so happy I am number 5 on the commission list! Yay!

BeluBelloBelle said...

That was a busy activities that made beautiful 3D wow!
hehehe am rooster too (^_^)

Mall said...

@hannah: thank you! I just visit your blogspot / deviantart, your art is beautiful! :)

@steph: you too? cool! is it accurate for you? :)

@leah: aww *hugs* <3 <3 <3

@ben: thank you, i really appreciate it! I saw your drawings, they are cute and adorable! :)

@audrey: Wow, really? you are a rabbit & your fiance is a tiger? Cool! :D Me too, I really dig on large cats especially sabertooth, hehe!

finally, it's you! It was so hard to find your email address many times, hehe! Please contact me or give me your email address so we'll discuss about commission thru email. :) talk soon!

@belinda: hi! thank you, I really enjoyed working on clay stuff. I must do more 3D pieces in the future :D

Door Hangers said...

Excellent post,I bookmark your blog to my browser bye.

wallflower_13 said...

You have such amazing and inspirational artworks! :)

Witch-Boy said...

Maaan, your blog is like a fairy-land or sth - so is your art. It is really enchanting!
Thanks so much for sharing it! =)

Robbie said...

Both really amazing works! But being born in the year of the tiger, I am more captured with the tiger piece. I love the expression of warmth that his face is evoking and the details all together! <3

Marina said...

you are incredible! I am bewitched with your work!

Gabi Dimaranan said...

this is really amazing! your works totally inspire a lot of us over here in manila. i wish i was overflowing with ideas like you :)

i'm curious to what clay you used for this piece...was it polymer clay? or that fast-drying sort of clay -- i forgot what it's called.

if'd you manage to let it harden so you can color it?

Natalie said...

How did you prep the surface of this wood piece? It looks textured, a little bit.

Natalie said...

How did you prep the surface of this wood piece? It looks textured a little bit.