Friday, October 19, 2012

101 ACEO Cards

Last year, my original 50 ACEO cards were sold out.... And now, my fans and collectors requested to create more. I did 101 pieces, YEY! I wasn't tired of doing many cards because I love to improve my skills and learn a lot about colors, details and patterns. ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals. These cards have one main rule - they are 2.5" x 3.5" inches, the size of a standard card. And collecting them is a great way to afford original artwork. 

Are you all ready?
*Mall shuffles cards and dances crazily*

Apart from that, I got good news! Gallery Nucleus releases my beautiful latest two prints! YEY!
Fly, Fly Away
13" x 19" inches
Giclee on Watercolor Paper

13" x 19" inches
Giclee on Watercolor Paper

See more available original works and prints on my Nucleus shop.


PurpleCookie said...

Oh I cannot wait.
I hope I will be able to stay up for your sale!!!! It will be 1am PST.
How are you? It's been a while :)
Miss you and hope all is well.

anggiachie said...

mall mall . . .
i dont know how many times you drift me by ur artwork too keep me fight for drawing , , ,,:D:D
always push me to keep drawing , ,
so inspiring you are, , :D
thank you

Jiyū said...

Oh my goodness!

I could cry out of happiness right now, I have been waiting everyday since you first announced!

Hopefully I would be lucky enough to bring home some T^T

Thank you Mall <3

Ashiya said...

Any way to add shipping to Brazil? Thank you :3

Anonymous said...

So, so beautiful! I can't wait, and I hope to be able to snag at least one! Always an inspiration, lovely Mall!

ekoLee said...

super excited! i hope to at least manage to get one!

Tammie Lee said...

it has been a wonderful to joy to look at each of your 101 pieces! may i ask, how long did it take you to make this many pieces? Your imagination and creativity is wonderful.

Jiyū said...

Nuuuuuuuuu T^T

I wanted ACEO 19/46 so much
I'm just currently in love with that style so much..(and also innocent girls and latest bloom pieces- so wished there were prints available!) checked at 3:56 kept on refreshing until 58 and thought maybe it wont be open until exactly 4pm.. then stopped refreshing for a few seconds then it was gone T____T
so sadddddd T_____T

But anyway.. thank you so much for sharing more affordable original artworks with us Mall <3

Ashiya said...

I love those graphite girl ones too Jiyū, I wanted number 23, but didn't get it, I was quite confused at which and how many to buy at the time, should have planned more and go straight to check out first thing. Was able to get little girl number 3 however so I consider myself really lucky :)
And yes, thank you Mall for this opportunity! I'm gonna buy a print sometime soon, but my dream is one of your sculptures, when I win the lottery XD

Mélissia s Art said...

Great and wonderful work. I like so much your style of art.
All the time when i look at your pictures i have a lot of stars in my eyes.

Bonne Continuation. (I'm jaleous :p )

Diane Young said...

Fantastic work what more can I say. The cards look amazing all together!

Diane Young said...

Fantastic work. The cards look amazing all together.

Jan Azurin (Yuki) said...

im always be a fan of yours ,.im a struggling pinoy artist too and you are one of my inspiration ,..hope to meet you in person and im getting stoked to that! i wish you all well mall -jan mike azurin (mooncocoons)