Friday, October 5, 2012

ManilART Fair 2012

Hello guys! I arrived home from Manila. Anyway, I created my 3 pieces for ManilART Fair 2012, this is my first time to expose my art there.

" Mystical Journey "
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood
17" x 11" inches

" Wild Attack "
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood
16.75" x 11.5" inches

After finishing my two wood paintings, I was rushed to create my mixed media sculpture before the deadline. Yeah, I didn't eat too much because I kept focusing on it until it's done. Like I said, I saw some super adorable figurines and sculptures of Totoro / Studio Ghibli, they inspired me intensely.

Indeed, this is my first time to do a resin piece. I was inspired by my new artist crush, Riusuke Fukahori. His medium made me wanted to do a new challenge. After I did this new medium, it went well, whew! I put real dry leaves before adding a resin layer... then I painted it with acrylics before adding another resin layer and go on.

YEY, my mission accomplished! Photoshooting time! I used my trusted camera Panasonic GF1. *Super duper tired Mall dances crazily*

Click to view this larger photo below.
" The Gathering "
Mixed Media Sculpture
10" (height) x 6" (width) x 6.5" (width) x 0.5 (depth) inches

Whew! I was ready to dress my dress for attending the Gala Night.(wahahaha I'm shy! I rarely wear dresses and high heels... I hate to wear make-up because I'm allergic, seriously). It was so fun and enjoyable to meet great people at the ManilART Fair in MOA SMX. I met my UP Baguio Fine Arts classmate Jef Cablog and his beautiful kind wife Wrachelle. I was in awe with his enormous paintings! I'm super proud of my famous classmate! So nice to meet them! Taken pics by Jef's brother. (GOSH, I feel so bongga, haha!)

Awesooommeeeee.... so many elaborated details, textures and colors!

Finally, I met one of my favorite illustrators, Valerie Chua. I discovered her work from Robx's blog list past years ago so I fell in love with her unique style. During Gala Night, I saw her and she saw me, we were so excited to meet each other! She's super cute, nice, friendly, sweet and tall like a lovely model! Funnily, I told her, "I'm your fan!!!!" then she said to me, "Me too, I'm your fan!!!!" We are fangirls and we giggled together, haha! Her works are beautifully whimsical, lovely and peaceful. I love them.

Anyway, Valerie's original painting "As a sit in my background" is reserved for me, yey! I can't wait to add her piece to my own collection soon!

I was also surprised that Republikha Gallery owner, Jenery bought Tof Zapanta's works! Jenery displays his works on his booth. Congrats Tof, woohoo!

I saw a famous TV anchor / presenter Julius Babao (who bought my original past works before) and his beautiful gorgeous wife Tin! I seriously wished I could talk to him in person for the first time... but he was so busy with many people. So I took pic of him quickly. Hmm, I'm not sure if he could see my latest works in person or not. Well, at least I was extremely happy to see Sir Julius and his wife, yey!

Other artworks, they are all amazing. Here are my favorites and sorry, I forgot some artists' names. I can't upload more pictures here, kindly visit ManilART Fanpage.

Next day, I went to the ManilART Fair again for meeting my fans. Taken photos by Robx. See more photos and read his interesting great blog about ManilART Fair. I looked very exhausted and sleepy (indeed, indeed...) I'm super duper happy to meet wonderful talented people, Valerie and Robx. I was also surprised that Valerie gave me a small original painting, postcards and KitKat biscuits with chocolate - green tea, awww! Valerie is such a sweetheart! I was so thrilled to meet and hug my friend Robx again after many years!

I was also surprised that my great friend and famous lowbrow painter, Luis Lorenzana came to see me and my works! Long time no see, Luis! Thank you so much for supporting me!

Other wonderful fans too! Sorry, I took few pics here because I was so busy in communicating with fans. But mostly fans took pics of me with them.

Whew, the whole day was done, I enjoyed walking around the Mall of Asia. Thank you very much for everything. Oh man, I'm totally exhausted and tired, I feel like I got a flu... but I'm fully happy. This time, I will not work anything until I'll feel much better soon. Take note guys, ManilART's LAST DAY tomorrow at SMX, Mall of Asia. Ciao!


Miki-Kun said...

your work is so amazig! i wish to see your painting and sculptures in person *o*

Jeca Martinez said...

your pieces for the exhibit are SO SO BEAUTIFUL!

Lauren said...

You are incredible. I love your new sculpture soooo much, and the idea of how you did the ground for the base looks so beautiful. The new cat pieces are so rad. I love those! I'm putting a link to this post on my blog today. Love you Mall.

red said...

Im gonna curse myself the whole year for missing the chance to meet you and talk to you about your works in moa grrrrr (haaay bwisit na work yan). Im recently a new fan and these ghibliish works of yours brings me back 2 decades ago. Well anyhoo, id inquire na lng sa price ng "mystical journey" i think itll look great on my wall.
Just mail me here if the piece is available. thanks