Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bloom Arts Festival

The last time I got exhibited at the group show, "If I were a monster" in CubaoX Manila was in 2009. This past show was curated by Dex Fernandez. Over the past few years, many fans contacted me, " Miss Mall, when will you have future shows in Manila? " I told them, " Hello! Uhm, I haven't gotten any invitations from Manila-based gallery owners / curators yet. " They said, " Awww... Mall, we wish we could see your works in person, huhu. You have international shows at all times. " I know how they felt. That's what I was hoping for.

This 2012 year, I got contacted by Tof Zapanta, who created the biggest art show of the year, Bloom Arts Festival. He asked me if I'm interested in participating and I was like " Seriously? wow... Finally, my art will be going to expose to Manila again. " I felt quite happy & surprised and greatly thanked him! I'm so honored to be a part of this Bloom Arts Festival. Bloom, by definition, to support abundant growth into the achievement of a certain potential (unexpectedly, in remarkable quantity or degree) / a state or time of great activity or achievement, and with that we focused this year’s Bloom event (launch) on one of the significant places where the slow bloom of contemporary art and design was nourished, Cubao X.

Anyway, I created 3 graphite drawings. Wish I could add more details to two of my pieces, "La Niña" and "Melodía". But I was way too rushed to finish these drawings before creating another few pieces for Manila Art Fair. My style got a bit improved & different so I'm happy again, woohoo! I got inspired by Filipiniana traditional fabric and laces.

" Luna "
Graphite on Paper
10.5" x 10.5" inches

" La Niña "
Graphite on Paper
10.5" x 10.5" inches

" Melodía "
Graphite on Paper
9" x 14" inches

taken photo by Jo Santos (Thank you!) and works by my friend Zeus Bascon.

My adorable talented friend, Robx! SWEET! I miss you! Hope we'll meet someday! Other works by Zeus and Bru Sim.

Thank you very much for everything and I'm super proud of you, Tof and Bloom guys! See more photos / amazing artworks from artists on Bloom Arts Festival fanpage and twitter! If you missed the event, CubaoX galleries open Wednesday - Saturday at 2pm - 9pm.

Apart from this, I'm also part of the biggest art event, ManilART Fair. Jenery Lim, who is an owner of Republikha Gallery, asked me to participate this show in an unexpected way... yeah I was surprised AGAIN. This is my first time to show my art there. Sometimes I'm worried about my art style. I'm not sure if my style could be suitable for this show because there are a lot of professional Fine Arts works, like popsurrealism, abstract, realism, contemporary, go on. I can't find any "illustration category" or something illustrative there. Let's see, hopefully, people will enjoy & support my art. 

I'll be there in MOA from October 2 - 3 for setting up pieces, attending the Gala Night and meeting fans, friends and people. Then I'll go back to my province La Union on October 4 because I got plans and appointments. So I won't be there from Oct. 4 - 6. Here's a poster of Manila Art Fair and see more details below. Visit their Facebook fanpage and website.

Here is one of my latest pieces for Manila Art Fair. You can find me at the booth of Republikha Gallery on October 3. Hope I shouldn't be shy and nervous when you meet me in person, haha!

Once again, I greatly thank Tof and Jenery for supporting & exposing my art to Manila. I fully appreciate it! See you guys in MOA!


Robx said...

Mallllll! I wanna file a leave from work just so I can visit you on the 3rd!!!! Hope to see you there! :)

plantie_bee said...

those graphite sketches are just stunning, and so much larger than expected! *massive wave of applause* :D

chacha the robot said...

Wahh! October 2-3! I shall be there! Haha :D

chacha the robot said...

Waah! October 2-3!! I shall be there! I-- must be there.. I must! Haha. :D sculpture works Yey!!

Leigha Jenkins said...

Ahhhh my loves!!!! They look so beautiful framed!! So excited that you are having so many shows!!!! Hope you had some rest :3

ok said...

*cries* been planning to go there at on oct6, and then these? why oh why??? :'( te mall, mga what time ka po ng oct 2-3? some of your fans will come all the way from rizal. MOA's far but we'd really go there coz we want to have pic with you. so please, at what time will you exactly be there?

Mall said...

Thank you very much, guys!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

@ok: Hey! On Oct.2, we will be setting up some works at the booth in MOA then I'll be attending the Gala Night. On Oct.3, I'll be there in MOA from 10am - 5pm. :) Hope to see you guys!

ok said...

will be there at 3!!! :DDD
oh Ate mall, are you open for picture taking and autograph signing?

RaeAbigael said...

too bad di ko 'to nakita :(( san to banda inexhibit sa cubao-expo? hehe


Avon Luna said...

Thanks for sharing..big help for MY WEBSITE