Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kingdom Carousel

ARRGGGGHHH! Flickr really annoys me. I don't understand why some Flickr images don't appear on my art blog entries. So annoying, what happened to Flickr??! Well don't worry guys, I'll fix them soon. 

Anyway, I received a late invitation from Gallery Nucleus for the wonderful group show, " The Animal Kingdom ". Remember about my black background? When I created my previous ACEO cards, I started using a new medium, Golden Black Gesso. I really loved it so much!

So I chose my medium, acrylic and black gesso on strathmore paper. It was quite easy to paint it fast before the deadline, hehe. Many people asked me if I could use masking fluid. Nope, I must admit that I never use masking fluid, really.

See more details.

Click to view a full image.
"Kingdom Carousel"
10" x 14" inches
18" x 21" inches, framed
Acrylic on Strathmore Paper

Check out many artists' beautiful artworks on their Gallery Nucleus online!
Thank you so much, Wade! :)


Daryl Evans said...

Please please please tell me you're making prints? ^_^

Sandra Luu said...
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Sandra Luu said...

I would love a print too since I love it so much!

Tammie Lee said...

it is always wonderful to see your art and loved seeing the stages you take!

Peta-Ann Smith said...

Very beautiful work, Mall! :D

Anonymous said...

hmm.. that flickr thing happened to me too. i got an email from them saying they'd had a glitch where all the privacy settings got mixed up, so as a precaution they changed all the effected photos to "private".. which means they won't be visible on blogs until you go and manually change all the settings back to public.
problem is, i think you'll then need to re-link the photos, because i've changed the settings and mine still aren't showing up :/


beautiful paintings as always :)

Ea Senga said...

i love how the colors still stand out even if they're saturated. this is so beautiful!

cynrtst said...

Oh, yes, please make prints of this!

Khylov said...

How is it Miss Hepburn keeps getting better with each show that she does. It's as if her art is catching up with her runway modeling skills.

Looking forward to hearing more folks compliment your pieces over at Nucleus.

Anne Cruz said...

So glowing! Love this so!

Majeak Ann said...

I am staring to use Flickr again, for a little while... Here I am my dear May Ann, stopping by to say hi..always so inspiring, and growing. It's like time haven't pass at all.. Love you.

-Marjorie Ann

JosyArte said...

OOhh my GOD!!!, its wonderfull your job O.O*. I just love your style. Congrats!

Alex said...

hi mall!

i've been a fan of your work for almost 10 years now, and so far, it's never failed to elicit a particular kind of bright and fuzzy feeling - so thanks!

since miyazaki is retiring, maybe it's time for you to have a hand at making films? i can't imagine how that would turn out - there's too much glare :))