Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cat Summoner & White Fox

Sorry, I was quite inactive here in my blogspot because I was way too busy with many art projects and running errands. At least, glad I have free time to write this blog entry again now. Last 2010 year, my client, cat + toy lover Edward from Singapore contacted me that he was interested to commission me so I added him to my future list. 

Currently, he intended to make his 2 years' wait worth it! Edward requested me to create one sculptural piece and one custom toy. He saw my previous work " Rabbit Mask " and loved it so he wanted me to make a commissioned sculptural piece. He cancelled my big cat sketches so he preferred a handsome white fox and a lot of kitties. Click to view my wip photos below...

WARNING: many heavy photos!

At first, it was hard to sculpt many teeny weeny kitties so my hands were a little bit hurt. But hey, it was so fun to work on them! 

Plate stand is awesome!

And hanging, too!
White Fox
6" x 6" inches
Mixed media sculptural piece

For the custom Trikky toy, he explained to me:
" I was thinking something of a cat summoner, with the a creature (preferably the fox/cat in the sculptural piece) by its side, or leaping out of the fabric of the shrine maiden outfit it will be wearing. Of course i want something a little more modern or feline. after all it's a cat summoner and i don't need the colors to be traditionally red and white. in fact, my idea is that it summons cats/animals/beasts which are embroidered on its outfit, thus the idea of having the fox partially leaping off the fabric. I like soft pastel watercolors like the one above, but certainly more of it. I like it to be flowy, like as if it's standing against a strong enemy/gust of wind, and preparing for battle. i want it to be holding a crystal ball, so...... erm yea getting a small marble or something clear so that it can hold it would be perfect. i don't want a staff or rod or divining stick. What will be even better if the fox that is leaping off the fabric can coil around the crystal ball, like a wisp of smoke. Do you think you can sculpt a couple of small kitties be around his feet/robe? I want No Face to be cleverly hidden somewhere... I just want to tie it up with the theme on the white fox sculptural piece. "

He requested about someone sitting on Cat Summoner's head  accessory, for example, cute slimes, birds, wolf pelt.... but we cancelled this head accessory request. Anyway, this was my very first challenge to make a drape / dress! Glad I did it well, hooray! Enjoy viewing my wip photos!

TA-DA! My mission accomplished! *Mall dances happily crazily* This toy measures 7" inches. For the medium, I used Magic Sculpt, garden wires, wire mat, masking tape / craft tape, aluminum foils, cruelty-free furs, wax threads, antique bell, acrylic and colored pencil.

Can you find a hidden No-Face mask?

I wasn't happy with the bad weather so I took a few beautiful shots of it.

By the way, I made a short film. Yes, very very short... it runs at 1 minute something. I greatly thank my closest awesome talented friend / photographer / filmmaker Jean-Sebastien Monzani, who edited my video and put his own music in it for my help. Thank you so much! Don't forget to use HD video! You can watch my YouTube video too!


Aneesah said...

That is amazing as always, MALL! ^_^ I love the short video too, looks professional! ;)

I thought of something to ask you, do you ever have much fear when you're doing your art? Sort of like artist's block I guess, but the kind of fear (eg. of failing, of something not working out) that stops you from progressing or proceeding with what you intended to do? Or perhaps you've had enough confidence from your truckload of experience so you don't have such fears or anxiety anymore? I'm interested to know, if you have the time to share anything about it. :D

Thank you!

Rodi said...

You are magical, Mall! Wow, just wow! :)

Angel said...

amazing as usual! :]

Anonymous said...


My artistic appetite's satisfied once more.

Nikhita said...

Wow!! What beautiful, intricate work. Lovely colors and it looks so delicate and charming! And some really gorgeous photos too!
What material did you use to sculpt it? Seems like a sort of white clay. I especially loved the first piece, but the details on the cat summoner are beautiful.

And the music used for the film is perfect!

Lovely work again Mall! :)

ssshhhtella said...

wooooooow! my mouth is open the whole time i was watching your short film. you are blessed with such creative talents. keep it up! Cheers!

Ani Eos said...

I don't think I will ever become tired of your work, let alone less inspired. With every piece you keep pushing the envelope and your talent and creativity knows no limits nor frontiers. You are an amazing artist, I cannot say that enough. You inspire me each and every single day. YOU ROCK! =)

Ani Eos said...

I don't think I will ever grow tired of your work or be any less inspired by it's magic. With every new piece you create your keep pushing the envelope. Your creativity and imagination know no limits . . . no frontiers. Your work is marvelous and truly inspirational. You inspire me so much, my little art muse. =) Keep rocking hard like a hurricane!

Anonymous said...

You know what Mall, your blog really reminds me of The Hermitage (http://intothehermitage.blogspot.com/) although infused with Japanese style in it. I do hope you'll also consider making clocks? I dunno, but your own little world has so much to tell like of the hermitage's...

Keep inspiring us :)

Jovy Jean Calotes said...

Oh my God! And you're a Filipino! How amazing!

I hope you'll become more known in the art world, worldwide...

You're so blessed! I'm inspired to draw...

Annie said...

Mall~ andaming pusa naman niyan!! Pa-adopt ng isa. XD hihihi


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