Sunday, September 22, 2013

Innocent Girls III

Hello, how are you all doing? I would like to thank fans and art collectors who bought my personal project Innocent Girls I and II pieces past few years ago, they were easily sold out. Thank you for supporting my art.
Innocent Girls from year 2010

Innocent Girls from year 2011

I have good news, Innocent Girls III pieces are back! As a matter of fact, I planned to create 50 pieces... but I did 30 pieces because I have to do other important things and heavy art commissions this year. Anyway, I'm quite pleased that my drawing skills got improved! Funnily, my Innocent Girls drawings looked more mature. I drew my girls' different emotions based on my past bad experiences and stories from real people and movies. It measures 7" x 7" inches.

Here are more heavy images!































Look like I have my own small exhibit hihi!

And of course, I'll also sell my quick rough paintings! I used acrylic and pencil on paper.
8" x 9.35" inches

Hold Me
8" x 9.35" inches

8" x 9.5" inches

The Lost Virgin
8" x 8" inches

Open your Eyes
8.5" x 7" inches

Red Ribbon
8" x 9.5" inches

Crying Blood
6" x 9.35" inches

6" x 9.35" inches

6" x 8" inches

5.5" x 8" inches

6" x 8" inches

3.5" x 10.5" inches

These original artworks will go on sale, here is my shop update:

9pm Philippines Time Zone (PHT), September 27, Friday

Check out more images and prices on my BigCartel. All items with "Coming Soon" status until Friday. Be sure to check your time zone converter. On Friday, my shop will be in maintenance mode, please check back early and just keep refreshing your tab/s until my works will be listed. Importantly, read my SHOP POLICIES before ordering. NO RESERVATIONS. If you have questions, kindly email me at

Who is your favorite girl?


TJ Lubrano said...

Mall, my lovely, your work has inspired me for a long time now! You're absolutely brilliant. I wish I had the cash to get an original now, but hopefully soon! Hugs from Holland!!

Annie said...

huuu mall~ angaganda~! every bit is so pretty and beautiful and melancholic and soft and sad and have i said beautiful?

This deserves a plug from my blog! I'll do it on Sept 26! huuuu~ I hope I can score one.♥

Eri Aikawa said...

ugh..Mall <3 ang ganda nito! T^T
anddd. omg I FOUND MY NAME! (ERI) -spazz-

btw, this is Eri Aikawa x3 (erihime from instagram)

Esme said...

i'd love to be able to have all of them, but realistically...can only keep 3 in mind. good luck!

Ani Eos said...

I am in awe, my dearest! OMG! These are absolutely stunning. Been following your progress on these through instagram, but seeing higher resolution images of them take the feeling, admiration and appreciation of your artistic skills to a whole level. You have improved, no doubt about it. I want them ALL!!! Hahaha! Really do!!! Its hard to pick a favorite, but the one that spoke to me the most was Kouko. I don't know why, but she reminds me of me. Thank you for sharing your world with the rest of us and for continue to inspire thousands of us. I been doing art shows and toys professionally for almost a decade and though I am no rookie, I still look up to your artistic skill. You are amazing and I am so happy I came upon your work. God bless you and take care.

esther said...

It is hard to choose a favorite. They are all stunning!

jobologist said...

this is by far the best innocent gir series...nagpipintas da kabsat esp Sakurako-weird and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Akira, Hanako, Iwata, and Ayumi shows how much you've grown up as an artist

I think you've enjoyed doing Maiko and Sakurako much.

Shiori reminds me of itachi. Ono and Sakurako are so cute!

Your acrylics are killers! i'd go for The Lost Virgin, Crying Blood and Hari-Onago.

Yoko and Akane caught me the most.

~ Faith said...

SO hard to choose, but "Akane" wins out in the end...


Patent Agent said...

Your work is just incredible, I love all the characters you create, the shading is just insane!

Gradalis said...

maravilloso *w*!!!
your art is so perfect, congrats :D

I hope you be fine and come back soon :D

LuisaPizza said...

Wow! I'm a fan of your Innocent girls series. I love the different details you gave for each girl and how their personality shines through each drawing! Very inspiring, Mall! :) I'd like to ask, what brand of graphite pencil do you use?

Ankur said...

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